Tourism in Riyadh and the best hotels

Riyadh is a Gulf capital with international standards. At first glance when you come to Riyadh, you will be amazed by the tall skyscrapers, the multi-lane highways and the luxury apartment complexes. Riyadh offers its visitors all the elements of ideal tourism, as it features colorful green parks, international shopping malls featuring the most famous international brands and high quality entertainment centers, including amusement parks, water parks and much more. Dining places are also of a special character in Riyadh, here you will find branches of the most famous international restaurant chains from all cultures, in addition to elegant cafes with creative decorations and a very special atmosphere.
As the most important component of any tourist city, Riyadh hotels offer a variety of accommodations, including hotel apartments, luxury suites, rooms, etc. There are hotels for all budgets and levels with an abundance of 5 star rated hotels to welcome the smart clientele of business and investors. Travel enthusiasts and tour bloggers can also find beautiful rooms at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Riyadh that every tourist should visit.
Kingdom Tower:

This tower is the icon of the city of Riyadh and its most famous tourist attraction for tourists coming to visit Riyadh. This beautiful tower is more than 300 meters high and has an amazing design that is worth exploring and thinking about. You can take souvenir photos outside the tower and then go to the viewing bridge, which is located at the top of the tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Riyadh. The viewing bridge is made of transparent glass, which allows you to view Riyadh without obstacles and take wonderful souvenir photos with the sunset. After that, we suggest you walk through the mall inside the building, which offers you an amazing shopping experience through more than 100 stores of the best international brands of jewelry, watches, accessories, clothing and shoes for all tastes. You can also take a short break in the dining area and enjoy a delicious meal of your choice.
National Museum:

What do you think now about a dose of history and heritage? The National Museum in Riyadh is the best place to learn about the history of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula from prehistoric times to modern times. Sculptures, documents, mosaics and historical objects are presented in chronological order, making it easy for you to understand the history of the region between professional lighting and exquisite design, both inside and out. Here you will discover the ancient history of the region, which stretches back to ancient times, where strong civilizations were created, leaving behind traces uniquely preserved.
Peace Park:

Al Salam Park is the destination for family, friends and visitors to the city of Riyadh to spend a pleasant time amidst the greenery that lies within the eyes. This park is divided into many sections such as the area of ​​1000 palm trees, the reserve, the lake area and others. This park lies on a large area with green areas with natural grass, hiking trails, seating areas and carefully decorated trees. There are also large areas with colorful flowers that give the place a special charm. Not only that, the large artificial lake offers excellent seating in front of the water to enjoy the fountain dance performances with interactive music and special light performances. The palm area also offers a lush oasis with hundreds of palm trees, amidst green spaces and chairs to sit on to hear the tranquility and splendor of the place. The reserve is also a great place to explore with the kids, where they will get to know many animals and birds.
As mentioned at the top of the article, Riyadh offers special hotels for all budgets and tastes. Now let’s get acquainted with the best hotels in Riyadh according to customer ratings, facilities and location.
Fairmont Riyadh Hotels:

Fairmont Riyadh is a hotel that newly opened in Riyadh in 2018 and features spacious rooms that include a desk, TV screen, bathroom amenities and more. Fairmont Riyadh is also known for its privileged location in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood, close to many important landmarks in the city such as King Fahd Airport and the famous Granada Mall. A full breakfast buffet is provided and the reception desk offers all customer requests for organized city trips.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel that offers its guests all the amenities and recreation in the Diplomatic Quarter, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Riyadh. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will be impressed by the unique interior décor with arched gates, spacious lobby and intricate details. Distinctive hotel rooms and suites are available here overlooking the pool and garden. Get a comprehensive treatment at the spa center and sauna room and visit the garden and outdoor terrace offering comfortable tables and seating area with various drinks.
Hotel Vivienda:

Hotel Vivienda Villas is a great place for family accommodation, as it offers luxury villas with a wide area of ​​up to 300 square meters, equipped with all the amenities of comfort and relaxation. Each Vivienda villa has 3 bedrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen equipped with all necessary appliances and an outdoor patio with a comfortable seating area. You can eat a barbecue meal with family and friends and enjoy the peace and comfort and exchange holidays. If you are looking for a place to eat, Restaurant Mesa offers you elegant poolside seating with a varied menu of local and international dishes.
Hotel Narcissus, Riyadh:

Narcissus offers everything you could ask for in a 5-star hotel. The hotel is located in the heart of Riyadh’s financial and business district, at the intersection of the famous Olaya Road with Tahlia Road and near the Kingdom Tower, Riyadh’s icon. When you arrive at the hotel, you will be impressed by the unique European design and elegant décor of the rooms, which are equipped with a small fridge, a large-screen TV, a bathtub, a shower, a seating area and a comfortable sleeping bed. . Hotel Narcissus has many places to eat, but the most convenient place for dinner is the restaurant on the upper terrace, which offers amazing panoramic views of the Riyadh skyline, with a varied cuisine menu including grills and delicious local dishes. If you are looking for a unique time to relax and get rid of anxiety and tension, do not hesitate to take a Turkish or Moroccan bath with a steam room, sauna and spa center that offers you healing and comfort.
Marriott Business Center:

This hotel represents the luxury of the Marriott International hotel chain, and the Riyadh branch is a masterpiece of design beauty and quality service. This lovely hotel is complete in every aspect, with an outdoor pool, a beautiful garden with seating areas, children’s play areas, numerous playgrounds, free parking and an outside terrace for your favorite drink. This is truly a complete hotel offering spacious rooms with seating, TV screen, Jacuzzi, toiletries and much more. For sports fans, there is a fitness center with the latest sports equipment, with a car rental desk and an ATM inside the hotel. You will have a luxurious and cozy stay while you are in this extraordinary hotel. You can contact the reception at any time, which operates 24 hours a day to provide all the comfortable accommodation conditions for you and your family. The location of the hotel is an ideal place to go to the various tourist attractions of Riyadh, which are located a short distance from here, you can also request a tour organized by the hotel’s customer service.

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