4 reasons for the crazy increase in air ticket prices

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The aviation sector was just beginning to recover, which was badly affected by the Corona pandemic, which imposed severe restrictions on travel around the world, until travelers and tourists faced a problem that almost robbed them of joy, which satisfied them. from resumption of air travel freely and easily.for air tickets.

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian attributed the rise in air ticket prices to “demand exceeding all expectations”, stressing that summer prices could be up to 30 percent higher. how much was the case before the pandemic.

A report published by Bloomberg shows that airline ticket price increases vary from region to region, indicating, for example, that the price of an economy class flight ticket from Hong Kong to London has increased by five times than it was. before the pandemic, as the ticket price became 5360 dollars (5014 euros).

According to Euro News, Jacqueline Coo, an expert in the tourism sector, says: “Ticket prices are very high these days” and showed that round-trip tickets from Singapore to Berlin, in economy class, amounted to about 3600 dollars (3,360 euro), expressing surprise at this huge price increase.

A study conducted by the MasterCard Institute of Economics shows that airline ticket prices from Singapore were on average 27 percent higher in April compared to the same month of 2019, while tickets from Australia were 20 percent higher. high, said the chief economist at. Mentioned Institute: Passengers are quick to book their tickets in advance, for fear that they will be picked up before the travel date.

1- Giant planes stop
Airlines are still wary of restarting all their aircraft, despite the fact that most countries in the world have eased travel restrictions and giant aircraft like the A380 and 787 Dreamliner fall into this, knowing that this dilemma special is more. in Asia, which is the slowest continent for easing travel restrictions, especially as China, which is Asia’s largest market, continues to impose air travel restrictions.

It takes time for airlines to rebuild their fleet, says Subhas Menon, APA general manager, noting that most of the restrictions were eased in May. “It’s June,” he said.

Airlines also worked during the pandemic to reduce the number of their airlines, and as a result, it became necessary for most passengers to book flights involving more than one transit station before arriving at their destination.

Given that there is a decrease in the number of operating aircraft, there are fewer places to cope with the growing demand, which has led to an increase in air ticket prices.

2- Fuel prices are rising a lot
The Russo-Ukrainian war has exacerbated the steady rise in crude oil prices over the past 18 months, and jet fuel currently accounts for about 38 percent of average airline costs, up from 27 percent in the years before 2019. As for some lines air, low Cost, talk about the rate up to 50 percent.

3- The request for trips after the pandemic is withdrawn
High ticket prices do not seem to hinder many of the travel flights after easing many travel restrictions, and in this context, IATA General Manager Willie Walsh says: Some travelers are taking advantage of deferred vacation budgets and are increasing their luxury by moving into much more. expensive aircraft cabins.

A vengeful traveler is “an individual who has been emotionally affected by closures and passionate about travel over the past two years, and they have dreamed of it,” says Hermione Joy, Asia-Pacific travel industry leader, adding: “They are very spontaneous.” In the words of Joey.

4- Lack of manpower
Hundreds of thousands of pilots, flight attendants, airport ground operations staff and other aviation workers have lost their jobs over the past two years and with the recovery of the aviation sector, this service and economic industry has found itself unable to hire as fast as to allow serenity. flights resume as it was before the pandemic.

Singapore’s Changi Airport management hopes to be able to employ more than 6,600 people, noting that a large number of abandoned workers have shown a lack of return to work because they have lost confidence in the continuity of their work. .

In the United States, it appears that smaller regional airlines are unable to operate their fleet at full capacity because larger airlines have contracts with large numbers of pilots.

Airports across Europe are keeping pace with the pace of recovery in demand for travel after the pandemic, but airports in the UK in particular have seen major disruptions and delays over the past week, coinciding with the school holidays. and a long official holiday. at the end of the week on the occasion of the celebration of the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth sitting on the throne.

And British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says the aviation sector needs to solve the problem. He had said a few days ago that airlines should stop selling tickets on flights they do not find.

It is not known how long the price of plane tickets will continue to rise, especially since many passengers are willing to buy tickets at current prices, but the element of competition between airlines will certainly be restored, which will rule in the interest of the traveler.


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