Emirates News Agency – New Partnerships for Abu Dhabi Investment Office Innovation Program

ABU DHABI, June 8, WAM / Abu Dhabi Investment Office today signed a partnership with ANSR and Talent500 as part of its innovation program, which has a budget of 2 billion dirhams and aims to promote innovation in a number of economic areas with high levels. potential for growth. Under these partnerships, the Abu Dhabi Investment Office will provide financial and non-financial incentives to enable the two companies to develop and grow their businesses in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ANSR and Talent500 will establish their regional headquarters and innovation centers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in order to develop technical solutions that support the transformations witnessed by the global workforce. They will also set up engineering centers and research and development centers for a number of the world’s leading institutions and startups in a move that will contribute to attracting global talent and cementing Abu Dhabi’s position as a major regional destination in the field. of innovation. ANSR is expected to invest more than $ 100 million over the next five years, which will create hundreds of jobs in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, product engineering and cloud technologies.

With intensifying competition for talent globally and the growing importance of dispersed teams, especially in the post-pandemic era, leading companies are actively seeking effective solutions to build and manage the global workforce and increase their presence in countries. rich in talent. Supportive regulations and a growing ecosystem make the Emirates an ideal destination for attracting professionals and businesses alike.

Eng. Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, Acting Director General of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, said: “With the talent and teams increasingly moving towards mobile and global business models, organizations need technology and solutions. new to maintain a successful and productive workforce. Based on its vibrant innovation ecosystem, which includes professionals from 200 different nationalities, Abu Dhabi is aware that the future of work is changing now and at a rapid pace, so the Emirates is well prepared to support this transformation, and we look forward to it. to support the growth of ANSR and Talent500 companies through the innovation program, which will enable us to: Make significant progress in the global talent market, especially as both companies share Abu Dhabi’s vision of leveraging innovation to develop solutions for global challenges.

ANSR is a leading company in establishing and operating global technology and innovation centers for key companies and has helped many companies build transformative and strategic capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud capabilities, mobility and product engineering, by employing more than 85,000 specialized professionals and investment oversight With more than $ 1.5 billion to expand the scale of these technology centers. ANSR investors include Evolvence, Accel Partners and Sistema.

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office Innovation Program will support ANSR in establishing its headquarters for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and establishing the “Global Technology Center”, which is a destination key that enables organizations to attract the best global talent and build work teams specializing in the areas of artificial intelligence, mobility and product and design skills.

The Talent500 technology platform, powered by artificial intelligence, enables companies to discover and employ the right global workforce.

The global talent network on this platform includes more than 650,000 professionals spread across 50 countries and their areas of expertise cover manufacturing, engineering and design.

As part of its partnership with the Innovation Program, Talent500 will establish its regional headquarters and a global center for innovation and product development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which will feature a distinguished R&D and technology team to create talent. of world class based on AI. Solutions. The company will also expand its talent network to include professionals residing in the UAE and GCC.

In addition, ANSR and Talent500 will collaborate with local academic institutions, such as Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence and reputable international universities, to develop training and skills improvement programs for students and internships in the fields of artificial intelligence, analytics and data and product engineering.

Commenting on this partnership, Vikram Ahuja, CEO of Talent500 and General Manager of ANSR, said that attracting global talent will be a distinguishing factor in increasing the competitiveness of companies in a post-pandemic world, which is experiencing rapid change. Abu Dhabi’s position as a safe and sustainable destination for doing business makes it an ideal global hub for the technology industry.

We are confident that this distinguished partnership between ADIO, ANSR and Talent500 will succeed in attracting the best global talent, developing local talent and building a pioneering technology ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.

Lalit Ahuja, CEO of ANSR, said: We are excited to work with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office to contribute to the advancement of the technology ecosystem in the region. We are also committed to contributing to the strengthening of Abu Dhabi’s position as a leading global destination in the field of technology, especially in light of the rapidly changing global scene, and look forward to cooperating with our partners from leading international companies to established regions their headquarters here in Abu Dhabi, which supports the emirate’s vision of becoming a global hub for technology.

In addition to its efforts to develop world-class work teams, Abu Dhabi attracts outstanding talent from around the world, providing a safe and sustainable environment, high standards of quality of life, and amazing growth opportunities. The Abu Dhabi Resident Office is at the forefront of the emirate’s efforts to attract talent, promote the integration and integration of international and local communities in the Emirates, and help residents settle in Abu Dhabi.

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