Emirates Crafts accompanies international designs through “My Heritage” in Milan

* Reem bin Karam: We seek to build bridges of dialogue, cooperation and partnership through traditional crafts

The Irthi Council for Contemporary Crafts, affiliated with Nama, records a new global qualitative achievement for contemporary Emirati crafts, as it participates in “Milan Design Week 2022”, the most important global event on the agenda of the world of art and design, i which will last until June 12, to present its collections of contemporary handicraft products, in which the Council created a new contemporary concept of Emirati craftsmanship derived from the ancient local heritage, among the best brands in the world of design and fashion.

Irth’s participation in Milan Design Week, with new and innovative collections and designs, in two locations, namely the Cambi Auction House and the Italian Palace of Lita, is the culmination of the Council’s efforts, which are represented in partnership and collaboration. . with the most prestigious design houses in the world, with which he works to develop the skills and abilities of women craftsmen working under his umbrella to offer in the fashion market products that match international brands in their quality and aesthetics, inspired from the life of the Emirates.

In the presence of Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Head of the Department of Government Relations in Sharjah, and Reem bin Karam, Director of Namaa for the Advancement of Women through the participation of the Council as the only official Arab body, “My Heritage” launched five his new and innovative collections celebrating the spirit of creativity mixed with the nobility of authentic heritage handicrafts, it highlights the skills of the Council’s women craftsmen.

The ancient experience of the Emirates

The council organizes a series of meetings for the exchange of best practices in the world of design, with the most important and prominent designers, during which it informs them about the works of art created by the hands of artisans, which is in line with council premises. regional and international efforts aimed at preserving the sustainability and development of heritage handicrafts, in addition to encouraging women handicrafts to develop and market their businesses, activating the role of women and increasing opportunities for their participation in the economic, professional and social sectors .

Five new groups

During its participation in the exhibition, the council is reviewing five collections, three of which were presented on the sidelines of the event, mixing old materials, methods and modern digital technology, to show the aesthetics and fruits of collaboration between different cultures. friendly, combining originality and digital technologies, as both groups aim to preserve crafts, knowledge and cultural skills related to traditional crafts and add a touch of sophistication and special detail to parts of the home.

In addition to launching the Mountain-inspired “Sovereignty Collection”, architectural door decorations and sofa furnishings in the UAE, in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the new collection, made of 100 handicraft women from Pakistan. and Afghanistan, consists of woven carpets using silk and natural wool in contemporary and innovative ways. Inspired by sword decorations from the Emirates.

The council highlighted the “Al Thayah Group”, which uses palm leaves, camel skin, silk cotton and recycled felt to present an innovative set of household items that are rich in details of the traditional sacrament craft used in homes of the Emirates. in the past in a contemporary way. In addition to the Zenobia Collection, which contemporaryly combines the craft of mockery and the art of wood dressing, in collaboration with Lebanese stylist Nada Debs, featuring a set of vases, pots and chairs inspired by pieces used in Bedouin tribes in past.

cooperation between civilizations

Reem bin Karam, Director of Nama Women Advancement, said: “We are proud to represent the United Arab Emirates in this global event, as well as being the only participant from the Arab region, as the Council uses this platform to build bridges of dialogue. “Cooperation and partnership through traditional crafts, with the formation of new groups, which appears in Milan, is the product of a civilized cooperation to preserve the heritage and cultural structure of the region.”

She added: “Council Irthi continues its efforts to build a craft system that supports innovation based on the harmonious combination of modernity and originality to enrich the traditional craft industry, develop the skills of women craftsmen and support them to preserve their identity and heritage, access. their products in international markets and increase their presence in the global arena. ”

The participation of “My Heritage” is a witness of a prominent presence, represented by a continuous and large participation of hundreds of visitors from lovers of art, design and culture, who flocked to the two exhibitions of the Majlis in this activity for learned and seen. the most prominent new and innovative collections launched by Majlis, which reflect the aesthetics of Emirati crafts transmitted across generations.With its modern and attractive look.

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