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Gold has attracted the attention of people since ancient times and has been used in many fields, even taking place in the field of cooking.

In this report, the Turkish site “lezzet” indicates whether it is possible to take gold and add it to food and beverages.

Can gold be eaten?

According to scientists, eating gold is completely safe. It is said that taking 0.2 grams of gold per day removes toxins from the body. Gold is used in the field of decoration, especially in luxury restaurants and is consumed on many continents, especially in Europe and America. But instead of eating gold directly, it is recommended to consume edible gold leaf.

What is edible gold?

Edible gold is a form of gold that is presented as powder or leaves. The history of gold leaves goes back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, who used it to decorate their tombs.

Gold has been used in food and drink in the Far East – especially in Japan – for centuries. Its use reached Europe in the mid-16th century.

Since its consumption has spread in this way, restrictions have been set to use only a maximum of two dishes at a meal, so as not to deplete the gold resources.

During the Renaissance, Paracelsus developed several medicines by mixing different metals. Studies have shown that gold has healing properties in certain areas like arthritis, Alzheimer’s and the nervous system.

Edible gold is a form of gold that is presented as powder or leaves (Shutterstock).

How is edible gold used?

India is the most consuming country of gold in the world. Indians use gold in special occasion meals. It is believed that in India more than 12 tons of gold are consumed every year.

Edible gold can be used in many dishes like cakes, pastries, fruits and chicken. It is also used for decoration, especially in pastries.

Gold dust dishes are decorated in Italy and France, while gold leaf is used to prepare sushi in Japan. In addition, some of them believe that consuming gold leaf at the beginning of the new year brings good luck, as it was known in the period of the Ottoman Empire that Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ate gold in his meals.

Where is edible gold sold?

Known in the market as gold dust or gold leaf. Gold is diluted by going through several processes using special tools. The wrapped gold is then placed between the papers and sold as such. Edible gold can be obtained from jewelers and websites, but it is best to buy it from trusted places.

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Edible gold can be used in many dishes and is also used as a garnish (Getty Images)

Is eating gold halal or haram?

Is it permissible according to the Shari’ah to eat gold in food and drink and to use it in their preparation?

For this, the professor of jurisprudence and its origin, Dr. Omar Al-Khatib, director of the Al-Husseini Mosque in the Jordanian capital, explains that the principle of food is the solution, but before issuing a fatwa on whether it is permissible or not, the reason for the ban on eating and drinking must be traced. in gold vessels, which is represented in: Exaggeration and vanity or breaking the hearts of the poor .. Here we find the same cause. in eating or drinking gold itself.

And Dr. Al-Khatib continues, most scholars have attached the prohibition of all aspects of the use of gold, except what is specified in the Shari’ah, or has been due to an urgent legal necessity.However, the scholars differed regarding the legality. eating or drinking gold in two parts:

The first part, in which a number of scholars allowed the consumption of gold only or that which was mixed with food or drink.

But they set conditions for this, including: as long as it does not harm human health and that the amount of gold is small in size, so that if we were to try to melt it by fire, we would not collect anything of value from it. , in such a case there is nothing wrong with eating it. But if the amount of gold has a tangible amount, such that if we melt it by fire, we get something from it, then in this case it is not permissible to eat food mixed with gold.

The second category of scholars forbids eating or drinking foods or beverages in which gold or gold dust is placed. Like what is called gold candy, gold ice cream, gold tea or coffee and the like, for two reasons:

The first reason: Eating gold is extravagance and a waste of money and the Shari’ah has forbidden the loss of money, even if only a little.

The second reason: Eating gold breaks the hearts of the poor and needy, and this causes hatred and resentment and can result in evils that cause the disintegration of the Muslim community.

Dr. Al-Khatib says: “I am inclined to the second opinion, because if it is forbidden to eat and drink in gold-plated dishes, while the dishes remain after they have been used, then first of all it is forbidden to eat or to drink gold. or food or drink mixed with gold. “

He added, “We are in the light of the poverty, wars and displacements in which Muslims live in most Islamic countries. It is better to spend such money on the needy and the poor, and God Almighty knows best.”

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