Details of “Gate Travel Expo 2022” to introduce the sport of “Sky Diving”

Today, Monday evening, at the Presidential Palace of the Dome, from 6 to 9 September 2022, were held for the first time the activities of the conference announcing the details of the exhibition “Gate Travel Expo 2022”, with the participation of many official bodies and international companies under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

The conference started with a tour for the participants at the Presidential Palace of the Dome Museum, a documentary film on the most prominent tourist destinations in Egypt was shown and the sport “Sky Diving” was introduced.

A number of representatives of relevant ministries, authorities and authorities confirmed that Egypt intends to attract inbound tourism and make a real leap in the number of tourists, organizing the first International Tourism Conference in Egypt, next September, in cooperation with Skydive , which is the only company in Egypt specializing in air sports.

In his speech, the head of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Amr El-Qadi, said that Egypt is a tourist country that deserves a greater presence on the world tourism map.

Al-Kady stressed that the first international tourism conference in Egypt will be an important event that will effectively contribute to the revival of tourism and attract more tourists to the country, noting that specialized tourism events push the tourism sector and we need success. of conferences “GTE2022” to be a forum for all workers and stakeholders in the tourism sector in the world.

El-Kady noted that Egypt has many archeological and tourist treasures and we need many exhibitions to suffice the treasures of Egypt and we have not had any tourist events that will invite the world to participate.

El-Kady stressed that Egypt has the necessary tourism potential to be the first tourist destination in the world and the conference is an opportunity to increase business opportunities and investment in specific tourism services and products.

The head of the Tourism Promotion Authority called on all state agencies to participate in the exhibition activities, to attract more tourism to Egypt, as it is one of the most important sources of state revenue.

For his part, the great archaeologist Zahi Hawass expressed his happiness for participating in Gate Travel Expo 2022 for its importance in promoting tourism and antiquities in Egypt.

Zahi said in a speech through “zoom” that the conference is the first of its kind in Egypt and if the conference succeeds next September, it will have a major impact outside Egypt (will be widely heard abroad).

Hawass noted that archaeologists offer free advertising to tourism through new discoveries and Egypt’s celebration with the world on November 4, 2022, the 100th anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, can not be ignored, stressing that the event should be used . well because it is the greatest Discovery that has happened in human history so far because of what it contained the cemetery, which are 5398 artifacts, which will be displayed at the opening of the Grand Museum at the end of the year.

Hawass stressed that archaeological discoveries have an important role to play in restoring cultural tourism and that the success of the conference is important, especially in light of the new discoveries that will be announced in the coming period.

Amr Aboul-Enein, head of the holding company for EgyptAir, said that there is support for the conference from the Ministry of Civil Aviation and that all Egyptian airports are ready and willing to receive the large number of guests expected to attend the conference. activities, explaining that Egypt deserves the success of this conference and its activities.

Dr. Dalia Tawadros, Assistant Minister of Public Business Sector for Technical Affairs and Continuity, said that the ministry is proud to belong to Misr Tourism Company, which has license no. 1 in the field of tourism, emphasizing that the organization of the Conference “Gate Travel Expo 2022” will coincide with the new tourism programs for unconventional monuments in Egypt, especially since Egypt has many areas that Egyptians themselves may not know and deserve to promoted globally.

GTE2022 is the largest conference and trade fair in Asia, the Middle East and Africa and will be more important than any other year in promoting tourism through our major travel trade fairs in Egypt.

The conference and exhibition promotes the tourism and travel sector, increasing business opportunities and investment in specific tourism services and products, and is organized with the participation of government institutions and bodies, local and international tourism companies, as well as the travel and tourism sectors. providing an important platform for strengthening tourism relations, resources and cultural exchange.

The event brings together many international tourism boards, national and regional tourism institutions, airlines, tour operators, travel technology providers and travel agents, and aims to meet the unprecedented growth of tourism in Egypt.

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