Movies, video games, and metavers from Unreal Engine 5: Creating Reality at One-Third the Cost

Last April, Epic Games released the new version of Unreal Engine 5, a 3D computer graphics engine. About two years after the original release announcement, one year after it became available to developers early and 10 years after the release of its previous version, Unreal Engine 4. The latter was used in video games known as “Fortnite” and the series “The Mandalorian”, which is derived from the series “Star Wars”.

As for the new version of both programs, it is exciting because of two revolutionary technologies: “lumen” and “nnight”. These two technologies, along with other latest developments and features like “MetaHumans”, will revolutionize the world of video games, movie production and metavers, as the user will find it difficult to tell if what they are watching is real or not. computer-generated. .

Previously, making graphic films and video games was a laborious process. Manufacturing companies have to do everything separately and then mix it all into one mold. For example, making a video game or a graphic film, you have to create characters and objects with their shape and details in one program and then animate them in another program.

It also gets sounds to be used by another app. Add to this the task of illuminating that world and the characters that have been created in a way that mimics reality. These are very difficult and precise issues and require expertise that has been refined over the years. And for an excellent staff and fantastic salary.

Today, everything has changed. All previous missions can now be created in one program: Unreal Engine 5. With a small staff, miracles can be created at a third of the cost. Among the most important updates offered by Unreal Engine 5, it includes Nanite and Lumen technology, in addition to improvements in the way worlds are created and read through computers. The program also includes updates on physics, simulations and artificial intelligence:

The Nanite virtual micro-engineering system allows developers to create games with a great deal of engineering detail while watching what they produce live in real-time with no processing time, known as “rendering time” (this process took hours in days). previously), and without any apparent loss of accuracy. “In the past, the closer you got to surfaces (objects in a game or movie), the more realism collapsed,” says Nicholas Benoraden, vice president of engineering at Epic. Now, the artist can continue to sculpt and give as much detail as possible. ”

All previous production missions for animated movies and video games can now be created in Unreal Engine 5.

Lumens is the updated lighting system. It is a completely radical solution that reacts immediately to changes in appearance and light, giving artists and stylists the ability to create more dynamic scenes with greater realism (lighting is very similar to sunlight). For example, changing the angle of the sun, turning on a flashlight, opening an outside door, passing characters, or closing a curtain inside a room will cause a change in lighting and reflections very similar to what happens in reality. The thing that came to the manufacturers today, was a desperate job, as lighting a room inside a video game previously required developers to recreate the room; The first is bright and the second is dark, and the proper image is called according to the context of what the user is doing within the game.

MetaHumans allows developers to quickly create realistic people. Facial features like cheekbones, facial hair, eye color, wrinkles and many other details can be sculpted. This tool also prepares the virtual human body, which makes it easy to move around in the game. What does the technological revolution that happened in the movie and reality game industry offer?


For a digital parallel world, Unreal Engine 5 makes it easy to create cities and entire worlds. Developers can then build activities, games and experiences within them. In addition to populating it with thousands of unreal people who will be part of the experience of living within the digital world. It means that when users enter “Metaverse” through virtual reality glasses, there will be two kinds of creatures in that world: real people and semi-humans driven by artificial intelligence and their main task is to make cities and worlds to buzz with life and reality.

There are currently several “Metaverse” projects for cryptocurrencies, based on “Unreal Engine 5” technology. The three most prominent areas are:

Wilder World – WILD, launched in May 2021, is one of the most popular meta-cryptocurrencies that is expected to build a hyper-realistic virtual environment. Although the project is still in progress, there is already its very desirable NFT collection of buildings, cars, sneakers … The coin has a market size of more than 24 million dollars.

Starlink, launched in June 2021, is building a meta-interface that enables users to collect and trade NFTs and generate additional revenue in a variety of ways. The market size of this currency is more than $ 46 million.

Blocktopia – BLOK, launched in October 2021, is a Polygon blockchain based cryptocurrency. He is building the most advanced 3D metavers at the moment. Its mission is to provide an unparalleled virtual experience. Residents of Blocktopia are called “Blocktopians” and its virtual environment will allow its residents to generate revenue by participating in its economy. In addition, Blocktopia will enable users to own virtual real estate in its world, as well as prepare to release NFT suites. The market size of this currency is more than 70 million dollars.

Video games

Games that will use the massive potential of Unreal Engine 5 will not come out yet. It has been reported that it is in progress. Speaking here of a group of the most popular video games. Such as “LYRA”, “Fortnite”, “The Matrix Awakens”, “Ark 2”, “The Witcher” and “Tomb Raider”. These video games will not only be ultra-realistic, talking about lighting like sunlight, a city where the player can enter any home. Anyone who has used the “Call of Duty” game mentions that during the game there is a scene similar to a movie in which the player reaches the end of several stages.

These scenes are practically a pre-programmed video clip to be watched by the player. This is over. These were the games of the past. Today, these amazing cinematic scenes will take place in real time within the game. Previously, developers were producing this scene for the player to see because the way old technologies work did not allow such a thing. Upcoming video games will be more immersive, realistic and stunning. It’s a jump similar to the passage of “players” from Nintendo to the computer.

Unreal Engine 5 is free and can be downloaded from the GPIC website at no cost. The company says it will receive 5% of the profits of each project produced only if the profit exceeds more than one million dollars. This means that new movie and game makers will be able to create great productions without getting into debt. This would enrich the entertainment world and prevent it from being monopolized by tech giants.

the cinema industry

In recent years, the Unreal Engine has been used in major television shows, such as WestWorld and The Mandalorian. Epic says there are now more than 250 visual effects features in the program, compared to less than 12 just two years ago.

In a report for Time magazine, Aaron Sims, a director, says he uses Unreal Engine 5 to create entire projects in his home studio. Sims asks his friend to wear a costume to capture the movement and then arranges how he wants to appear in the short film. Sims explains that last year, he made an entire short film on Unreal Engine 5, entitled (The Eye: Calenthek), in just 6 weeks. While initially he had budgeted three to four months to create the film traditionally. “With traditional digital effects, when you create something, you need computer processing to see the effects you create. But now, you no longer need an army of thousands of people to create things, and you will see the result immediately. ”

In addition, Unreal Engine 5 changed the concept of purchasing manager work in the world of cinema, as during the shooting of a movie or series, a person’s job is to search for and purchase items that the production company specifically wants. Such as a car of a certain type, or a bedroom with a special character. All of these things are now on the shoulders of work teams belonging to institutions that photograph everything around us in 3D, and then put them in libraries for a cheap price. This means that the filmmaker, if he wants the main character of the film, for example, to own a certain chair, all he has to do is download it only from the library.

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