Who cooks the Luna Cub restaurant?

According to news from Damascus two days ago, Luna Al-Shibl, “special adviser to the Presidency of the Republic”, opened her own restaurant, which is the first Russian restaurant in Damascus. The restaurant is located on the Mazzeh highway “Building Helicopters!”, A neighborhood that is known as very expensive and this is evidenced by what was rumored about the high cost of the restaurant, from international paintings that decorate the walls, or from celebrities. Russian chefs, according to advertisements of the restaurant itself. The name of the restaurant is nash kray, which Google helps us know its meaning, which is “Our land is our land”, and is probably the most appropriate name for a Russian restaurant owned by the Special Adviser in Damascus.

As a sign of great turnout, the restaurant reservations have been closed for days and surely the customers are from the rich and famous who attended the opening ceremony. After that, it would be “interesting” to see disapproval expressions that say the minimum price for a meal is 100,000 Syrian pounds, which is more than the minimum wage. But we must remember that it is equal to 25 US dollars, and this is not a large number by international standards, which means that the problem is not in restaurant prices, but in the impoverishment of the vast majority of Syrians below the hunger line. . is that they see $ 25 as wealth.

Another disapproval comes to us: Look at the corruption funds that show up and expose their owners, to add to the irony when we recall previous TV conversations about Al-Shibli talking about the fight against corruption. In order to be truly surprised in the face of this hypocrisy, we must forget the hundreds of rich people, rich from the “close circle of power.” And before that, we must forget the astronomical numbers circulating about what is known and discovered. the wealth of the Assad family and their commercial and financial fronts. All these rich people, starting from the top of the pyramid, did not fail to teach the Syrians lessons in the fight against corruption, nor did they shame them by comparing their wealth with their own words.

We need a lot of naivety or distance from reality, or both, to think that opening a restaurant at a cost of millions of dollars, in a city full of millions of miserable people, is shocking or stunning. If this were a cause of shame, they would not get rich at the expense of millions and certainly did not plunder those assets to hide them from the eyes of the banks. They robbed him of two things, to enjoy the extravagance of spending and to invest it for more profit. And the Russian restaurant Luna Al-Shibl achieves both goals, as it is a good investment for it, and a luxurious place to spend indispensable for those rich people who want places to enjoy the wealth they looted, especially if we take into account the internationals. sanctions imposed on Assad’s authority, which prevent many people from enjoying their wealth in resorts and restaurants abroad.

To be fair to the Special Prosecutor; It’s a rewarding project in its place and time, not just because of the sanctions factor. Her choice to be a Russian restaurant is more intelligent than it seems to make Russian flattery at first glance. There is no doubt that a place that “hosts” thousands of Russians should have a restaurant frequented by those who are nostalgic for restaurants of their country. and their alienation can be facilitated by eating a meal at a restaurant named Our Earth.

It is certain that not all Russians are able to go to an expensive restaurant, at least regularly, that is, entry into it will be the preservation of their executives. This is another advantage of the restaurant, as the rich generally do not like to go to places frequented by the public. On the other hand, a large part of the Russians present are from the army and it is customary for those with high ranks to go to places where those with low ranks can not enter, in order for the senior officers to maintain their prestige and hierarchy. their military.

So the chancellor’s restaurant is supposed to attract two segments in the first place, the category of senior Russian officers and advisers, and with them perhaps senior diplomats from the embassy’s permanent staff, or those who have become residents as envoys of a case or another. The second segment consists of those in power themselves, and in particular those seeking to build relationships and partnerships with their Russian counterparts, or to buy Russian influence to gain privileges.

The restaurant can be frequented by some of the art stars, which gives it a useful diversification in terms of covering the activities of the main pioneers for whom the restaurant was created to cook for them, or for them to come to it and to cook in its tables their trade and financial agreements. Restaurants have always been among the favorite places to make deals, and in this case the chancellor presents the place that should exist for local and Russian parties, so that they can meet or get to know each other away from official channels and make corruption deals that will late pass through those channels.

We do not know if the Special Adviser has intelligently chosen the right idea at the right time. What is certain is that the relationship between the ruling Russian mafia and its counterparts from al-Assad’s authority has begun to branch out due to interference Russian in many respects. of al-Assad’s economic and administrative authority. That is, it is no longer limited to the highest levels, or to the military and intelligence aspects. The truth is that there is nothing better than opening a Russian restaurant to meet new and future needs for which glasses of vodka will be raised at the party.

The local mind may not readily accept the Chancellor’s initiative, and some loyalists may find it inappropriate for her position to associate her name with a restaurant. But if we go to the “top” model, we will see the international fame that the title “Putin’s cook” gained and is the latter’s arm to intervene in many countries through the Wagner militia that is associated with him. means that the kitchen, as much as it is a path to the mind and heart, is also a path to Activities are much broader and more dangerous than the kitchen itself, and there is no doubt that the mind that opened a Russian restaurant in Damascus knows well the example of “Putin’s cook” and the perspectives he opens.

The chancellor deserves praise for her leadership and it is okay that local customers will find it difficult at first to learn Russian dishes, who will most likely associate the term Russian restaurant in their minds with only caviar and vodka. There will be no name-like difficulties, as it is the custom of the wealthy in power to prefer foreign names because they are only foreigners and other Russian clients deserve to be congratulated while having dinner on their “land”.

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