Falafel Ta’aj … and so are we | Written by: Abdullah Lahlouh

To get a loaf of bread (falafel ta’aj) from Ambashi or Abu Tahnat (falafel al-Karaj) at the garage complex in Yenin, or from the king of falafel or al-Ka’oud in Hebron, or Siuri in Ramallah, this is a very good thing and can reach an excellent level.With the preservation of titles and genealogies and at different prices depending on the country that sells falafel in its own way and not every noodle is similar to the others. differences that are not visible to the naked eye, but are essential and very important for the consumer and on this topic a long dialogue can take place, which can take place in debates. Words followed by uterine rupture, or marital disputes that end in divorce, and the whole reason is due to the crunchy falafel, as long as it is crushed, it is better than all the crunchy bread.

And if falafel bread crackles, it makes that noise, even though it is delicious at the time, especially if it is hot, and you ate it when you were hungry, as if you were coming from one province to another empty. your stomach or the lobe of your stomach. We are all on an empty stomach, receiving news from the yellow news agencies and documenting whether we have been misunderstood, or questioned our analytical skills, or the truth of our news, that the source (Jewish channel Kan) and Walla and the expert ( psychological, health, political, social, religious, philosophical issues in the Palestinian issues of Khubaizah, Mujdara and even Falafel Al-Taj Cohen Hosni Al-Mahmoud bin Abu Nasser Jar Al-Hijjah Tohfa) who works in the Israeli press, which is the press reliable according to the opinion of our wretched experts who do not distinguish wheat from hull. He is an expert who does not get tired and bored, rather connects and solves, and in his hand is the whole matter, and we should not eat what he cooks for us in the stoves of Zionist intelligence. that will cook us only poison poison The same goes for the media networks (Palestinian), with strong reservations about this name, for the rapid announcement of the increase in scrap prices in the market on Friday and the death penalty by hanging. bullets, either hanging under the blows of swords, or throwing them with tripods, along with an expressive picture of Noah planting mustard on the north side of his ship, then we keep readers, or those who do not read the news, and how fast we print (Distribute) by sending all the dormant and smart cells to messengers, WhatsApp, electronic and social spraying, and what wrapped their smell and their whistling with fake and real. And then you win, or at least feel or imagine that you are Abu Dhar al-Ghafari, or al-Qa`qa`, or Nelson Mandela, or even Muhammad Amziane, or Belkacem al-Nakadi, or Che Guevara, or Muhammad al-Daghbaji , or Misbah al-Jarbo`, and think for a moment that he is walking in paradise A martyr in this world disagrees with you because of your religion.

No, my friend, no, turn off your winnings and die, or prepare to die alone, all those you have sent messages or posted to be messageed by others will curse you and they will wait impatiently your death, or patiently. tasteless in the off-season, and you will not be more than one number who passed this mortal and lost in the crowd of poorly written numbers, and they will be of no value or merit, and no feast or ( designation) will be held for you. It will not enter into the discussion of your death like the crunchy bread of falafel.

The ease of buying a crunchy bread and swallowing it, and the feeling of satisfaction after that, because of the victory over the curse of hunger, is very similar to the feeling of satisfaction in victory over the real vacuum in which we live and experience. from our official and unofficial media, as the people are left with an unspeakable chaos, and the road is waiting, waiting and dirt. does not find what he wants, so the prices of tomatoes, radishes and toilet paper rise in the world while he does not know.Imagine god bless you! All of this is happening in Mozambique and Haret al-Dabaa, and Umm Shaban’s sons do not know, although the opener was often accurate in extracting (work) from a Roman olive tree that the bandits had forgotten to uproot to plant in the young. Theirs. state. It needs to be studied and reviewed.

And if you ask me after that: What is the topic of your article, dear writer? I would have told you: First, I’m not a writer, nor a genius, but I’m like you, I love delicious falafel, and I change like you about it, and its price, and I read the news from many pages . , and sometimes I share it without consideration. But I often dream and sleep very little. As for the topic of the article, there is no article at all until there is a topic, and all this is that I had a disturbing dream and the whole world was in the form of a hot bread, in which the phalanx placed two pyramidal iron grains with refined oil and then said: “What goes well flows.” So we ate it raw and vomited and did not pay any tips or barrels. We rested for a few moments, but woke up with vomiting, and the pleasure of the sting escaped me and I did not say to anyone: Good morning Arab.

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