Latifa bint Mohammed witnesses graduation of Dubai’s First Design and Innovation Group

Her Highness Sheikh Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), a member of the Dubai Council, attended the graduation ceremony for the first group of students from the Institute of Design and Innovation in Dubai, who received a bachelor’s degree in multidisciplinary design, which was held at the headquarters of the Institute of Design and Innovation in Dubai. Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Her Highness congratulated the graduates, considering receiving this scientific degree, which is the first of its kind in the region, as a new achievement that increases the prospects for the development of the cultural and creative sector, while expressing her sincere congratulations. for all those successes. in using the sciences they took to make the future.

Her Highness, President of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, said: “We are overwhelmed with feelings of pride and arrogance at the moment, which marks a new bright spot in Dubai’s record of achievement and there is no doubt that the Institute of Dubai Design and Innovation, offering the first multidisciplinary design program in the Middle East of its kind, is one of the many pioneer programs that embody the emirati pioneering thought.

Her Highness added: “In pursuit of empowering the cultural and creative sector and making it a pillar of Dubai’s economy, we are always keen to create the right infrastructure, programs and institutions to embrace creators and innovators now and in it. “the future, and help them achieve development, growth and prosperity.”

Her height added: Not only at the level of the creative community in Dubai, but also in the region and beyond. The Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation reflects our successful efforts to develop the cultural and creative system in Dubai, starting with our young creators forming the backbone of the sector’s future in the UAE.

Knowledge economy

On the importance of this step, Malik Al Malik, Director General of the Dubai Development Authority and Chairman of the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, said: “Wise leadership has laid a solid foundation for a knowledge-based economy and “Essentially from these foundations was education that enables young people to face the opportunities and challenges of the future.”

He stressed that “the future is for competencies that possess design thinking concepts and applications that integrate technological solutions, entrepreneurial principles, social responsibility and the ability to make strategic decisions. Therefore, since the beginning of the institute, we have been inclined to create an academic environment that is in line with the extraordinary technological development our world is experiencing and rapid transformations that contribute to the support of the Labor Market in the region has specialized competencies that are capable of technologies and tools of the future, such as and for entrepreneurship in different sectors. ”

historical moment

Mohammed Abdullah, President of the Institute of Design and Innovation in Dubai, said: “The graduation of the first group of the Institute represents a historic moment in its journey and an important step in our efforts to develop creative sectors and contribute to the promotion of knowledge. Innovative solutions to the most salient challenges facing our region and the world at large. ”

Abdullah stressed the value and impact of design, saying: “The importance of design has become clear in many aspects of our lives, and has become indispensable in every sector and holds the keys to promising opportunities. We are proud to be an integral part of Dubai and the UAE March in the fields of innovation and creativity.Continuing our role in enabling students to possess the skills and abilities needed to meet the challenges of tomorrow, thus contributing to a more prosperous future good in all areas. “

coronation efforts

The graduation ceremony of the first group of students from the Institute of Design and Innovation in Dubai was the culmination of four years of efforts involving the development and implementation of the latest curricula and academic experiences working closely with strategic partners globally and locally, and under supervision of a group of academics specializing in the fields of design, technology and similar fields he presents.Instituti.

The ceremony included the presentation of 10 graduation projects by the group’s students, who were selected from a wide range of projects presented during the “Graduate Exhibition” organized by the Institute in the Dubai Design District over the past two weeks, for expose students’ works and ideas.

The projects included a range of works, starting with the creation of a digital art collection in the form of irreplaceable symbols (NFT figital) that will be linked to a charity through a student, with a “herbal” guide that helps children develop skills to control their emotions.

Other projects presented by the students include a comprehensive design of an application that aims to support Alzheimer’s patients from the beginning to the middle of the class through memory therapy using artificial intelligence and augmented reality techniques. The projects also included a meditation system that functions as an interactive physical therapy for children, in addition to other projects focused on perceptions of human life and plants on Mars and other innovative ideas.

A global hub for talent

The Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation is a starting point towards preparing the next generation of innovators who are able to take on the tasks of the future, thus enhancing Dubai’s position as a global hub for creative talent, especially as the Emirate is ranked first in the Middle East and North Africa region and second in the world in attracting foreign investment.According to the report on cultural and creative industries in 2021, it also attracted 233 new projects in the cultural and creative sector last year, surpassing other major cities such as like New York, Singapore and Berlin.

The Institute of Design and Innovation in Dubai offers the first multi-track design program of its kind in the Middle East. Bachelor Degree in Design includes (BDes), four specializations learned over a period of four years, namely: product design, multimedia design, fashion design and strategic design management.

The Bachelor offers students the opportunity to present and market their innovations in a way that combines academic education, the practical environment and real labor market challenges, which enhances their ability to address and solve complex, thought-provoking problems. critical and develop a high emotional level. intelligence.

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