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Amon – NFT technology is considered to be one of the latest digital technologies available at the moment, and for this reason we discover that NFT has not only entered the world of economics, finance and art, but also NFT enters the world of online gambling and sports betting This is because of its importance and its overwhelming ability to meet people’s expectations in the digital world.

What is NFT technology?

We first heard about NFT technology on social media when CEO Jack DeRosi posted on Twitter that NFT is the new shift of the civilized paradigm in the world of finance, economics and art as well. The whole world turned to this tweet, especially those who are interested in modern technologies similar to blockchain technology and other similar technologies used in many sites such as online casinos, which store transactions and information in blocks that can not to be changed or lost. NFT is irreversible, irreversible or irreversible. By ‘irreplaceable’ we mean that an NFT token cannot be exchanged or exchanged for the same or equal value or size. Therefore, we can say that the benefit of NFT is not its replacement with other symbols or other things, but rather that the benefit goes beyond that. The benefit of NFT is that these digital arguments are attached to art objects that cannot be purchased in real life, such as photos, GIFs, music tracks, videos, paintings and other art objects. Therefore, the benefit of NFT is the creation of an entirely digital art that will be a source of income for the person.

How does NFT work?

NFT works with blockchain technology, which is the most modern and secure technology in today’s digital age. Blockchain technology is the presence of an endless series of transactions and information held in blocks and no person, entity or state can view or change this information and transactions or know their source, as it is automatically encrypted against any element of hacking . Based on this information, NFT is working to bring transparency to all technical items offered or purchased by one person, as they are considered an authentic digital contract.

If a person using NFT technology wants to buy or sell technical items related to NFT tokens, it should be noted that this market is very volatile just like the cryptocurrency market. There is no guarantee that the item to be purchased will spread through social media and achieve the desired benefit, and vice versa.

How is non-interchangeable NFT token created?

The process of creating an NFT is by no means a difficult process, unlike the process of creating digital currencies that require a lot of effort, modern tools and algorithms that only a professional can create. Creating an NFT depends on creating an image, file or video clip from any of the applications through which these elements can be created, provided that this element is a unique element to increase the possibility of its spread through social networking sites . Once this technical element is created and put up for sale, you need to know the blockchain that will be associated with the NFT token and then work to offer these tokens online through a small amount of Ethereum, as it is the most popular currency. used when NFT is offered for sale. Once the code goes on sale, a special offer will be placed for the code until someone decides and buys them primarily with Ethereum.

How can NFT be purchased?

The buying process is considered to be one of the easiest processes and is often the easiest process than the process of creating and selling as well. All the buyer wants to get in order for the purchase to be clear is to have a digital account and a digital wallet on one of the sites that offer the issue or at online casinos. The next step is to choose the technical market in which the buyer wants to browse, be it the music market, photos or tweets of a celebrity, and then search for this sign and buy it with digital currency, which is most likely be the currency of Ethereum.

Who uses NFT?

Anyone can use NFT, whether buyer or seller, provided the terms of the buyer or seller are met. The list of NFT users is full of celebrities, brands and sports as well. For example, the former Twitter CEO used his tweet and sold it for up to three million dollars today. MLS star Steve Curry has also paid nearly $ 180,000 for the NFT token for the Bored Ape Yacht Club project. Not only that, but many famous brands like Gucci and Supreme have launched NFT tokens and bought some of them as well and therefore have achieved NFT Sales From 2021 until today, it has reached nearly one billion US dollars and sales still continue. Also on the list are Arab artists in the field, such as Crystal Bishara, who was able to sell her artwork in less than a day, and Stephanie, a Syrian who managed to profit from the sale of her works. saj. of Art in Nifty Souk. The list is still ongoing and available to everyone.

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