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before sunset. The view is gorgeous, the sun sheds the last light on the harbor, the small boats are ready to sleep and the seagulls jump in the harbor sky, happy with their livelihood. The fishermen are happy, they will return to their young today and keep a good amount of fish, to make up for the previous poor days.

One of the fishermen noticed that large shell crashing into the side of his boat, a large sea turtle, he tried to pull it out of the water, but was stunned when he saw it stuck in a plastic bag.

Before rescuing him, he decided to photograph him and publish the photo to the world, but unfortunately a second and third turtle followed, so he asked his colleagues to help the turtles get rid of their plastic bags that the ships thrown into port. and then that turtle became the icon of “marine pollution,” and the call to save the turtles and life was made. Marina has also been called to save her whole life, so the alarm should sound.

what if?

What if we all woke up in a world without the sounds of nature? The murmur of murky waters from the mountains, the murmur of the roaring sea and the merry seagulls, the roar of fish and migratory birds, the roar of elephants in the forests of Africa, the roar of turtles and dolphins in the harbors.

What if we wake up? We found ourselves losing the rest of our humanity, mutants walking on two legs, our being lacking the sense of beauty and feelings and nature has lost the last green space in which the world breathes.

We have to wake up before it’s too late, technology is constantly invading our lives, making us not pay attention to the smallest details. your fingertips at the click of a button United Nations through its most powerful environmental support activity: World Environment Day.

world environment day

This day aims to motivate all the inhabitants of the earth To live in harmony, harmony and harmony with nature, the United Nations has adopted June 5 as World Environment Day, and it is organized each year by a host country, where official celebrations are held and an interesting theme is chosen to stimulate . environmental awareness and highlighting environmental issues.

“We have only one land” is the theme of this year’s World Environment Day, and it’s the same slogan as the 1972 Stockholm Conference, which resulted in the creation of the United Nations Environment Program and the June election. 5 as a day of global celebration.

The same logo will be returned Fifty years later due to climate change, our planet is endangered by pollution and debris.

Between luxury and comfort

Today we are paying the price for our neglect of our planet, unable to restore quality of life among the concrete blocks that suck the road, in the form of excessively irrational buildings and seas polluted with oils and plastics, disease, war and cutting, all of these are bad behaviors that have led to the deterioration of nature, which leads to frustration and a sense of our limitations, and our failure to preserve our environment.

Therefore, some countries have turned to multi-tool solutions to conserve our planet’s lost energies and have turned to smart solutions to design a better future, and to give us comfort and enjoy everything that is available in a way that does not hurt. our lives, and does not make us self-motivated. The trend in some countries is now studying how to conserve its energies in many ways, represented in the smart use of energy in many ways, such as smart homes, building which differs from the predominant ones. one, according to the materials used, and the cheapest is wood, the most available building material because it comes from a renewable source and is environmentally friendly and consumes ten times less energy than other building materials, and does not differ in construction or design from ordinary houses, with the exception of its infrastructure. somewarns its occupants of many variables occurring inside or outside the home, for example, a smart home can predict outside temperatures and power outages, and can lower curtains if the weather is hot and can also increase ventilation in areas interior, and can turn on the heat if it is. The weather is cold and he tells the landlord that his food is spoiled in the fridge and alerts him to fires and more.

The term smart home does not mean that the house itself is smart, but rather the appliances that make up the home and the main feature in these homes is that wood absorbs excess moisture from the indoor air and when the air becomes dry, it. restores moisture, this unique ability of wood reorganizes the balance of moisture, making it very suitable for children, allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and the color of the wood positively affects the psychological state, and calms the nerves.

Not every house is made of wood, we can call it an intelligent house if it does not meet a basic condition, which is that its electricity and energy consumption does not exceed 40%, and if this condition is met here, we can call it “House of smart “.

This is an advantage that we can not neglect near all the many advantages of smart homes, as we always need homes that require less care and save us effort. And alarms work together in perfect harmony, if someone tries to steal the house, and they work to stop this theft, and also save time completely, if night falls, they will automatically lower the curtains and raise them when come breakfast.

Smart homes also save a lot of money, they depend on energy savings, so there are no lights that turn on unnecessarily and no appliances that stay on when not in use.

Smart homes are not only limited to control devices, but also make our lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. Adopting this emerging strategy, which conserves energy and the environment, will change the present of these turtles so that they can return safely to safe harbor.

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