OpenSooq is the largest buying and selling site in the UAE

It is undeniable that the open market has become the first and best electronic platform for buying and selling in the UAE, as it offers its various and varied services in the field of buying and selling all goods easily, easily and fast, which leads to purchase. or selling with the least amount of time and effort possible, which made it the best site in the UAE.

What is the open market?
The open market is an electronic platform specializing in the field of buying and selling and aims to publish a series of marketing ads that help find a way to connect the seller and the buyer without having to pay a commission, and his vision is to enable companies and individuals to achieve the desired profit by offering good economic opportunities In addition to meeting the needs of the community and fulfilling its desires to develop it.
It is worth noting that the OpenSooq site was established in 2008, but was officially registered in 2012, so that every visitor can benefit and browse its services, therefore it is considered the best site in many Arab countries where it is spread. , as it is available in more than 19 Arab countries. , including the United Arab Emirates, as well as many other Gulf countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and others.
Services offered by the open market for buying and selling in the UAE
OpenSooq is the best website for buying and selling in the UAE for its many and varied services, which can be easily and conveniently obtained from home. All you need is a cell phone or a computer other than the Internet.
You can get the services you want by going directly to the Emirates OpenSooq website, then selecting the city or location where you want to search for buying and selling services, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, and you can select all cities, or activate the site to select Services near your site, to go to the available sections and the following are the most prominent services currently available on the site:

Car and vehicle services
If you want to buy or sell a car in the UAE; You can use the open market to help you with this, without having to waste your time looking for places or people for it, as you can publish your ad or your request in the open market, to be seen by many people from all over, and then you will be contacted to meet your needs.
Suppose you are looking Cars for sale in the UAE; You can search for it in the search box to display an infinite number of cars displayed on the site, to then communicate with the owners of the ad while you are at home and car services are not limited to sales, but go beyond that in stages like below:
● Many cars are available for rent in the UAE.
Imi Posting ads for car shows.
● Providing car maintenance services.
● Display of license plate numbers for special cars for sale or purchase.
. Offer motorcycles for sale or rent.
● Notification of spare parts for cars and bicycles, such as: tires and rims.
. Post ads for trucks, heavy machinery, boats, jet skis and car accessories.

Mobile and tablet services
If you are looking for goods or services related to mobile or tablet; Your first choice is the open market, which includes a wide range of mobile phones or tablets of various types available for sale or purchase within the UAE, which you can get easily and simply, in addition to the presence of a large number of ads for mobile phone or tablet stores that offer special offers from which you can take advantage.
But if you want to buy a special number; You can get distinctive mobile numbers for sale or purchase displayed on the site, in addition to the opportunity to get a variety of phone and tablet accessories, available at different prices to suit everyone, such as: a headset, charger , covers, and many more.

Real Estate Services
If you are looking for any property to rent, sell or buy, you should visit the Open Market, as it offers you a very wide range of properties available and spread across the Emirates; Just ask to post your ad, or ask for what you want to get as fast and as fast as possible.
If you want to live in Dubai, for example; You can go to the section Apartments for rent in Dubai To get a large number of available apartments, then choose the apartment that suits you, and they are not just apartments, but you can also buy or sell land, villas, commercial buildings, houses and resorts, or farms, and much more.

Video game services and accessories
If you are a video game enthusiast and need any merchandise or service related to it; You can use the OpenSooq website to get many of them, such as: buying or selling video games, buying cards, accessories and spare parts, stock figures, selling accounts and characters, in addition to buying or selling consoles new or used games.
Maintenance Services
You must have encountered some problems with one of the appliances in your home and have been looking for skilled people who specialize in the maintenance of these appliances, but your circle of acquaintances is narrow and you are unable to get the service. If your circumstances are like this, you do not need to worry anymore; The best people who specialize in this can be obtained by visiting the OpenSooq website and requesting the service, to receive a large number of available ads, which enable you to communicate directly with the person and receive the service, and here are some types of maintenance you may need:
. Maintenance of laptops and computers.
. Construction and contracting services.
Elektrike Maintenance services of electrical equipment.
. Event services.

animal services
If you are looking for pets for sale or purchase in the UAE; You can access the OpenSooq website to take advantage of the ads displayed, and thus receive the service, and it is mentioned that you can sell or buy a variety of animals, including: dogs, cats, birds, sheep, parrots, horses, pula. , goats, pigeons, and many more.

Home and furniture services
You can save time and effort in finding used furniture for sale by visiting the OpenSooq website. You can also sell or buy new furniture, household utensils, decorations, kitchen utensils, doors and windows and you can also get garden-related services, such as plants and trees.

Services for jobseekers
If you are a job seeker in the UAE; The open market is your best choice to get a suitable job opportunity, regardless of its type; The site offers its users many administrative, engineering, educational, legal and professional functions, which can be obtained by browsing the website only as a first step.

Hardware and electronic services
The world is currently living in a state of rapid development based on modern equipment, so the open market has provided its users with many services they may need in that area, as it includes many services and goods offered for sale or purchase, including: computers, laptops, televisions and screens Recorders, radios, receivers, loudspeakers, amplifiers, cameras, imaging services, air conditioners, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, toasters and dryers.

In addition to electric ovens, gas ovens, smartwatches, virtual reality glasses, water coolers and filters, greenhouses and water heaters, greenhouses, printers, fax machines and projectors, these devices can be new or used, and the market open includes providing spare parts for these equipment and maintenance services when problems arise.

How do you get OpenSooq services?
Dear user, if you own any of these previous services in the UAE; You can publish it in the open market as a seller and add detailed information about the product or service, in addition to the need to add ways for buyers to communicate with you. With the seller directly without the need for an intermediary and pay extra amounts.

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