Hackathon “Future Pioneers” by Sheraa .. 100 Innovative Supply Chain Strategies

Sharjah: “Bay”

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) honored the three winning teams in the “Pioneers of the Future” hackathon, which was organized in collaboration with the Communications Regulatory Authority, the Digital Government and the Sharjah Youth Council from June 3-5, with the participation of more than 500 competitors, 100 of whom managed to reach the finals.
Hackathon won first place for the Targo project, which is a website project backed by augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies that allows small companies to take over international shipping space and carry out purchases and customs clearance operations in an innovative electronic way.
In second place, he went to the “Revo IoT” project, which aims to integrate images after processing, scanning incoming stocks via digital cameras, while artificial intelligence helps predict demand for goods, through an internet-connected system. Things (IoT).
Third place went to the Suppliaza project, an application that aims to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) techniques to bridge the gap within the food supply chain between companies (B2B) while maintaining accountability and sustainability. . All winning projects aim to integrate sustainability practices across value chains, to ensure resilience and preserve the environment.
The three winning teams managed to reach the podium at the Hackathon Future Pioneers, after a strong race with a group of innovators who presented innovative ideas based on the use of modern and advanced technology to find practical solutions to build flexible supply chains . The winning teams were distinguished using the “design thinking” approach to transform ideas into working prototypes and come up with practical solutions to meet the needs of the modern era regarding supply chains. The winning teams will receive a total prize of 50,000 dirhams, to support their projects and contribute to their implementation on the ground.

Generate a spirit of innovation

For her part, Najla Al Midfa, Executive Director of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa), said: “By finding new solutions to important issues, Future Pioneers Hackathon reflects the entrepreneurial potential and spirit of innovation among young citizens and the skills of leading them to build a promising future. In partnership with the ICT Development Fund and the Sharjah Youth Council, Sheraa is committed to exploring and investing in talent, offering creativity incubators that support the talents of students and young people, contribute to finding innovative and sustainable technology-based solutions modern and help build strong economies. ”
Al Midfa noted that the hackathon provided a platform for Emirati youth to develop creative solutions through a unique human-centered approach. Expressing its optimism that some of the most important and largest ideas in the world will be born and exported to the world from our region, emphasizing that we will continue to utilize all the necessary skills to enhance the skills of the next generation new in development and design. practical products, services and mechanisms to improve the lives of communities everywhere.

The skills of the new generation

On the other hand, Engineer Omar Al Mahmoud, Executive Director of the Communications and Information Technology Development Fund at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government, said: “We are pleased with the results achieved through the” Pioneers of the Future “hackathon. this project, which represents a joint effort between the Fund for the Development of Communications and Information Technology and (Sheraa).) These results have proven that the younger generation has the ability to analyze reality and identify problems, and can assimilate the latest findings of science, address them and use it to provide innovative solutions to the challenges facing our society in various fields, and we at the Fund are committed to supporting all initiatives and projects that will develop the competencies of young people and their empowerment in the framework of the process of digital transformation and achieving the visions of the country and sustainable development objectives. ”
Al Mahmoud stressed the importance of such gatherings to stimulate the spirit of innovation and creativity in young people and added: “Our society is full of new creative energies and it is our responsibility to motivate and direct these energies. in the interest of the UAE community, and we will work for closer cooperation and partnership with (Sheraa), to activate more initiatives and projects that increase our investment in young people, who are the wealth of of our country. “

Promote creative thinking

For his part, Eng. Fahad Al Zarooni, a member of the Sharjah Youth Council and CEO of Xdrone, said: “Hackathon is in line with the UAE strategy, which aims to build a generation of young entrepreneurs; The event focuses on increasing the creative thinking, work spirit and challenge among the participants, which contributes to the development of skills and experiences that play an important role in designing practical solutions that are applicable in the field.

5 phase

The first day of the hackathon proved the familiarity of the participants with the “Design Thinking” approach, which is based on 5 main phases, namely analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation, in addition to building competitive teams. Participating teams were able to identify the needs of the target users and follow the Creative Thinking method to arrive at innovative solutions, come up with prototypes and test solutions to verify validity, feasibility and achieve the desired goals.
During a presentation organized at the end of the three days of training, each team made a 3-minute presentation of their project, followed by two minutes of questions and answers from the trial panel consisting of Sheraa member entrepreneurs, Dina Al Hashemi, founder of Sxill, and Omar Bin Brik, founder of “Foloosi”, Aisha Al Falasi, Senior Technical Officer of Project Incubators in the Information and Communication Technology Development Fund at the Communications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government, and Lina Hamdan, Partnership Manager at (Sheraa).

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