The UAE is among the least costly Arab pilgrimages

The UAE tops the list of the cheapest Hajj costs in Arab countries, with an average of 22,000 dirhams, as the prices of Hajj campaigns in the UAE for the current year range from 19.5 to 24 thousand dirhams, in depending on the type of accommodation in the Hotel. According to the approved Hajj campaigns in the country, the cost per person, including flights, transportation, tents and food, is 19.5 thousand dirhams in a room inhabited by 4 people, while it is estimated at 22.5 thousand dirhams in a room inhabited by 3 people. . , and the cost increases to 24 thousand dirhams for a room inhabited by two people.

The monitoring by “Vision” showed a clear discrepancy in the average cost of Hajj in Arab countries and a number of factors play a role in determining the average final cost of Hajj for each country, where the most important are the exchange rate, airline tickets, type. of hotel accommodation and preferences of pilgrims.

Although the basic package for pilgrims coming from outside Saudi Arabia is limited to just 5,600 Saudi riyals, including visa fees, transportation, health insurance, food and drink within the holy sites, the cost is multiplied by 3-4 times at least for pilgrims. coming. from Arab countries.


The main reasons for the discrepancy in the prices of participation in Hajj campaigns between Arab countries is that these packages do not include plane tickets, the prices of which are currently increasing according to the type of airline and their distance from the Holy Land, in addition to booking hotels within the Kingdom, which differ in their proximity or distance from the Two Holy Mosques and the absorbent capacity of the room.

The prices of Hajj campaigns for this year season also vary between Arab countries, according to several variables, the most important of which are the increase in US dollar prices associated with the Saudi Rial against Arab currencies and the high cost of flight. , especially during the peak of the Hajj season, which varies between 15% and 20% of the cost, and the choice of pilgrims. Between packages offered by travel agencies and pilgrimage campaigns, whether simple or medium economic or luxury services.

Kuwait is the most expensive

The average cost of this year’s Hajj for Kuwaitis is estimated at 1,500 Kuwaiti dinars, which equates to $ 4,900 and may increase slightly depending on the services provided to pilgrims.

The cost includes travel and flight services, accommodation and accommodation within hotels or tents intended for pilgrims and inland transport services.

The Hajj expenses announced by the Kuwaiti Union of Hajj Campaign Owners for this year are among the highest Hajj costs in the Gulf countries, due to global and local economic conditions.

Sultanate of Oman

Hajj prices in the Sultanate of Oman range from 900 OMR to 1600 OMR, which means that the minimum amount for Hajj campaigns in the Sultanate starts at $ 2300 and prices vary according to the booking company, place of accommodation, booked flight class and other services.


Hajj trips for the current year start from 100 to 120 thousand pounds for Hajj economic trips.

Prices for the economic pilgrimage level start at .5 82,500 and go up to .5 92,500, in addition to airline tickets starting at .000 13,000 and up to .000 20,000, depending on the type of seat and the date of travel.


Hajj prices range from around 58 to 80 million Algerian dinars, depending on the type of Hajj campaign and the services provided, which means that the minimum cost of Hajj is equal to about $ 4,000 and the dinar depreciates. Algerian. against foreign currencies is the main reason for the high cost of Hajj.


The cost of Hajj for the current season is between 14 and 17 thousand Tunisian dinars, which means that the minimum for Hajj trips is about 4.5 thousand dollars, and the depreciation of the Tunisian dinar against the dollar contributed to the high costs of Hajj. in Tunisia for the current year.

Actual cost

Experts and specialists in tourism and pilgrimage travel told Al-Rou’a that the declared cost of pilgrimage campaigns is not the actual cost the pilgrim spends on performing the rituals, as he spends approximately 20% to 30% in addition. cost in exchange for gifts for his family and family, which is estimated at 3500 to 5000 Saudi riyals in between.

The head of the Office of African Pilgrim Service in Saudi Arabia, Rayan Muklan, explained that the main Hajj fees are divided into two parts: pilgrims abroad and pilgrims inside, where packages are available for any kind a pilgrim can join, pointing out the availability of a current major package for pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia, which costs Rs 5,600 and covers visa, tent, transport, health insurance, treatment and food for 6 days on Hajj and mattresses. needed by the pilgrim within the sanctuaries, but this price does not include airline tickets or hotel reservations.

He added, “As for packages for local pilgrims, they are divided into 3 packages, starting from 10,238 Saudi riyals for pilgrims to undeveloped tents, 13,238 riyals for pilgrims to developed tents and 14,737 riyals for pilgrims from that tower. Some Gulf countries treat local pilgrims and others consider contracting with foreign companies.

Muqlan noted that the price of plane tickets and hotel reservations is left to the pilgrimage campaigns responsible for pilgrims in countries around the world and Arab countries, as those prices vary on a daily basis according to supply, demand and luxury level.

Muqlan estimated that the average pilgrim spends while he is in the Kingdom buying gifts for his family from Mecca and Medina, especially from 3,500 to 5,000 riyals on average for purchases and gifts, explaining that some pilgrims spend much more than this number. .

Different packages

For his part, Ahmed Adel, one of the employees of a famous Hajj campaign in the UAE, said that 3 packages are available for UAE pilgrims, including airline tickets, transportation, tents and food .

He stressed that the cost of the first package is 19.5 thousand dirhams for accommodation in a four-room, the second package in a triple room is 22.5 thousand dirhams and the third in a double room is 24 thousand dirhams.

Exchange rates

On the other hand, Ali Salah, owner of an Egyptian tourism company, said that the main reasons for the high costs of Hajj for this season are the increase in the value of the Saudi rial, which is pegged to the dollar against many currencies, including Egyptian pounds, in addition to the insanely high prices of plane tickets as we approach the last days of the pilgrimage season.

He stressed that the prices also vary according to the preferences of the pilgrim himself from the services provided, as there are economic pilgrimage trips during which packages of the minimum number of air tickets, hotels, transport, etc. are selected, but in case the pilgrim chooses tourist packages Pilgrimage, prices vary by as much as 30% in Less Rated.

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