The royal dining table .. The camera finally enters the Palace of Wonders in which Amy Samir Ghanem lives with Hassan Al-Raddad, the life of princesses!

The artist, Hassan Al-Raddad, caught the eye with his latest appearance from inside a luxury dining room, with his wife, artist Amy Samir Ghanem, where she shot a video of him eating.

Amy Samir Ghanem has captured a video clip of Hassan Al-Raddad as they eat together at their dining table from where they are.

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Amy Samir Ghanem asked Hassan Al-Raddad, saying, “Hassan, are you not waiting for someone to eat?” Hassan Al-Raddad posted the video on his Instagram account.

Hassan Al-Raddad jokingly answered his wife’s question: “No, of course people are coming, I hope all the food we are doing, who are you doing this for? The boss has 48 hours working in his grocery store. , to make all this food. “

Amy Samir Ghanem showed through the video that the size of the empty table had increased, except for a few dishes in limited quantities for food, after Hassan Al-Raddad followed a diet to lose his excess weight, and for this reason he was making fun of this case.

The pioneers of communication sites shared the details and photos of the villa of Egyptian artist Amy Samir Ghanem, which consists of two floors with an outdoor pool, and enjoys a décor that combines the spirit of modern youth with classic and rich elegance.

The interface .. calm but impressive, through the video posted on social networks, and the photos we were able to collect from the account of the couple Hassan Al-Raddad, the hero of the series “The Wife 18” and Amy. Samir Ghanem it seems clear that the villa is small and quiet, with a simple design, but nonetheless it looks impressive and striking. Lift its taste and special engineering touches.

The façade has a neutral white color that harmonizes with the purity of the sky to the point that it seems to fit together in this large space, and the daylight here could give a special glow to the building.

Villa Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan El Raddad

Living room for comfort The living room of Hassan El Raddad and Amy Samir Ghanem is designed in a modern style, as it comes in the shape of the letter L in Latin. She also enjoys a state of calm and comfort that is hard to deny, and this is clearly evident in her soft colors derived from the colors of the curtains and walls.

Villa Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan El Raddad

The two stars here relied on a set of colorful pillows that decorate the sofa and evoke joy and vitality, in an attempt to bring it out of the quiet state where it lives.

In the living room there is also a specially designed table, a bright and colorful carpet and a modern comfortable chair without any armrests.

2. salon

Charming Dining Room The dining room is mostly brown and consists of a table surrounded by chairs with soft design, with lighting elements that add beauty to its components.

Eating room

Coffee kitchen The kitchen may not have a large area, but it is complete and integrated into a small spot of the villa; Its units are in soft colors like the rest of the house, and at the same time practical and comprehensive for all cooking purposes.


The choice of brown color for the kitchen units is very successful, as it completely matches the color of the floor and could give the kitchen a sense of space.

sirtar 2

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