Higher Education announces the harvest of King Salman International University 2020-2022 .. Know the details

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hamid Shaira, Chairman of the Board of Directors of King Salman International University and Dr. Ashraf Hussein, President of King Salman International University, presented a report on the activities and events of the university during the period from 2020 to the first half of 2022.

The report showed that Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, witnessed the signing of many cooperation protocols with a number of prestigious international universities. The Minister witnessed the signing of three cooperation agreements between King Salman International University and (IMC) University of Applied Sciences in Austria; To receive dual degrees in tourism and hospitality, and a collaboration protocol with the University of South Carolina, USA; Aiming to increase academic, scientific and cultural cooperation between the two universities.

The report showed that King Salman International University started its work in its two branches in the cities (Ras Sidr and Sharm El Sheikh) during the academic year 2020/2021, then the university branch in (Al-Tur) merged to work during the year academic year 2021/2022, and the university also established a center for consultation and capacity building in the areas of work of the university, and the university receives funding for many research projects from local and international bodies in accordance with the strategic plan. for university research.

The report added that the university signed a number of cooperation protocols with many institutions, including: the new Sharm El-Sheikh Museum; To support scientific, research and application collaboration for faculty students (tourism and hospitality, art and design, language and applied languages ​​and architecture) at the Sharm El-Sheikh University branch and the Misr El Kheir Foundation to provide scholarships for students in various fields of the university, as well as the signing of cooperation protocols with the National Bank of Egypt, the Bank of Cairo and the Egyptian Agricultural Bank; To support scholarships in strategic scientific fields, as well as the signing of cooperation protocols with the Desert Research Institute and the Egyptian Forum for Sustainable Development.

The report noted that the university had signed a quadripartite agreement between and large industrial companies; With the aim of providing training opportunities and grants to students of King Salman International University and other private universities, to keep pace with the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions, in addition to signing a cooperation agreement with the Global Magruhill Educational Foundation.

The report dealt with the organization of many events and conferences of King Salman International University, including: the organization of an art exhibition for the Interior Architecture Program, a graphic exhibition featuring works by students of the College of Art and Design and the organization of an exhibition on stereochemistry and its relationship with the pharmacy The World Health Organization, organizes a cycling day from the university headquarters in Sharm El-Sheikh to the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum.

As part of its interest in student activities and sporting events, the university hosted many activities, including: cycling and football matches, the King Salman International Chess Championship, and trips to Cairo’s historic landmarks. The University also participated in the Edu Gate exhibition during the two academic years (2020-2021) and (2021-2022), honoring distinguished university students and participating in the organization of electric car rallies in Sharm El-Sheikh.

In terms of participation in cultural activities and participation in various scientific conferences, students participated in the e-waste management forum for university youth and organized the International Arabic Language Day in order to preserve and support the Arabic language and identity, and its improvement. positioned among the languages ​​of the world and participated in the “first student conference of the College of Dentistry” at the University of the Suez Canal, organizing a series of seminars on (the occurrence of earthquakes and their causes, how to protect buildings from them and reduce their risks, diseases associated with bird flu, modern trends in field irrigation systems for sustainable sustainable agriculture, the development of vaccines and technologies used for their production and display of art), and the organization of many awareness events and professional cultural. ; To support the community of South Sinai, especially in the cities of Ras Sidr and Sharm El Sheikh, and to organize scientific conferences on sustainable development and agriculture in desert areas, as well as climate change, and to participate in specialized scientific conferences local and international.

The university is considered one of the four private universities that were established by Republican Decree no. 434 of 2020. The University is located in the Governor of South Sinai and includes three branches in the cities (Al-Tur, Ras Sidr, Sharm El-Sheikh), noting that King Salman International University is the first smart university in Sinai that seeks to offer distinct academic and professional programs, aiming to prepare qualified human resources to meet the needs of the local, regional and international labor market.

The University offers a number of distinguished programs during the academic year 2022/2023. In the field of engineering sciences, the university offers programs (architectural engineering, electronic and communication engineering, energy engineering, mechatronic engineering, construction engineering and management) and the field of computer engineering includes programs (computer engineering, which includes: tracks). “integrated systems, cloud computing, high performance computing, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence engineering), and the field of computer science includes programs (biomedical computing, computer science and includes:” big data analysis “tracks, computer vision, software engineering “, artificial intelligence sciences The field of technological industries includes programs (technology of refrigeration and air conditioning industries, technology of production of production lines, technology of production of precision equipment) and the field of basic sciences of advanced includes programs (molecular biotechnology, petrochemistry), desert farming field (plant production program in desert areas), Pharmacy program), Veterinary Medicine (PRNA) Field of veterinary medicine), field of nursing (program of nursing science), the field of administrative sciences and business for includes programs (investment and finance, accounting and information systems), and the field of applied languages ​​includes programs (English translation and interpretation, German translation and interpretation), and the field of tourism and hospitality (Hotel and Resort Management Program ), and the field of Arts and Design includes programs (interior architecture, graphic design and brand building).

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