They have space scientists..and my heart, do not be sad

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The American space company, Orbital Assembly, has revealed that it will open its first luxury hotel in outer space by 2025.

This futuristic concept was first introduced by the American Gateway Foundation, and was renamed Von Brown Station.

The station includes several units connected by elevator shafts to form a wheel that rotates around the ground.

And it wants to launch two satellite stations to accommodate tourists, within five years from now, and the project will not be dedicated to the creation of two holiday hotels, but will also extend to work offices.

The project is currently being implemented by Orbital Assembly Corporation and it has been decided to open the Voyager station in 2027 – which is the new designation of the base project – with a capacity of 400 people, while the new Pioneer station is expected. be equipped, which can accommodate a total of 28 people. , to be habitable in 2025.

The company stated on its website that the Pioneer station will be the first habitable platform capable of delivering artificial gravity, offering unprecedented opportunities for long-haul spaceflight.

It is worth noting that what the American company is doing is a unique experience, as it is active in building the first space hotel floating above the Earth’s atmosphere.

Hotel plan designs show that the interior design will not change much from luxury hotels on the ground floor, but with some scenic scenes unknown in our world.

Despite the high cost of space travel tickets at the moment, the company confirmed that space tourism will not be limited to the rich, and he said: “We are doing our best to make space travel accessible to all, and not just for the rich. ”

Reports have indicated that the cost of the trip will be $ 5 million per person for 3 days.

On the other hand, as reported by news agencies at the end of last May, the race between the American space agency “NASA” and the company “SpaceX” over who would be the first to send the first astronaut to Mars.

After NASA announced it would send its astronaut to Mars by 2040, SpaceX, owned by US billionaire Elon Musk, reiterated that it would precede its competitor in sending the first astronaut to the Red Planet.

The massive, reusable Starship rocket being developed by SpaceX will take the first settlers and secure their supplies to Mars.

Currently, SpaceX is scheduled to conduct an unmanned mission to the lunar surface in 2024 and then send the first humans to the Moon after completing the Apollo program in 2025.

If all of the above are successful, SpaceX is ready to send a spacecraft to Mars. The first flight is likely to be unmanned and equipped only with equipment, including the tools needed to begin building an initial base on Mars.

It is reported that the last period of rapprochement between Earth and Mars in this decade will be in late 2028 and early 2029. To fulfill Shotwell’s promise, the first human expedition to Mars must leave Earth through that window.

This bet, observers say, could have been catastrophic for Elon, Musk and his company if any disaster struck, but if it had been successful, Musk would have made history.

«Source: Escorts – Emirates Today Date: May 24, 2022»

As Japan plans to build a space elevator, and while all Eastern and Western scholars are busy eliminating “Corona” and their success in eliminating diabetes, we find fatwa scholars busy with a million fatwas that have been spent and pursued. with millions of dollars.

Some still believe in the accuracy of what some fatwas people said about denying the Earth’s sphericity and the Earth’s rotation around the sun within the solar system, which is one of billions of groups in a galaxy, which is one of the billions of galaxies in the universe that expands every minute we live and breathe.

Here is a report released by Al Bawaba on Saturday, February 9, 2013, and the authors of the fatwas were still alive at the time and no one objected:

To say that the sun is fixed and that the earth is round is a terrible and reprehensible saying, and whoever says that the earth rotates and the sun does not set, he has committed kufr and lost his way, and they should repent to you.

This is a fatwa among the fatwas of Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, which was published by the General Presidency of the Departments of Research, Ifta ‘, Calls and Guidelines in Riyadh in 1976 to keep the doctrine of innovation alive.

And Shaykh Ibn Baz issued a fatwa with disbelief and abandonment from the sincerity of the astronomers’ claims in their statement that the earth rotates. In his research presented to the General Directorate of the Departments of Research, Ifta ‘, Calls and Instructions in Riyadh “in 1402 AH – 1982 AD” he criticized the evidence of the stability of the earth, on which the views of ancestors, such as Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Kathir, and Ibn al-Qayyim were criticized unanimously; This is the first evidence, but the strange thing is that they contradict the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger, and this is their condition.

He pointed out that he was among the people who watched with his eyes and eyes the flow of the sun and its flow in its east and west before the light of his eyes went out when he was under twenty years old, and stressed that the roof of the sun did not is spherical as many deviant scholars claim, but rather is a dome with legs held by angels, and is above. the time in each country would be the same and does not change.

Ibn Baz also concluded that “if the earth were to rotate as they claim, places, trees and rivers would have no place to live and people would have seen the Moroccan places in the East and the eastern places in the Maghreb and the qibla would have changed among the people; “Because the rotation of the earth requires changing directions for countries and continents, it is that if the earth were to rotate actually, people would feel the motion as they feel the motion of ships, planes and other large vehicles.”

Ibn Baz described the Muslims who believe in the roundness of the earth that they follow every whore who wants to destroy the faith of the Muslims and that they are far from using their minds and that they gave their guidance to others, so they became like animals brutal after losing the advantage of reason !!

So is this world, they have scholars who are busy with science, space and the treatment of people, and those who call themselves scholars that we have, are busy with fatwas and deny knowledge, and God has a job in creating it .

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