“Bit Rahma Hassan” .. Why dogs attack some people as they return

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Tuesday 07 June 2022

The artist, Rahma Hassan, through her personal account on the photo and video page on Instagram has announced that she is bleeding after being bitten by a dog.

Rahma said: “I was coming down to answer something from the supermarket next to the house, I was walking on the sidewalk and he was in a car, leaving a normal jumper. Suddenly the door opened and I found a German Shepherd dog attacking him. with all his strength.Of course I tried to run but unfortunately the dog was strong and wild and fell to the ground I tried to get up to run and his friend tried to pull him but he untied the blade and bit me. a big bite and put it in his finger in a sensitive area. “

She added: “Of course I’m scared, shocked and tired, and I have a trumpet from yesterday, and what hurt me the most is that I do not know how to act, especially since I certainly do not want the dog to get hurt. . “But I also do not want anyone to be injured, bitten or rocked on the street like me.”

And many may wonder why dogs attack some people while ignoring others, which was answered by scientists from the University of Liverpool in Britain in a study that finds people most vulnerable to dog attack.

The study concluded that there is a close link between dogs’ risk of attacking a person and his sense of fear, and his tendency to nervousness, anxiety and even depression.

The scientists published the results of their survey in the Journal of Epidemiology and Social Health, which included 694 people from the county of Cheshire in the north-west of the United Kingdom.

And from the responses of the participants it became clear that 25% of them had been bitten by a dog, and these figures agree with the results of surveys conducted in the United States.

The results of the study showed that 44% of participants survived a dog attack in their childhood, while those who had a dog at home were bitten 3.3 times more often than men and men 1.8 times more likely to be attacked by dogs than women.

Dogs often exhibit certain behaviors when they see strangers, and the dog starts barking when he sees a person, and this may indicate the dog’s willingness to attack or defend, or it may be an expression of anxiety, so what are the reasons for dogs barking? ? The answer is summarized in several points, according to the “Bright Side” page.

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1- Fear of the unknown:

The most common reason for a dog’s aggression towards certain people is simply his fear of the unknown, if the dog is not accustomed to mingling with others, and he sees a strange person holding an unfamiliar smell, and for that reason he will look at her with suspicion and start barking.

Even after a dog has been trained to socialize, he may find himself in an unfamiliar situation that makes him nervous and anxious.

There are some characteristics that dogs consider as a source of threat, as people differ from each other in size, features and the way they move and all this can scare the dog.

Among the things that can provoke dogs:

Accessories, such as hats and sunglasses, prevent the dog from seeing your face clearly.

Beards, tall people.

Some signs of body language, especially direct eye contact or sight.

Strong odors like cigarette smoke, and the dog also hates the smell of shampoo, perfume or deodorant.

2- Bad memories

When dogs notice something related to the bad memory they have, they take a protective stance towards it and therefore the dog may be afraid of some people just because their smell or appearance is associated with bad memories, and if the dog has been previously hurt or mistreated, will leave people who They remind him of those who offended him and he may lose confidence in general in those who have a specific feature.

3- Protect their owners even if there is no need for it

Dogs tend to defend their territory and their owners, especially guard dogs, so dogs can behave aggressively with anyone who enters their space, or act in a way that appears to be threatening to their owners.

Rahma Hassan is being bitten by a dog … What do you do if you fall into this situation?

4- Dogs see people as they really are

Dogs are good at judging human character and numerous studies have shown dogs ability to determine whether a person is trustworthy or not.

Dogs are always observing social interactions, are aware of how others treat their owners, and are more likely to show distrust and start barking at people.

Dogs can distinguish scents associated with feelings of fear, tension, enthusiasm and anxiety, due to the hormonal changes that accompany these feelings in our body and because of the dog’s ability to feel these different feelings; This can make him feel uncomfortable and he starts barking.

How to prevent this from happening?

To avoid this kind of trouble with your dog, you need to train him at a young age to correctly associate with others and try to gradually expose him to more smells, sounds and new people and so he will get used to it. and it will not surprise him when he grows up, and when your little dog is exposed to different experiences and experiences, he will grow up and gain more flexibility and mental stability.

But if you have a dog that barks at others, you should train it not to take defensive positions against everything around it by training it using some basic commands, e.g. sit down or calm down.

It is advisable to repeat this process until the dog learns this behavior and learns to practice it on its own.

After Rahma Hassan’s incident, how would you behave if a dog attacked you on the street?

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