Arts Dow launches first NFT collection in collaboration with artist Crystal Bishara

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According to Yahoo Finance and the Bankless Times, the UAE ranks among the top five countries in the Middle East and the world in terms of adopting non-exchangeable arguments. Art and culture are a mainstay in the Middle East, as the pace of events related to third-generation Web3 technologies and the world of “Metaverse” is accelerating. ArtsDow Foundation, which includes the largest community in the field of third generation technologies and solutions for the web and irreplaceable symbols in the Middle East, discovered: She collaborated with Crystal Bishara, the first multi-award winning artist in region for irreplaceable symbols, to launch The Ethernal Gates, its first event in the field.


Regarding the contributions of communities based on the owners of irreplaceable symbols in spreading the culture of this type of art, Anas Burton, Co-Founder and CEO of ArtsDu. A certain community meets the innate need of an individual to feel part of a family or group, this is why we created and focus on a particular community. Immutable signs are easy to display and digitally accessible from around the world, making their owners in a community the custodians of the culture that these symbols represent. A surplus that allows you to lead a luxurious lifestyle, which is part of the culture of its owners, and these symbols are a form of social currency that indicates the status of their owners in society. This means that mastering rare pieces of art or projects by iconic artists is as good as driving a luxury sports car or wearing an expensive watch.

art sales

And regarding the value of sales of works of art from non-exchangeable tokens, he points out that it is difficult to give a specific number due to the wide range covered by non-exchangeable tokens, as they are prevalent on many platforms different and different blockchain technologies. Considering sales of important works of art in the field, such as “Everyday: The First 5000 Days” that Pebble sold for $ 69 million early last year, was an important step toward adopting non-argumentative interchangeable as the dominant trading technology. In the community. Pebble was ranked by Christie’s, the auction house, in the list of the 3 Best Contemporary Artists, followed by X Coby, who was one of the first artists to adopt immutable symbols, launching in 2018 and finally sold an All-Time work. City, $ 6 million.

These figures could reach millions if the statistics include all the outstanding artists in the field, in addition to the emergence of artificial intelligence and the art of algorithms, which resulted in a tremendous cultural shift in the concept of arts within the new technique. scene.

contemporary trade

Anas explains that non-interchangeable tokens have become an important feature of creative economy culture, as the concept of non-interchangeable tokens is based on solving the main problem that still exists in the culture of creative economy in the digital world. which is calculating the advertising revenue model, the unified business model for all creative platforms, intermediary companies thrive at the expense of the creators with whom they contract without adequate compensation. Immutable signs allow artists to give up brokers and submit works of art directly to collectors, regardless of who they are or where they live, making the art circulation process easier and more comprehensive and providing a way ideal to help these artists invest their talents and skills themselves.

smart contracts

Regarding its founder’s contribution to promoting the use of Ethereum in a portfolio of companies and groups of non-interchangeable trademarks in development, Anas says: By offering the concept of intelligent contracts, the Ethereum platform offers a wide range of important opportunities in different in the region. For example, smart contracts are used in commercial real estate transactions to avoid the use of intermediaries and financial institutions to conduct transactions, finance, and incur additional costs.

third generation

Anas added: The adoption of non-exchangeable arguments in this area also raises to a whole new level in terms of transaction facilitation, which could change the way people manage their businesses or deal with digital assets. On a personal level, I have extensive experience with Fintech laws and cryptocurrencies, as well as the expertise of our ArtsDow team and our community of 3G investors and innovators on Web3. I believe we have the capabilities to help facilitate and expedite the use of Blockchain Technologies in businesses and start-ups in the region. This is part of our mission to build the largest Web 3 and non-interchangeable token community in the Middle East.

historical heritage

Regarding “The Ethernal Gates”, since combining several artistic features in a random way, Crystal Bishara confirmed that it is already distinguished by containing numerous artistic elements and is preparing a series of creative works of art that will include more than 2000 works of art. unique using the technology of irreplaceable symbols, which describe Each of them has different portals, articles and backgrounds and is randomly arranged using a specific algorithm. The gate models are inspired by the rich historical and artistic heritage with images of gates and entrances, while other elements in black and white represent symbols of different terms in the cryptographic world such as “moon” and “whale”. It is amazing how this complex and automated system can produce pieces of art that accurately reflect my vision and artistic themes.

Metaverse Kingdoms

Crystal emphasizes that collaborating with ArtsDau in promoting creative artwork gave her a rich experience that contributed to the development of my creative vision and allowed me to represent the core of the community of artists and collectors using the irreplaceable symbol technology we have worked on. together to decide. This community offers great support for the thriving irreplaceable symbolic art market in the region. The title of the series The Ethernal Gates sums up the essence of this collaboration, the name is inspired by the word Etherel which is used to describe a unique connection between a group of individuals who share the same ideas and values ​​as in the ArtsDow community. . While the word Gates, on behalf of the series and all works of art, represents an introduction to the world of ArtesDau Metaverse, and expresses the doors that the technology of irreplaceable symbols opens to the world of art and culture.

future investment

Kristal believes the immutable symbols have attracted a new audience. The public has responded to my artwork with the technique of non-interchangeable symbols in an encouraging way, bringing these works to a new market that includes a diverse group of collectors of all tastes and flavors and different tastes. budgets. These hobbyists are mainly engaged in investing in cryptocurrencies, as they were the first to realize the great benefits of using non-interchangeable sign technology in digital arts. Opening with a new audience also allowed me to display my other works of acrylic and traditional artwork, which attracted growing interest from Irreplaceable Token collectors who were not interested in works of art before.

cultural fabric

Crystal explains that she, like most artists, takes inspiration from the surrounding environment, with its effects and scenes that leave us with a special impression. I consider myself lucky because I live in the Emirate of Dubai, which is distinguished for its rich heritage and diverse cultural structure. Dubai is for me a primary source of inspiration that contributed to the enrichment of my creative career and the development of my artistic perspective. Art history and various myths are also inspirational elements in my artistic work.

global interest

Crystal confirms that digital art has come a long way until today it has reached a distinct position between audience and critique. I always emphasize in my discussions that digital art is fair and has the same artistic value as traditional art. The introduction of irreplaceable symbol technology in the art sector contributed to the emergence of digital art and to the growing public interest in it and in traditional art.

art market

Crystal explains: The digital art market is still in the process of growth and prosperity, as the global health pandemic conditions have contributed to more investors in the art sector moving to the virtual world to continue their work as the art market begins . to adapt to the need to offer an inclusive environment that includes investors of all preferences and segments, this has resulted in the emergence of a variety of digital artwork at different prices that enable those wishing to purchase digital artwork from artists developing to get them at a reasonable price. prices ensuring that their value increases over time. Digital art is superior to traditional art due to the ease of access and delivery of customer requirements of all segments, which will positively reflect on investments in the field of digital art and will contribute to breaking the traditional mold that limits the purchase of works of art to celebrities and the rich.


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