He has received the seasonal flu vaccine as a condition for traveling for Hajj this year.

The Ministry of Interior has determined that the winners of the Hajj opportunity for this year to submit the health card for receiving the seasonal flu vaccine and the quadrivalent vaccine 135. ACYW Meningitis, or any other vaccine prescribed by the Ministry of Health, keeping them.

The Ministry of Interior announced the documents and papers required by the winners to complete the travel procedures for performing Hajj and the instructions that pilgrims must follow when performing Hajj, as follows:

Documents requested by the winning citizens of the Hajj lottery:

A mechanized international passport for each winner and companion (if any), provided that its period of validity is not less than one year starting from 5/11/2022 AD The mechanized international passport will be submitted by pilgrim who won the lottery paid for Hajj expenses, accompanied by an original (for reading) + a copy of the certificate Immunization with basic doses (at least two doses) of vaccines (Covid-19) internationally approved by the Ministry of Health as condition for obtaining a visa.

The passport will be rejected in the following cases:

Ap Passport with holes in the first page of data.

. The difference between the number or national names on the international passport and the one contained in the national number card.

. There are no blank pages in the passport.

. The renewed passport has a period of validity from within.

. The original + copy of the International Immunization Certificate should not be attached to the basic doses (at least two doses) of vaccines (Covid-19).

– Vaccine health card (seasonal flu vaccine, quadrivalent vaccine 135 ACYW “Minimal fever”) or any other vaccine prescribed by the Ministry of Health, keeping them.

– Medical report certified and stamped by one of the hospitals under the Ministry of Health, which declares that he is in good health and that he is free from all diseases approved by the Ministry of Health and is able to perform haxhin.

– A mechanized criminal case sheet (a mechanized Hajj fish) for each winner of the Hajj lottery.

– A statement of the recruiting position of lottery winners and their companions (if any) who are of military age. It should be noted that they present the recruitment document during the trip.

– Three (3) recent and clear personal photos (4 × 6), taking into account the following:

o The background of the photo should be white.

o The length of the head from the chin to the forehead is 70% or 80% of the image.

o Given that men do not wear white headgear, while for women they do not wear white because it overlaps with the background of the photo and sticks to the back cover of the passport.

o The photos are placed inside a small envelope in which the name of the pilgrim is written on the back of each photo. The envelope is attached to the back cover of the passport.

– Travel permits for those whose travel requires approval from their employer.

– Certificate of movement from the General Directorate of Passports, Immigration and Nationality.

Lottery fee collection

– Full payment of Hajj fees begins in all branches of national banks (Al-Ahly, Egypt, Cairo) and the offices of the Postal Authority at the national level through the electronic government system for payments and receipts (“Hajj Lot paid”) in institutional. code of General Control of Police Accounts No.11500201) From Sunday, 05.06.2022 to Thursday, 09.06.2022.

The payment will be for the full value of the Hajj expenses for this year, which are: the amount of (74,500) seventy-four thousand five hundred pounds, the cost of the Hajj and the guiding act, in addition to the value of the flight ticket. (1990) nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety pounds, with a total amount of (94490) ninety-four thousand four hundred and ninety pounds for each winner Separately, except in cases of incest and companions, where payment is made together, according to two national identity cards.

– Non-payment of expenses during the period from Sunday 05.06.2022 to Thursday 09.06.2022 is considered a waiver by the winner of the possibility of Hajj.

– In case of forgiveness after payment of fees, costs will be refunded to the winner after deducting administrative costs and services rendered. The Administration of Administrative Affairs received a letter addressed to EgyptAir stating that the pilgrim did not travel to take the necessary actions in connection with it, without the slightest responsibility of the Ministry of Interior.

The winner of the opportunity to draw is obliged to:

– Pilgrims who bring medicines for their treatment must keep medical records and prescriptions indicating the use of these medicines on a personal basis and under the supervision of the treating physician, as well as the necessity of presenting them to the customs officer at ports of arrival in the Kingdom.

Discovery of amounts, tradable tools, precious metals, precious stones and the like, worth not more than (US $ 10,000) only ten thousand US dollars or its equivalent in other foreign currencies.

– Follow the instructions of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj not to take pictures inside the Two Holy Mosques with any photographic means.

Adherence to guidelines and regulations issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding prayer in the Two Holy Mosques and holy places.

Adherence to guidelines issued by the Saudi authorities regarding the precautionary and preventive measures and social distancing to be followed to prevent the Corona virus (Covid-19).

Accompany the vaccination certificate approved internationally by the Ministry of Health in relation to the pilgrim receiving the basic doses of vaccines (Covid-19) approved by the Ministry of Health, as well as the pilgrim’s warning to undergo an examination.PCR) of the new Corona virus (Covid-19) for a sample taken within 72 hours before the date of travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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