Gulf News | The most beautiful years of my life were wasted, but the Creator compensated me with something better.

Arthur Schopenhauer said: “He who is determined to win, is very close to victory.”

Yes, it is the will that approaches distances and conquers the impossible, so the reason many people fail is not lack. The dream is rather a lack of determination, so anyone who has the will has the strength to make their feet. two wings, repelling their owner It’s the first step on the path to war and enables it to achieve its goals, despite the challenges it has.

Zahra Ibrahim Rahimi, a woman who excelled in exploiting pain to create hope and turning adversity into grants, despite wasting many years of her life in vain, but she managed with her steely will to win the battle of life , and overcoming many obstacles and difficult experiences, I climbed the ladder from the beginning and took the lead at the top of it through its uniqueness and uniqueness in the world of women full of success and effort.

She is the first of the Gulf and Bahrain to specialize in car repair and painting and the first poet to publish an album of digital poetry. In a poetic duet with a famous Arab artist, in addition to owning two projects in the field of cooking. and the perfume and incense industry, which made him one of the most fascinating businessmen on the scene.

Regarding the experience of this very talented woman to overcome the chances, the following dialogue was held:

Tell us about your education?

I grew up in a family that taught me the meaning and value of taking responsibility since childhood, my father has been a responsible government employee. three garages for car repairs, and since they belong to a conservative environment governed by certain customs and traditions, my father had to start work himself in those garages instead, and I to them was the eldest daughter, i.e. as the son great of my father, so I helped him a lot in many matters and from him I learned mastery, and he trained me for the strength and independence of personality, I was suffering from his cruelty in education, but I realized the value of this method . later, and to him belongs what you have achieved today.

What about your childhood hobby?

My hobbies since childhood have been many and varied, for example the hobby of reading and greedy reading, as I wrote poetry, bought and collected cars, especially (Sports) from them, as I have been very attached to them since young age. until we can say that my love for her was a kind of obsession, as I was in love I won it until I had a large fleet of it.

This is in addition to my love for cooking, which made me own a business of hers in partnership with my mother, along with my love and ability in producing perfumes and incense.

What’s new for the cooking project?

A joint cooking project between me and my mom, and it specializes in authentic traditional Bahraini chef, and this was started by my dad. expand and develop what it is He relies on adding innovative and new flavors to authentic traditional cooking.

What distinguishes your poetic experience?

I have been writing poetry since I was 14 years old and I have been a great hobby to read poetry and I am proud of that because I am the first poet to publish an album of digital poetry and I have partnered with the great famous Iraqi poet Jabbar Al -Mayahi will do a duet My Hair

The first operating station?

I got my first job at the age of 19 and it was during my university studies in English literature that I interrupted to dedicate myself to my work and my responsibility to my six brothers and sisters and it can be said that I grew up without becoming late and I learned the meaning of independence very early, to the point that I lost the most beautiful years of my life in vain in the mess of life and responsibilities and failure to reconcile in some cases elections.

How did you become the first expert in car repair and painting?

I joined one of the famous car dealers in Bahrain and advanced in the profession until I became the manager of the workshop, which is one of the largest workshops in the region, as I worked in various departments and gained extensive experience in everything related with the automotive world.

What are the main difficulties at the beginning?

There is no doubt that my job was not easy, as I perform difficult tasks like damage assessment, tracking insurance companies and traffic management, then I make the decision to introduce the car for repair and over time I learned everything in this field. includes painting, welding, blacksmithing and others, and my experience today amounts to about 12 years in this job of which I am proud, as I combined my work at the airport with my job as a TV presenter on a temporary basis, it was a beautiful job . as well as a pleasant experience, which contributed a lot to get rid of some of the psychological pressures I was going through in that period.

And the biggest challenge?

Probably the biggest challenge I faced during this job is how to adapt to employees who are older than me in the profession, and from different nationalities and mentalities, but from life experiences I have learned not to give up in front of anyone trouble, because the Almighty God does not. He gives the most difficult battles only to his strongest soldiers and in general I am a character who challenged myself and I do not accept failure or despair, I have even combined being an employee, broadcaster, student at the same time. , and a producer of incense and perfumes, in order to increase my income.

How was the start of the perfume and incense project?

I entered this field in partnership with someone who was very impressed with my products I made for personal use, who offered me to work together on a perfume and incense production project, and I really welcomed the idea and I invested my talent in a job he achieves. He had financial income behind him and I praised God and I continue to do this job with passion and in general it can be said that leaving work made me a responsible personality in everything. , and I was the youngest girl to be given responsibility for the first – class and business – class hall at Bahrain International Airport, and I spent five years in that business.

Have you faced any criticism?

Of course at first I faced some criticism from a small group and I remember that my father – God bless him – would not welcome my work in the field of cars, because of customs and traditions. upon us at that time, but I persevered, challenged myself, and endured the hardships of this work, which is said to be a more suitable work for men, I attained a brilliant position, besides my voluntary work, especially for men. of my determination and support for the work of productive families and my membership in Toastmaster International for the art of public speaking and debate.

Have you regretted not completing your studies?

Yes, of course I regret not having a college degree, especially since I graduated about two years ago and almost halfway through university, although today I hold an international degree in logistics and another in management and leadership, I am currently thinking seriously pursue a scientific career.

The best harvest?

Although I feel that the most beautiful years of my life have been lost among the crowds of life, responsibilities and unsuccessful choices in some, nevertheless, I am sure that Almighty God has compensated me with much, so how I feel today I am very proud. when I was selected on the World Fame page as one of the VIPs around the world, along with my choice among the twenty important female personalities of the radio program “Ambition and Foresight”, I was also selected among the distinguished personalities in the book ” Bahrain Outstanding in 2021 ”and the National Jury for Vehicle Repair Skills, along with another important achievement.

What is that important achievement?

I was recently nominated by the Ministry of Education as the author of an inspiring story for recent graduates, which makes me feel very proud to have become a successful role model and a fighter for youth, which in itself is one of the greatest. the achievements I have achieved throughout my career and I hope to follow my example in terms of perseverance, will and effort to break the rule and break the limits in order to achieve my passion, regardless of the difficulties, traps or challenges I face. .

Your current goal?

There is no doubt that I still have many ambitions that I hope to achieve in the future, and perhaps the most important dream My current interest is the presence of the largest practical car repair training institute in Bahrain, to be done, over time, a Gulf center No matter what in this area, and have the honor to participate in its establishment and management, and I hope it will start from under the umbrella of the High Council for Women, to added to her record of significant achievements.

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