My Morning Routine: Ahmed Amr Helmy, Head of Business Development at Amr Helmy Designs

Ahmed Amr Helmy, Head of Business Development at Amr Helmy Designs And the founder of KrisjiMy Morning Routine: A weekly segment during which we talk to a prominent individual in our community and how they start their day and ask them some questions about their work. Speaking to us this week is Ahmed Helmy (LinkedIn), Head of Business Development at Amr Helmy Designs and founder of Kresgi.

My name is Ahmed Amr Helmy and I am the Business Development Manager at Amr Helmy Designs. This is the official job title, but my daily tasks also include doing a little of everything and participating in many roles and jobs in the company. I work in marketing, work on artwork for our designs, meet clients and make sure to visit websites to make sure our designs are executed correctly.

Amr Helmy Designs is a well-known name for pioneering furniture, especially kitchen models. My father, Amr Helmy, founded the company more than 40 years ago, almost by accident. His dream was to become an architect, but he studied applied arts. During his college years, he designed a kitchen for his mother, Nadia, and her friends were so impressed with the design that it was ahead of his time that they started asking him to design new kitchens for them too. . Thus began the company. Now, Amr Helmy Designs embodies different cultures: we have a Zen kitchen inspired by Asian design, a kitchen inspired by Greece and a German Bauhaus kitchen.

I’m really interested in modern technology ideas and I enjoy them. My latest creation from Amr Helmy Haute Couture, a division of Amr Helmy Designs, is a robotic acoustic wardrobe that I just launched and presented at last week’s fair, in fact. Amr Helmy’s Haute Couture theme revolves around fashion-inspired clothing equipped with high-tech features, including voice automation, hidden magnetic locks and fingerprint units. The design is a wardrobe with a coded circular shelf that can be designed to fit your items and will provide you with a specific piece of clothing that you order through a robotic voice app. I also designed a shoe rack with a similar function. I really like to take ordinary pieces of everyday furniture and take them to another level with technology, which is always evolving and is really interesting to me.

We have recently launched an interior design studio, although we have not yet officially announced it. We carry out residential and commercial projects through studios, as well as product and event design.

Everyone in the family is a bit alone with their work subgroup. Born of my passion for chair design as well as high-tech applications in home solutions, I founded KRSGY. My models for Krisji are mainly inspired by Danish furniture stylist Hans Wagner, who is probably a pioneer in modern but functional furniture design. My brother Mostafa founded Zero Kimya, which is the environmental side of Amr Helmy Designs, which contains a wide range of products without any chemical additives throughout the production process. My sister Malik set up a shop on behalf of Helmy that nurtures the cultural element of AHD by focusing on the successive cultures that were in Egypt, which is expressed in the furniture, fashion and art products of the shop. Finally, my younger brother, Hussain, worked with my mother to establish Beyti, a sister company that brings together all elements of the company and family subgroups into a small hotel studio experience.

I wake up at eight in the morning and start my daily routine with a hot shower every morning. Not a quick shower, but a bath. It is becoming increasingly important for me to clear my mind in the morning and set the pace for the day, so I spend some time before I go to work for a coffee – usually alone or with my wife and king. I go to the office every day at 9am and start following the news by reading Enterprise, then I start working on my to-do list.

I have the shortest and best daily commute to the world, I live near our office and showroom in Maadi, so it takes less than a minute from door to door [يضحك]. Of course, the advantage of this is the time saved during the trip at the beginning and end of the day, but the bad thing is also that I am always available all hour because I am very close.

To be honest, my experience with work-life balance is that I often end up prioritizing work because I’m involved In the family business. But I like to spend my free time watching science-fiction movies and immersing myself in everything related to technology. I do not like to watch traditional movies or anything that describes life as we know it. I usually like to venture beyond what I know and what is out of the box, whether with the books I read or the series and movies I watch.

The last interesting thing I saw was Perfume: The story of a killer. I also recently read “The Journey of a Life” by Bob Iger, which I really liked.

My favorite piece of advice I have received and I like to give to others is to take a break from time to time. And at rest time, enjoy your maximum energy.

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