Bentley Continental S-Group cars … retain luxury and versatility

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Bentley is introducing more contrast and depth to its Continental GT family with the launch of the new S range that emphasizes driving performance and visual presence. Adopting a wide range of improvements to the exterior design, interior specifications and dynamic steering system, the new “S” range revises Bentley’s overall recipe for high-performance luxury steering to focus more on the satisfaction of direction – and this is an opposite but complementary statement to the concept of luxury behind the wheel ‘(Welfare). behind the wheel) on which the latest launch of the comfort-focused Azure collection is based.

Owners of two-door Bentley models have long appreciated the depth and range of options available to them, from the phenomenal performance of the 6.0-liter W12 engine in the Continental GT Speed ​​to the 4.0-liter V8 cadence in the Continental. GT. Now, with the arrival of the S family of Continental GT and GTC models, owners can emphasize the sporty character of the Bentley Continental GT 4.0-liter V8, thanks to a performance-focused design and engineering team.

Dexterity and fun to drive

The new S range maintains the 4.2-liter V8 engine with 542 hp (550 PS) with 770 Nm of torque, which has become very popular among customers worldwide. It enables acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) in just 4.0 seconds. For the S family of GT and GTC, the engine has been upgraded with a sport exhaust system as standard to boost the V8 noise tone.

The lighter and more powerful 4.0-liter V8 gives the Continental GT S models a responsive and agile character, further enhanced by the Bentley Dynamic Ride – the 48-volt advanced electric system for active anti-lock control. The first punch of its kind from Bentley. Delivering up to 1300 Nm of torque in 0.3 seconds, the generators inside the anti-rotation rods effectively compensate for the forces in the turns to minimize body rotation during difficult turns, while at the same time improving travel comfort at cruising speeds by detaching left and right wheels.

The exterior design is strong

From the glossy black radiator grille and other glossy black coatings, to the distinctive S badge on the front fenders, the new S models make an immediate and dramatic impact. The headlights and taillights are dark, while all outerwear is specified in glossy black – with the exception of the Bentley wing badge and the letters that remain in the high-gloss chrome. The arm in glossy black is based on the dark exterior. Therefore, the effect of these features is dramatic, giving the Continental GT and GTS a more solemn attitude, despite the endless choice of exterior colors with which they combine.

The S-Group comes with the option of new 22-inch five-spoke wheels, painted in glossy black and is also available in the new Pale Brodgar Satin Satin Brown color. The red brake caps shine behind the wheels for perfect sporty contrast.

A second wheel option for the S models is a 21-inch three-spoke design that combines glossy black and cut-out accents on the car, which is also unique to the S models.

Among the exterior decorations are the S badges on the front fenders, the fourth exhaust tips (in black, of course) and the black sill extensions, as shown on the Continental GT Speed.

Dramatic interior design

A dynamic and purposeful exterior design complements a gorgeous, performance-focused interior, featuring a two-color color separation pattern unique to the S models.

Going back in history in the early days of Bentley cars, competitors in Brooklands and Le Mans would have tied the steering wheel with wire for a more comfortable and stable control. But today, Bentley sports executives are getting more attention, with Dinamica’s suede-like properties, ideal for the steering wheel, shift knobs, seat cushions and S. Continental GT and GTC family backrests. Leather upholstery is used for seat pillars and door inserts, as well as for the dashboard and around the keyboard. The combination of Dinamica and the incomparable Bentley leather upholstery creates an interior that offers a sensual contrast between the soft decoration and the delicate, luxurious Dinamica coloring finish.

As for the dashboard, it also carries sporty style through performance-focused graphics like the Continental GT Speed. Bright S-style seats are with seam grooves as an option, while the S logo seam is displayed on the headrest of each seat; Embroidered Bentley wings are also an option at no extra cost. Final touches include an exclusive metal S badge on the front and illuminated Bentley sill plates with the S badge replacing the Bentley Motors Ltd. nameplate.

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