Mandatory parliamentary recommendations for reducing travel tax and ticket prices

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Mandatory parliamentary recommendations for reducing travel tax and ticket prices
The government complied with the parliamentary recommendations in which it came to reconsider travel ticket prices and work to reduce them, as well as reconsider the amount of tax imposed on Yemen Airlines so that the company can continue to provide services to citizens at discounted prices. suitable.

In today’s session chaired by the Speaker of Parliament Yahya Ali Al-Ra’i, the House of Representatives approved an additional report to the Committee on Transport and Communications, regarding the damages and losses caused by aggression in the transport sector during the period from March 2015 after Christ until the end of 2021 AD.

This came after the engagement of the government party, represented by the Minister of Transport, Abdul Wahab Al-Durra, and in the presence of the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Shura, Dr. Ali Abu Haleqa, for the implementation of the recommendations included in the report, which are as follows:

1- The Government should address and invite the international community represented by the United Nations and all international and humanitarian organizations through all possible means to carry out their moral and humanitarian responsibilities and to work for:

• Mitigating the suffering of the Yemeni people, stopping the war, lifting the siege imposed on our country and enabling the use and operation of facilities and service facilities.

• Opening and operation of Sana’a International Airport, and the rest of the airports, ports and other ports of the Republic of Yemen.

• Demands compensation for Yemen, fair compensation for damages and losses suffered as a result of aggression.

• Opening the airports of the Republic of Yemen and stopping their targeting by aggression as civilian objects, removing the occupier’s hand from all airports and not using them as military bases and barracks.

• Allowing access to equipment and supplies necessary for the safety of civil aviation and meteorology, as it is one of the most important conditions for safety of life.

2- Enabling Yemeni Airlines to operate at all available operational capacity as it was before the aggression, not restricting it from entering and leaving Yemeni airspace with specific operating hours and enabling aircraft and crews its to stay overnight within the country in order to avoid financial burdens coming from stays abroad, which are paid in foreign currency.

3- Yemeni Airlines should review the prices of travel tickets and work to reduce them, taking into account the difficult economic and living situation of the citizens of the Republic of Yemen.

4- The Tax Authority should work to reconsider the amount of tax imposed on the Yemeni Airlines company in order for the company to continue to provide services to citizens at reasonable prices.

In this context, the Council approved the report of the Transport and Post-Telecommunication Commission on the results of field visits to the meteorological sector at the General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology, following the commitment of the Minister of Transport to implement the following recommendations. :

1- Supporting the meteorological sector in the General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology with national technical staff qualified in accordance with the required specializations and their financial support in order to keep pace with the Arab countries and the region in the field of meteorology.

2- Supporting the qualification and training of the staff of the General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology (Meteorological Sector) and sending staff to be trained and qualified abroad in a way that meets the needs of the sector.

In their discussions, the People’s Deputies stressed the importance of the accuracy and integrity of the information contained in the report. They held the coalition of aggression and its means fully responsible for all the damages, losses and damages they caused.

They also stressed the importance of rehabilitating Yemen’s airports and ports to receive flights and ships.

While the Minister of Transport expressed his gratitude to the chairman and members of the committee for their efforts in completing the reports, explaining that the number of flights included in the first and second ceasefire did not meet the needs of Yemeni passengers by migrants, patients, students and returnees.

He noted that the ministry is addressing nations to plan flights, expressing his hope that Sana’a International Airport will be open to travelers and returnees on a permanent basis.

The Minister of Transport noted the damage to the runway of Sana’a International Airport as a result of his targeting by aggression, noting the role of the ministry in rehabilitating the airport and its lighting so that it is fully prepared for expect flights over a period of 24 hours.

In addition, the Council considered an additional report of the Joint Committee of the Committees on Justice and Waqf and the Codification of Islamic Sharia Law, in relation to the draft amendment to Article (143) of Law no. 20 of 1992 on personal status, and postponed his decision to a future hearing in the presence of the competent governmental party.

The council had started the session by reading and approving the previous minutes, while the working sessions will continue next Saturday, God willing.

According to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), the meeting was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport Abdullah Al-Ansi, the Assistant Undersecretary for the Meteorological Sector, Engineer Muhammad Hamid and a number of specialists in the relevant authorities.

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