Higher Education announces the harvest of El Alamein International University during the period 2020-2022

Dr. Issam Al-Kurdi, President of Al-Alamein International University, presented a report on the performance and activities of the university, during the period from 2020 to the first half of 2022.

The report said El Alamein International University witnessed an inspection visit by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, accompanied by Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, who included the identification of material resources available for the educational process, its absorption equipment and tools. capacity, as well as inspection of stands, classrooms, computer labs, physical labs, and faculty members’ offices.

The report showed that the university’s teaching system is characterized by reliance on interdisciplinary programs, which means that there is an overlap between different faculties, to create new study programs and specializations that meet the demands of the labor market in the future, and that the university use. lending hour system.

The report indicated that El Alamein International University has signed several cooperation agreements, including a partnership agreement with the international e-learning platform Coursera; To offer academic and educational courses, projects and seminars for university students, presented by international universities. Under this agreement, the student receives a certificate from the award-winning university and Coursera. In addition, ways to increase collaboration with the British Council delegation were discussed.

The report adds that the university signed a partnership agreement with a civil society organization that includes an alliance of a large number of global electronics and communications industry companies “ICTE”. The University also signed a cooperation agreement with the French University of Lyon 3 to launch a joint study program in the field of advertising and communication, under which the student receives a dual degree, as well as the signing of a cooperation agreement with the American University of Louiville in the field of (biological engineering, engineering and computer science), and the student will receive a dual degree, signing an agreement between Al-Alamein University and the American “Temple” for student exchange and research, and holding a seminar entered into an agreement for students, as well as the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the American University “West Virginia” to increase academic cooperation between the two parties, the exchange of students and the award of dual degrees and the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the Egyptian Care Company Health (Saudi German Hospital in K ajro); Provide professional degrees, programs and certificates in quality and healthcare management.

The report stated that the university joined the alliance of universities benefiting from student grants provided by USAID, which is implemented by the American University in Cairo and this partnership is the first of its kind for private and private universities. Smart Private Universities, which also includes the universities of (Al Galala, King Salman International and New Mansoura), and a memorandum of cooperation was signed with IBDL, the exclusive agent for the International Business License Program in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The report added that the university organized the first international conference on intelligent mobility, to discuss the latest research and development results in intelligent mobility systems and services, their problems and possible applications. The University participated in the Edu Gate exhibition on educational opportunities at universities in Egypt; Introduce outstanding programs and educational and academic services provided by Al-Alamein International University.

The report showed that the university organized several awareness seminars on entrepreneurship, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the technology of the future, a cultural symposium on the love of architecture and travel, a symposium on the concept of entrepreneurship and what it offers Egypt and its economy and development. the future according to Egypt 2030 vision and a symposium entering the International University Programming Competition Students also decorated one of the interior walls of the College of Legal Studies and the College of Business and the university organized a football league for students, field visits, and many events with the participation of students.

As part of the university’s interest in applied research, a research team from the university received funding from the Egyptian Science and Technology Support and Development Fund; To carry out a research project aimed at developing innovative systems for the early treatment of heart and kidney complications, the university’s team of students of the College of Engineering and Computer Science qualified for the next phase of the Innovation Spur competition.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid Shaira, coordinator of private universities, explained that Al-Alamein International University is one of the four private universities established by Republican Decree no. 435 of 2020 and is considered a smart university. among fourth-generation universities, and university study depends on the use of digitalization and interactive activities, and is established on an area of ​​approximately 150 hectares in the new town of El Alamein, includes 16 colleges, a central hub. library, recreation arenas, main playgrounds, a university hospital and accommodation for students and faculty members.

The University offers a range of programs during the academic year 2023-2022. In the field of engineering sciences, the university offers programs (mechatronics engineering, architecture and environmental technology, biomedical engineering in partnership with the American University of Louisville, civil engineering and management, architectural design and digital architecture, and oil and gas engineering). And in the field of computer engineering, a program is offered (computer engineering, which includes the track “integrated systems, cloud computing, high-capacity computing, cyber security” and computer engineering in partnership with the University of Louisville, and engineering artificial intelligence), and the field of computer science includes specializations (computer science in partnership with the University of Louisville). , artificial intelligence sciences, biomedical informatics ”), and advanced basic science programs including; (Molecular biotechnology, sustainable energy), in the field of pharmaceutical sciences (Clinical Pharmacy), and in the field of administrative and business sciences (accounting and information systems, marketing, logistics and supply chain management), and programs in the field of arts and design, including specializations (interior design, graphic design) .Brand building, advertising and communication in collaboration with the French University of Lyon 3), and the field of dentistry.The university also launched for the first time the public health program , which is a unique field encompassing the disciplines of (global public health, environmental health and climate change, epidemiology and biostatistics, healthcare management, health food and genetic public health).

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