Aesthetics of wood in contemporary interiors

The uses of wood, in the work of interior decoration, are innumerable, as the noble material mentioned is easy to carve and shape, as well as is capable of decorating and heating spaces. It is true that in the world of decorative materials wood no longer occupies the first place, especially in “modern” and contemporary models, but wood does not fade and can reap admiration wherever it goes, especially with the interest of recent times. in the presence of its species, small in nodes and light in color. More about wooden decor, at information provided by interior designer Alia Bdeiri.
The use of wood material in popular decoration works has not decreased recently. The material is common in the following places, according to engineer Alia Badiri:

The wood that covers the ceiling plays a role in sound absorption (Image by Engineer Alia Badiri)
  • Spacious interior spaces, within the frame of the wall covering, as well as the production of partitions, if their designs are closed in order to achieve complete independence of the room in which they are located, or open in a way that allows viewing through.
  • “Modern” rooms, where the material covers the ceilings and decorations are designed in an attractive form, as well as absorbing sounds.
  • Interior staircase decoration.
  • Floors, noting that the covering of the latter with natural “parquet” or any other material that mimics it does not fade.
  • Furniture units, such as tables, chairs, cupboards, bookshelves …
  • Home accessories, such as vases and decorative plates, because the material is easy to carve.
  • Lighting units, especially those made of bamboo.
    Parquet floors are desirable, regardless of the style of decoration (courtesy photo of Alia Badiri)

marble and metal

Regarding the fall of wood in the field of furniture, the engineer explains that “many materials are entering the arena of furniture design recently, including: marble and all kinds of metals”, adding that the mentioned materials print the scene of modern decoration. without implying above that the presence of natural wood is declining, on the contrary, designers are working with it to simulate new desired materials, like when wood joins acrylic to make a marble-like material, because wood is cheap and practical at the same time.
As for the wooden floors, it is still desired by homeowners, because the “parquet” is in line with modern furnishing styles, as well as with classic and modern classics. Nowadays, the presence of natural teak, oak, bamboo, rosewood and walnut on the floor … In addition, it is the parquet designed from engineering wood that is affordable, and is less demanding than i belongs to maintenance.

French oaks

Finally, popular wood types include:
1 Wood with small and smooth joints, such as: French oak, which can be painted in any shade, light or dark. However, the aesthetics of French oak wood is associated with the natural light beige material, which is great to use, in a home where the white color dominates.
2 Wing wood that does not fade, as it is durable and resistant to moisture.
3 Durable walnut wood that does not fade and the latter has a light gray-brown color in harmony with modern decor. However, the engineer points out that “orange-brown wood is also desirable for floor coverings and other decorative work this year, to achieve a warmer look.”

Marble, copper and stone

Wood and marble are combined in a contemporary decor (Image by Alia Al-Budairi)

To achieve a luxurious and contemporary decor, with wood in the center, the material is combined with marble (Carrara), which leads to an increase in the value of the works, especially the cladding of part of the walls with wooden slabs and the rest with marble. , in addition to designing the TV unit according to the same style. In the above example, the decor scene looks balanced, visually.
Wood, on the other hand, is mixed with copper or other metals coated with black or gold paint to make shelves, shelves or tables, which achieves a contrasting appearance in materials and is visually appealing.
Stone and wood, two natural materials, are used together to achieve warm decorations in interiors, especially in the kitchen and living room where you prepare the chimney.

5 tips

Use of wood in the outdoor space attached to the house (photo via MAWAD, Lebanon)

Engineer Alia Badiri enumerates the following tips for the purpose of using wood in contemporary interiors:
1 Light wood (French oak and teak) is suitable for narrow interiors, such as mango wood that designs furniture (tables, in particular).
2 Dark wood with large veins gives the spaces a dramatic feel, especially in the spacious house.
3 Solid wood is more desirable to use and has longevity.
4 The combination of two types of wood, when prepared by a designer capable of the energy and color scheme of each, is extraordinary.
5 The trend towards environmentally friendly materials makes wood present in the contemporary home, with the importance of asking about the source of the material or choosing the recycled ones.

A second look at the wood
Finally, the popular biophilic design brings nature closer to interior buildings in several ways, including the use of living elements of nature, such as wood, as the material is anti-allergic, absorbs sound and manages to make interior spaces green. quieter. .

Interior Design Engineer Alia Bdeiri

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