The bodies of two young men were found inside the wing shelter of a plane … Who is targeting the Algerian airline?

The bodies of two young men, aged 20 to 23, were found by one of the parts of an Air Algerie plane that was parked on the floor of the Houari Boumediene International in Algeria, and an investigation was opened into the case. under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor (Public Prosecutor) at Dar Court Al-Bayda, east of Algiers, where the airport is located.

The details contained in the Algerian police statement caused an earthquake in the public opinion, turned into a rich material for social networking sites and brought to the fore the existing controversy about “inaction” and laziness, which has been done affecting government aviation. Algerian. especially as it has become a tool for organizing clandestine immigration trips to Europe.

Months before that date, social media platforms were buzzing with news of a juvenile’s success by Governor Constantine (east of the Algerian capital) arriving at Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris after he crashed into the bottom of a plane. of Air Algerie, and the teenage boy later appeared in a video in which he revealed he slipped in the carriage of an Algerian government plane.

The incident of the leak of two young men at Algeria International Airport, which ended with their death, is not the first of its kind, as Algerians who did not carry passports and identity documents were found aboard a flight from Algeria to Brussels .

It is the same place where a Civil Defense team and members of the Algerian police found the bodies of the two young men (from Boumerdes province) and it is likely that they had penetrated the plane that had started flying to. Barcelona, ​​Spain, for the purpose of illegal immigration.

Media and social platforms were flooded with a video documenting the last moments of two young men, “Ibrahim Pasha” and “Amine Zubiri”, who were found on the wheels of an Air Algerie plane. a message that included pain and sorrow where he said, “Rejoice in your souls (take care of yourself), if we die, pray for mercy, and if we reach, pray for us.” “We will die, we will die.” The other documented the time of takeoff and said: “We have only a quarter of an hour left for the plane to take off. “It’s eleven forty-five minutes now, and the rise time will be around noon.”

On social platforms, its pioneers wondered about the circumstances in which the two young men were able to hack the plane and considered what happened to be a “security breach”, especially since it is the second time that illegal immigrants manage to get inside the plane . and reach Europe.

On social platforms, his pioneers were amazed at the circumstances in which the two young men were able to penetrate the plane and considered what happened to be a “security breach”, especially since it is the second time that illegal immigrants manage to get inside. plane and reach Europe.

Algerian journalist Habiba Mahmoudi wrote on her Facebook page: “Algerian security services found the bodies of two young men who were inside the rear wheels of an Air Algeria plane. The rescue operation took place this morning and the guards were silent about the issue that requires the accountability of big heads ”.

Algerian activist Rym Hassiba asked on her Facebook page who was “responsible for putting these two young men at the bottom of the plane” and said: “This is the third time a young man has been traveling illegally. Airport security and Air Algerie should be reviewed, even the use of dogs. She is trained to check luggage, landing gear and inside the aircraft before each flight.

What they write about the incident intersects mainly with the difficult situation experienced by the Algerian state-owned airline, which recently witnessed a series of layoffs due to scandals that followed years in the sector.

The series of dismissals began with the termination of the duty of the first man in the transport sector in Algeria, Issa Bakay, last March, by Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, for a “fatal mistake” in the exercise of his duties. appointed Minister of Public Works Kamal Nasseri to lead the ministry on his behalf.

At the end of last May, the general director of Algeria Airport, Taher Allach, was fired and his successor was named Omar Hallis, and just two days later, the Minister of Transport, Abdullah Mengeli, resigned as director general. . of the Algerian Maritime Passenger Transport Company by order of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune. .

According to a statement from the Algerian presidency, the dismissal decisions also included the ban on the same company for the same company in the Algerian capital as Idalia, because of their offensive behavior to the image of Algeria and detrimental to the interests of Algerians. a voyage, at a time when a French ship coming from the same city anchored with more than 1000 passengers.

To date, there has been no response from authorities to curb the incident, which has crossed the country’s borders, spilled a lot of paint on the pages of local and even foreign newspapers, and confirms that the “gang heirs” are still . rooted and resisting change.

The question now is: Who helped the two young men get to the bottom of the plane? And for what? Who is targeting Algerian Airlines?

The head of the General Union of Algerians in the Diaspora, Said Ben Roquia, told Raseef 22 that “what Algerie Airlines has recently witnessed is a recent phenomenon that calls for alarm, as there are those seeking to transfer clandestine immigration. offshore Algeria International airports, which are considered its official ports What happened at Algeria International Airport Houari Boumediene is not the first of its kind Constantine Airport (city located in the center of eastern Algeria, about 400 km from the capital Algiers) had previously seen a young man hiding at the bottom of the plane and managed to reach Charles de Gaulle airport in France.

He added: “And to call a spade a spade, the scandal that has taken place should not be attributed to negligence or security vulnerabilities, as we hear, but it should be emphasized that there was an agreement within the airport. , and accordingly, the situation requires the opening of a security investigation into the circumstances of this case, the imposition of maximum sentences on the persons involved in the incident and the disclosure of the results of the investigation to the public, so that everyone can discover the truth about what is domestic malicious plots against the people and institutions of the country.

What stands out for the head of the General Union of Algerians in the Diaspora is that “the phenomenon of illegal immigration is no longer associated with the needy and vulnerable group and with social problems, as spoken on national TV channels and newspapers, but includes rather the rich. .

Said bin Rukayya explains his position by saying that “the two young people and all those who want to migrate to the other side of the Mediterranean pay an amount exceeding 100 million cents, equivalent to 6000 US dollars. It is unreasonable for the needy to have such a lot. ”

Algerian Defense Ministry reports reveal an increase in clandestine immigration to Algeria, linking the issue to an increase in networks of illegal immigrants with their high costs.

In recent months, Algerian security services have managed to dismantle several networks working to organize illegal immigration trips across the Mediterranean, their intensive activity focused on social platforms to promote their lucrative trade.

A recent government report presented by the Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Nazir Al-Arbawi, revealed that 400 networks have been dismantled to smuggle illegal immigrants to the European destination, which remains the first destination for those wishing to migrate. from southern countries to the north. vend.

According to the report, these operations took place between 2020 and 2021, ie during the health crisis represented by the spread of the Corona epidemic, which means that the networks have benefited from the quarantine period that was set to intensify activities and reach high profits.

“Negligence is not the result of today and we can not hold Air Algeria responsible for this issue, because it is a trading company,” said Ibrahim Dekhinat, a Member of Parliament for Raseef22, one of the representatives following the Algerian Airlines dossier. and Continues: “The phenomenon should open in-depth investigations to determine the identity of those involved in What happened between the walls of one of the largest institutions of the Algerian state.”

He says: “The incident of the leak of two young men at Algeria International Airport, which ended in their death, is not the first of its kind, as Algerians who did not have passports and identity documents were found aboard a flight from Algeria for in. Brussels ”.

Dekhinat adds that there are attempts to damage and deform the institutions of the Algerian state. What happened highlights poor management and poor oversight of Algerian air traffic, which today suffers from chronic financial imbalances, as its losses were estimated at around $ 300 million last year, prompting it to seek help. urgent by the Algerian state.

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