Learn about the most expensive spices in the world

homelandSpices have played a major role in our daily lives since ancient times. In fact, many ancient writings referred to it. Archaeologists also found it in Egyptian tombs before 3000 BC and it was used to embalm the dead thanks to its preservation properties.

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In our daily lives, spices are an essential part of our kitchen, however, some of them can be quite costly given the small amount used or in fact the amount usually sold in a small bowl or ready-made powder. .

Below is a summary of the Spanish magazine “Oak Diario”, the most expensive spices in the world.

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The most expensive spices in the world

Spices are very valuable. In fact, it played an important role in the Middle Ages, especially in economic and political life, so much so that the value of some was comparable to that of gold. Spices were also considered rare and valuable, not only for their unique aroma but also for their use in medicine and in food preservation, according to what was translated by “Watan”.

The Romans began the spice trade by sailing between Egypt and India between the year 200 AD. C and 1200 days, a long and arduous voyage across the Indian Ocean carrying pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger. Due to the high price, spices were only available to the upper class at that time.


In 410, when the Goths conquered Rome, their king demanded gold, jewels, silk, and 13,700 kg of pepper as a reward. In the Middle Ages, the best spices came from China, India and the Indonesian islands.


The price of these aromatic spices is very high, but why are they the most expensive in the world? Because it is very old and it takes a lot of work to get it. Saffron fibers are obtained from the saffron flower and because they are very delicate, they must be cut by hand very delicately and rigorously and then carefully left to dry. Each flower has only three leaves, so it takes a lot to produce about 500 grams of saffron (70,000 large flowers).

For many, this is not the only reason: the unique, delicate and complex aroma at the same time, justifies its high price. It has a floral and herbal aroma, and also is not very spicy, delicate and distinctive. Just a little saffron added to the ingredients to turn the dish into something tasteless.

The origin of saffron is not well defined, but it seems to have originated in the Middle East. In Europe, it was introduced by Moroccans through Spain. It still grows today in the La Mancha region. However, the best saffron is said to be found in France and Iran, which is also the largest producer of saffron, but which also grows in Greece, Italy and India.


Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world after saffron, especially after the price reached the highest level of all time due to damage caused to farms in Madagascar, the world’s largest producer. Vanilla is also grown in Mexico and Tahiti, but does not have the same quality. In addition, 100% pure culture has become a growing target for thieves, due to its high value.

Vanilla also grows in Africa and according to some, African vanilla farms could soon become a strong competitor to Madagascar in the coming years. The price of a kilo of vanilla beans currently ranges between $ 600 and $ 700, more than the price of silver, making it one of the most expensive spices in the world.

anise star

anise star
anise star

This type of spice is very close to ginger, turmeric and cardamom and is native to Asia. It has a very special shape that makes it more prominent and is considered as one of the most exotic spices. It is widely used in Asian cuisine and is actually one of its main ingredients.


Young cardamom beans cost about $ 30 per pound due to the difficult harvesting process. Of course, it is not as expensive as saffron and vanilla, but the price is too high for the spice. The plant is native to southwestern India. Guatemala is the largest exporter and manufacturer in the world, followed by India.

Black cardamom is larger and tends to have a smoky aroma and is used for spicy foods like curry. The light-colored variety is the most common, but green is the most expensive and is used to enjoy sweets and coffee, as well as baked goods, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.


We get cinnamon from the bark of trees. This spice originates in Sri Lanka, where the best and best quality is produced, but also grows in Indonesia, China, Vietnam and India. A pound of this spice costs about $ 6. Used mainly in the form of cooking powder. True cinnamon is known as Cinnamon verum, but there are other types as well: the most common is Cassia, also known as Chinese cinnamon.

Sri Lanka is the largest producer of cinnamon followed by Indonesia, China and Vietnam. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices in the world and was used in ancient Egypt and China. The Portuguese and Dutch invaders were the first to bring it to Europe and use it for trade. Cinnamon is used in cooking, in the cosmetics industry and in the production of cigarettes.

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