FedEx launches Roxo robot testing process for same-day delivery in collaboration with the Roads and Transportation Authority and the Dubai Integrated Economic Zone Authority

Dubai, UAE: FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company FedEx Corporation (FDX), has signed a cooperation agreement with the Dubai Integrated Economic Zone Authority to begin testing the FedEx Roxo self-propelled robot for same day delivery. Dubai Silicon Oasis Area. This experimental step comes in the light of a memorandum of understanding previously signed with the Roads and Transport Authority as part of Dubai’s strategy for intelligent and self-driving transport.

Roxo is evolving as a personal, self-driving delivery robot, delivering local same-day deliveries to customers’ homes and businesses, with remote operators constantly available to intervene if needed. Roxo runs on batteries and is 157 cm tall, weighs 204 kg and has a carrying capacity of 45 kg. This innovative robot has a versatile wheelbase that enables it to walk on rough and uneven surfaces, as well as to get up and down sidewalks.

Robot experience in Dubai involves designing the optimal route for the Roxo trail, along pedestrian paths and roadside using several technologies, including laser detection technologies, LiDAR sensors, radar and multiple cameras, in addition to algorithms of learning machines that allow him to dodge and dodge obstacles. Roxo will help remote operators navigate safe paths so that in the future it can autonomously replicate the door-to-door delivery experience.

Under the deal, Dubai will be the first international stop outside the United States to test the Roxo self-propelled robot, which will be carried out by FedEx between Dubai Silicon Oasis headquarters and Dubai Digital Park.

On this occasion, Tariq Henedy, Vice President of Middle East and Africa Operations at FedEx Express, said: “FedEx is committed to its vision to shape the future of the logistics sector, and Dubai, with its infrastructure “The world-class and rapidly adapting market to new technologies is an ideal destination for robot testing.

For his part, Engineer Muammar Al Kathiri, Executive Director of the Engineering and Smart City Sector at the Dubai Authority for Integrated Economic Zones (DIES), said: “We are pleased to partner with FedEx Express to test this Good experience in the region for sending remittances The Dubai Authority for Integrated Economic Zones and its regions has always supported

High-tech solutions and innovations, especially in the field of smart cities and self-driving transport, so the decision to conduct the test in Dubai Silicon Oasis is evidence of the favorable environment it offers and its significant and effective role in providing solutions intelligent new. , especially for Dubai and the UAE in general. In parallel with its active role in the framework of the Dubai 2040 Urban Plan and the Dubai Smart Autonomous Movement Strategy, the Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority is committed to continuing to work closely with authorities and companies to evaluate and launch solutions innovative in the integrated field. technology park. ”

The Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority made a major and effective contribution to supporting and encouraging FedEx to provide the Roxo experience in Dubai, as it supported conducting risk and safety assessments and identifying a suitable location and route to conduct the experiment. in coordination. with FedEx Express and the Dubai Authority for Integrated Economic Zones, and the authority also identified many cases Scenarios needed for the experiment and that help assess the readiness of such operations.

In this context, Khaled Al-Awadi, Director of the Transportation Systems Department at the Public Transport Agency at the Roads and Transportation Authority, said: “Last-mile delivery robots have tremendous potential to provide convenience and fast service. We are pleased to offer our customers self-driving technology, as it will improve our services and help us achieve our goal. self-direction. “

The Dubai Strategy for Intelligent and Self-Directed Transport aims to transform 25% of total transportation in Dubai into self-driving by 2030..

It is worth noting that the self-propelled robot Roxo is being designed to support last mile journeys, offering a simplified, low-carbon solution.

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