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Five years after the death of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl (1930-2017), his tomb in the southwestern German city of Speyer has not yet been completed. City officials had asked the deceased widow, Mike Cole-Richter, to do so, but nothing has happened so far.

When Helmut Kohl died on June 16, 2017, at the age of 87, crowds of people gathered to visit his grave located in a cemetery adjacent to Speyer Cathedral. Cameras are looking at the grave of the late chancellor with a simple wooden cross with the inscription “Helmut Kohl 1930-2017”. The cross is surrounded by bushes and the tombstone is still missing.

The condition of Helmut Kohl’s grave sparks controversy among residents and the media, as well as the resentment of Walter and his brother Peter, the late chancellor’s two sons, who accuse his widow, Michael Kohl-Richter, of being wealthy managers. the modest funeral “does not suit” the former chancellor inside and outside Germany.

The body of the former chancellor was buried on July 1, 2017, near an old cathedral in Speyer, with the participation of international leaders from around the world.

Walter Kohl said it was a “shame” that the grave, even after nearly five years, seemed like “a temporary solution without love”, criticizing the family’s lack of participation in choosing the location and design of the grave and saying he wanted to rebury his father.

The late Chancellor has a place in the family cemetery in Ludwigshafen, along with his first wife, Hannelore, who passed away in 2001. The relationship between the children of Helmut Kohl and his second wife, Mike Kohl-Richter , is considered interrupted.

Finally, Speyer Mayor Stivati ​​Seiler asked Mike Kohl-Richter, the widow of the late chancellor, to complete his grave. Five years after Helmut Kohl’s funeral, city officials believe it is time to complete the tomb of the deceased.

This also includes dismantling the fence and video surveillance, as these measures were once desirable to prevent vandalism of the grave, but no incidents have been recorded, a city spokeswoman said. The same spokeswoman went on to say that an initial conversation with the widow of the late Cole so far has yielded no results.

Mike Cole-Richter, widow of the late chancellor, photograph.

Cole’s widow’s lawyer, Stefan Wieser, said she was fascinated by the city’s initiative, adding that Michael Cole-Richter had completed her husband’s last will by designing the grave.

However, rumors have been circulating for years that Helmut Kohl, a devout Catholic, would have wanted to bury him next to emperors, kings and bishops in the crypt of the famous Speyer Cathedral, but refused to do so, according to a cathedral member. .

The Christian Democrat Party (to which the late chancellor belonged) distances itself from participating in the debate on the design and maintenance of the tomb. “This is a private matter,” said a party spokesman in Berlin.

It is worth noting that the late Helmut Kohl led Germany during its unification in 1990 and he held the post of chancellor of West Germany and then of Federal Germany from 1982 to 1998. Kohl is considered one of the key symbols of European unity in post-World War II period.

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