A Jordanian engineer designs an innovative home decor with wood and “resin”. mix

Aman – From the trunks and branches of dried trees, the Jordanian engineer, Al-Hussein Muhammad Al-Mahamid, was able to implement interior decorations that add life and serenity to the entire house.

Resin is a chemical substance that is one of the types of rigid thermoplastic plastics. It is highly adhesive and resistant to friction and chemicals, whether acids, bases or solvents, and forms an insulating layer when it dries.

Al-Hussein works to produce unconventional artistic vocabulary that mimics the fascinating beauty of nature. Each piece has a unique history and a different style from the other pieces, especially when mixing the piece of wood with resin, which he has mastered in handling and adapting to it. extraordinary ingenuity.

Al-Mahamid held the side of his artistic passion at the expense of studying aeronautical engineering (Al-Jazeera)

Passion for nature and its vocabulary

“I love nature and all its elements … I’m talking about mountains and forests whenever I can … I also like camping”, with these words, aviation engineer Al-Mahamid expressed his passion for nature and its vocabulary.

The love for art and nature did not disappear from the heart of this young man, who 3 years ago decided to give up work in the field of aeronautical engineering at the “Queen Alia” airport and devote himself entirely to the production of artistic designs.

Al-Mahamid started the “Handcrafts” project in 2016 to market his artwork, but he was unable to sell any pieces until 2019, however, he did not lose hope that his art would see the light one day.

Innovative lighting unit created by tree branches (island)

Al-Mahamid claims that his family encouraged him early in his career to produce works of art, but they repeatedly recommended that work in aeronautical engineering and self-development not be neglected, paying attention to the hobby of designing works of art. art in his spare time. so as not to conflict with his work.

Mahamid explains: “But when my family noticed my insistence on applying interior decorations, my parents supported me by purchasing the machinery needed to do so, and my mother also sought to motivate me with her kind and compassionate. “

Part of the interior designed by Al-Hussein (Al-Jazeera)

Investing online in a positive way

Mahamid says: “As a young man I had an interest in art and nature, but I could not direct or define my talent in art and in any way, until one day I saw one of the videos of the conversion of a piece. of wood in a masterpiece, and here I began to think about how to apply unconventional handpieces. “.

He adds that he has used the mobile phone in a positive way, browsing the pages that explain and explain the basics of design and implementation, tools, materials used and all the information about it, showing that he did not feel the time during his research. , so he would spend consecutive hours without tire or boredom, so that he could access For any information he needed to place his project in the implementation of interior decorations.

Wall clock made of tree trunks (island)

goal setting

Mahamid points out that his life was fully reflected after he set his goal in designing nature-inspired interiors.

He says the “Internet gives you” important “pens, and you have to fill them with research, experience and learning, and accordingly I went to learn the basics of carpentry and how to use the tools needed to implement any parts, see production, read the characteristics of the materials and how to handle them. “

He points out that it has not been difficult to use the tools needed for manual cutting, due to studies and work in aeronautical engineering, but the uses are different for carpentry and designing wooden decors.

Side table of resin and tree trunk (island)

wood logs and resin

Al-Mahamid began to execute artistic pieces, but he deliberately did not make them traditional, but rather distinctive and striking, according to his description, as he mixed resin tree trunks, which requires precision and skill when added.

Resin is defined as a liquid resin, which is combined with a towel in certain sizes, poured into molds and hardens within about 24 hours, becoming similar to glass.

And he continues, “Resin is added when mixing its colors, pink, blue or green and others, which are” powder “colors and are added to the mass we want.

He believes the beauty of the tree trunks is proud of their resin blending, so the piece looks like a painting taken from one of nature’s charming scenes.

The art of combining resin wood produces unique pieces of art (Al-Jazeera)

Tree trunks with additives that do not change their nature

Mahamid confirms that most of the trees he buys or collects with the “safety approval”, according to him, preserve their nature, but turns them into an artistic dictionary thanks to the addition of a few threads.

He cleans and treats tree trunks before starting work, as they are usually full of dust and dirt, and takes care to dry them out of the water inside for a period of 4 to 6 months, and there are large pieces that require drying for a while. a longer time of about a year.

Innovative models for interior decoration, including main and side tables, shelves and accessories (island)

Stages of work and implementation of cutting

Mahamidi explains the stages of the work of implementing the artistic pieces by saying: “We bring the piece of wood and draw the idea in its four dimensions with its dimensions and estimate the thickness of the iron suitable for it, showing that“ there are two the types of treated wood we buy and there is dry wood from nature, which we process ”.

Among the pieces he designs are dining tables, central tables, service tables, frames, shelves, lighting units, clocks, trays, cups and plates, and intelligent and fun games like chess.

He has participated in many exhibitions and bazaars related to handicrafts and recalls that the first presentation of his works did not satisfy the public, due to the lack of recognition of the value of the work, but the period of the Corona and the stone at home. gave him and others an opportunity to learn more about the aesthetics of the art of joining resin wood.

Innovative trunk side tables that attract natural art enthusiasts (Al Jazeera)

Chess table

Mahamid describes that the pieces he produces are executed with a “spirit” and therefore attract the viewer and natural art enthusiasts.

And recently he has put into practice a “chessboard”, where he has designed it on a piece of wood with a unique craftsmanship, showing that it started with a simple idea and developed little by little, until it attracted the admiration of many followers. through his accounts in. Instagram and Facebook, and also gained nearly 11 million views through the Tik Tok app.

Mahamid adds “wax” to his technical vocabulary, which is a wax substance made from a mixture of natural and “environmentally friendly” oils and waxes that he makes himself.

He says: “I asked a lot about how to produce this substance and I used my cousin, who is a chemical engineer, to get the chemical equation,” justifying this by saying, “so that the resulting substance is not toxic, and is fit for human use, and does not harm when added to works of art, and this substance is also distinguished by preserving the piece as it is in nature.

Some of Muhammad’s works were traded abroad (Al-Jazeera)

He explains that his works have been sold in several countries abroad, including Germany, Norway, Canada, Australia, Sweden and others.

Engineer Mahamid aspires for his works to be promoted in all countries of the world and the “Handcrafts” project will become an art station for art lovers and nature lovers.

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