Higher Education announces the performance harvest of Galala University during the period 2020-2022

Dr. Muhammad Al-Shennawi, acting president of Galala University, presented a report to Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education, on university activities during the period from 2020 to the first half of 2022.

The report indicated that the university signed a final agreement with Arizona State University, to award dual degrees in many fields and study programs.Al-Galalah University also signed; Cooperation protocols with the University of Birmingham in England and the ETS University of Quebec in Canada, in addition to the signing of a quadripartite agreement between Siemens International and the Egyptian Smart Universities “ESUN” represented by the new private universities (Al-Galala, Al-Alamein International, King Salman International and New Mansoura University), and the Kobe industrial companies, with the aim of providing training opportunities and grants to students at Al-Galala University and other private universities in order to keep up with the fourth. and the fifth industrial revolution.

The report noted the signing of a number of cooperation agreements and protocols with many Egyptian bodies and institutions, in order to connect industry with scientific and research centers to achieve sustainability in the development of all industrial fields and to provide training and employment opportunities. for university students.

The report showed that the university hosted many international forums and conferences, under the auspices of Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, including the first regional forum for open sciences in Arab countries, and the first edition of the Egypt Innovation Forum and Exhibition “Towards a smart, digital and green society “, and the third scientific conference was organized.

The report added that the university organized the first youth conference for universities, the Red Sea Conference on Shipping and Logistics “RSMTL” in its first version and the first international conference in the field of nursing and an initiative for established people was launched, and the university also participated in the Global Forum for Higher Education and Research (GFHS 2021). ) In its second edition, under the patronage and presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, in addition to participating in the activities of the tenth exhibition of Egyptian and international universities EDU GATE, participating in many introductory exhibitions of universities for private and international schools, as well as giving a detailed explanation of the university and its distinguished programs.

In connection with student activities, the university held a series of periodic meetings with students to answer all their questions in an open discussion to meet their needs and listen to their suggestions, as well as to organize many recreational and field trips, to link theoretical study with practical one. exercises and the first competition “Poster Day” was organized among students of the fields. Various academic studies at the university, the launch of the first Ramadan five-on-one football session, and the students of the artificial intelligence program won the second. place in the first Egyptian state-level hackathon for intelligent cities.

In the context of activating the role of the university in the service of the community, El Galala University launched an educational campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer, in addition to providing a health care unit for women for early detection of breast cancer. a blood donation campaign.

explained Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hamid Shaira, coordinator of private universities, said Galala University is one of four private universities established by Republican Decree no. 436 of 2020, and is a smart university among the fourth generation universities, and is built on an area of ​​174 hectares, and includes faculties (Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science and Engineering, Administrative Sciences, Arts and Design, media production, social and human sciences, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, science, physical therapy, nursing, applied health science technology, food and food industries, Higher Academy of Sciences), and offers many distinct study programs.

Galala University offers a range of programs for the 2023-2022 academic year. In the field of engineering sciences, the university offers programs (architectural design and digital architecture, environmental architecture and construction technology, mechatronics and industrial automation, civil engineering and specialized construction, material engineering and manufacturing, electrical engineering, “A double degree”). From the University of Arizona and the University of Galala “), the field of computer engineering includes software (computer engineering, which includes traces of” embedded systems, cloud computing, high-performance computing, cyber security, and artificial intelligence engineering), ” of computer science, which includes programs (biomedical informatics, computer science). Includes traces of “big data analysis, computer vision, software engineering”, artificial intelligence sciences, software engineering “obtaining a dual degree from the University of Arizona and Galala University”), and the field of advanced basic sciences, including programs (molecular biotechnology, petroleum geology and mining, science and technology Nanotechnology), the field of health applied science technology, which includes programs (radiology and medical imaging technology, prosthetic technology and medical devices). Odia, Medical Laboratory Technology, Dental Production Technology), Medicine (Medicine and Surgery Program), Dentistry (Dental Program), Pharmaceutical Sciences (Clinical Pharmacy Pharm D), Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy Program), Nursing (Nursing Sciences) ), administrative and business sciences, including programs (economics and political science, logistics, and supply chains, and a dual degree from the University of Arizona and Galala University in “Marketing, Business Administration, Information Systems”) , field of applied languages ​​(program in Japanese), field of media production (production of advertising and television), field of tourism and hospitality (management of hotels and resorts), field of arts and design, including programs (interior architecture , textiles and clothing design, graphic design).

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