Contemporary women .. Is there a role for Libyan women to play today?

Libyan women and with them the women of the countries of the liberation revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, without the women of the world, face difficult challenges, although life is full of happiness and pain, of stability and confusion, of security and fear. , and governed by the balance of human action of good and evil, Libyan women live in difficult privacy. It is painful, as the Libyan woman lives a contemporary life with her many and complex challenges and at the same time suffers from the lack of stability and security in her Libyan land, in addition to her preoccupations and responsibilities as a mother and housewife, and pressures of contemporary life, she is living the Libyan crisis and trying to penetrate her arena of political battle to contribute to the creation of hope, security and stability.

Contemporary life challenges (Sex sweets):

On the website Al-Hurra, and according to AFP, on June 5, 2022 AD, published a news about a shop that sells cakes in sexual forms. Rather, when in the name of emancipation, the family is destroyed and killed, allowing homosexuality to spread uncontrollably. Instead, gay rights laws are adopted to adopt children, and the question here is not to kill the family that creates men, women, and children, and women have the greatest emotional and emotional role. Motherhood, which is enjoyed by animals and all insects, birds and fish, has today been taken away from women under the pretext of development, modernity and the movement of the economy.

In a study conducted by the financial institution “Morgan Stanley”: “Growing its economy” with 2030 women, in Western society, aged between (25-40) and more than 50% and about 52 to 54% who are eligible for marriage will become single, so there will be investment opportunities and profit, from the utilitarian aspect of research, in egg freezing and reproduction techniques and accompanying alternatives of men, cats and dogs! And they will consider it a success for the independence of women!

It is not possible to separate Libyan women from what is happening in the world of moral decadence and moral confusion, and the misunderstanding of independence, nor from what is happening in terms of the scientific and technological renaissance. We must not forget that the oppression that women have experienced, cowardly with men, during the history of slavery and religious and social exploitation in the past had a negative impact, but these religious or social practices were somewhat limited in impact. Today, we find that what women and men of good and evil achieve is available, and technology and greedy utilitarian capitalism play to exploit everyone, especially women, according to a study by Morgan Stanley. How does a confectionery’s owner think of creating sweets in the shape of sexual organs?!.

The writer believes that the Libyan woman can not be isolated from what is happening in the world or from what is happening in Libya, which had a direct impact on the psyche of women and their social, economic and political conditions.

National challenges and experience:

Libyan society is like any society hit by waves of ideas of good and evil, but what it possesses of good can balance and create a state of equilibrium, with the reflection of the crisis in Libya. It suffices to adhere to the saying of God Almighty, when He says: “Verily, Muslims, men and women, men and women, men and women, men and women, men and women, men and women, men of patience. and women, the humble and the humble, the charitable and the charitable, the fasting and the fasting, those who guard the shameful parts, and those who mention Allah much, and those who mention Allah, He has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward. ” (Surah Al-Ahzab No. 35). With the principle of modest equality, the verse ends with the mention of God and with the mention of God, the preservation of man and woman, without shaking the character of honor.

What the Libyan woman experienced in the civil wars in which she lost her father, mother, husband, sister and son, as well as a relative, a neighbor and a friend has negative psychological effects, and even the challenge she must face can be just working to overcome the crisis and seeking its solution.

The challenges that the Libyan woman is experiencing force her to be more effective in resolving the Libyan crisis for the following reasons:

  • The complex pain experienced by the Libyan woman and the complexity of her responsibilities force her to take the lead in the Libyan crisis
  • The war conflict that men are waging will certainly make us expect that women will be better off if they intervene in resolving the crisis
  • Has experience in peaceful community work in Libyan women that can help and encourage them to work in the field of resolving the Libyan crisis
  • There is a prejudice on the part of the international community, sometimes unjustified, towards women and the solution to the crisis is not beginning to be achieved through it.
  • The experience of the Foreign Minister in the Government of National Unity and despite our opinion on the issue of removing the headscarf, she has performed her role with an calmness acceptable to the majority. And this experience is soothing

The future of Libya and women:

The writer is not surprised by limiting us to adhere to our traditions as governor, as the Lord of Glory says, “Preservers and Preservers,” and being open to the revolutions the world is going through: information, human rights. , and communication technology, Libyan women can play a leading and leading role in resolving the crisis and even take the lead on stage locally and internationally.

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