Al-Futtaim Motors signs formal agreement with Polestar to launch its products in the UAE

The new partnership includes the launch of the all-electric Polestar 2 sports car in the UAE.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Al-Futtaim Motors Group, a subsidiary of Al-Futtaim Group, has revealed the signing of a formal agreement with Polestar, the leading Swedish brand in the electric vehicle industry, to introduce Polestar products in the UAE. Through this agreement, Al-Futtaim Motors will provide a new and enriching experience for customers in the country. The agreement signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Omar Abdullah Al-Futtaim, CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Futtaim Group; Paul Willis, Chairman of Al-Futtaim Motors Group; Jeremy Bullock, Managing Director of Emerging Brands in the Region, Al-Futtaim Motors Group; and Nils Moscow, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Polestar, along with a group of personalities and government officials.

The InterContinental Hotel in Dubai Festival City hosted the event, which included a presentation of the Polestar brand and its environmentally friendly car products, which are characterized by high performance and advanced specifications. The Polestar 2 electric flag was also unveiled during the event. The Polestar 2 is distinguished for its advanced design that offers a luxurious and unique experience in the compact electric vehicle sector, with 100% environmentally friendly materials throughout its interior design. along with the latest industry-leading technologies that guarantee outstanding performance. Polestar 2 guarantees customers a completely new driving experience, thanks to its simple design and advanced performance.

Commenting on this issue, Paul Willis, President of Al-Futtaim Motors Group, said: “Polestar is one of the leading brands of luxury cars, adhering to all standards of durability thanks to superior design and advanced technology, to accelerate the transition to eco-friendly electric transport. Polestar has made progress. Notable for his plans to design a climate-neutral car by 2030 and to achieve its goal of becoming a climate-neutral company by 2040. Polestar’s plans are in line with the strategic goals of UAE to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, where Al-Futtaim Group is proud to partner with Polestar as part of its ongoing efforts to achieve the UAE’s strategic vision.

Al-Futtaim Motors Group is an integrated destination that meets all the needs of individual and corporate customers, thanks to its ever-growing portfolio that includes a group of the world’s most famous brands in the automotive sector.

Nils Moskow, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Polestar, said: “Polestar offers unique and contemporary designs that adapt to the changing demands of the automotive world. Our commitment to providing a climate-neutral car by 2030 includes an approach Strict design and technology Selection: The smallest detail, passion and pursuit of goals are part of our brand identity.We affirm our commitment to achieve our ambition and believe that the Al-Futtaim Group is the ideal partner for the success of our efforts to great achievements in the United Arab Emirates. “

Customers can experience a new multi-channel online shopping experience when purchasing a Polestar 2 using a simple and easy-to-use digital process. The first Polestar showroom, which will be a mega retail store in the UAE, is scheduled to open in Dubai later in 2022.

Al-Futtaim Automotive Group is one of the five divisions of the Al-Futtaim Group, which offer high quality products and services aimed at enriching the lives of customers and fulfilling their aspirations.

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About Al-Futtaim Motors Group

Al-Futtaim Motors is one of the top five divisions of the Al-Futtaim Group based in the United Arab Emirates, a group of automotive companies offering a range of automotive services and its world-renowned brands.

The group, which is headquartered in the UAE, is active in 10 countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and has the support of around 9,000 partners, and its services vary between the distribution of new and used cars, production , rental, logistics and after sales services.

The group offers services from passenger cars to SUVs, commercial vehicles, industrial and construction equipment and motorcycles. The Al-Futtaim Motors Group offers an integrated customer-centric experience for drivers, fleet operators and contractors alike, and strives to become a leader in customized transportation solutions.

About Al-Futtaim Group:

Al-Futtaim Group, founded in the 1930s, is one of the most diverse and emerging businesses in the region, headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

The Al-Futtaim Group employs more than 35,000 people in five operating divisions: automobiles, financial services, real estate, retail and healthcare. Al-Futtaim Group operates its businesses in more than 20 countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa through close partnerships with more than 200 of the world’s most innovative and leading brands.

Following a genuine pioneering approach in the field of customer service, Al-Futtaim Group has been able to continue to grow and expand and has continued to meet the changing needs and demands of customers in all different communities and activities.

Al-Futtaim continues to inspire its customers and enrich their daily lives by adopting an effective management approach based on respect for the values ​​of respect, excellence, cooperation and integrity. For more information, please visit the website:

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About Polestar

Polestar, the Swedish independent brand of luxury electric vehicles, was founded in 2017 as a partnership between Volvo Cars and Geely Holdings. Polestar is working with Volvo Cars to take advantage of a range of technical and engineering features that allow it to take advantage of significant production savings.

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Polestar vehicles are available in various markets throughout Europe, North America, China and the Asia Pacific region. The company plans to offer its vehicles in 30 markets around the world by 2023. Polestar vehicles are currently being manufactured in two factories in China with plans to build a new plant in the US in the future; Al-Futtaim Motors Group is Polestar’s exclusive representative in the United Arab Emirates.

In September 2021, Polestar announced its intention to list the brand on the Nasdaq as a public company, in accordance with a business combination agreement it signed with Juris Guggenheim. The full text of the final agreement can be found at this link.

Polestar has so far developed two high-performance electric cars; The Polestar 1 was developed between 2019 and 2021 with a high-performance, low-volume GT hybrid electric motor in a 609 hp and 1000 Nm carbon fiber body and an electric radius of 124 km (according to light vehicle testing). globally coordinated), the longest distance a hybrid car can travel around the world.

The Polestar 2 is the company’s first full-size electric vehicle. The Polestar 2 model includes three options with a range of standard and long-range batteries rated up to 78 kWh with a single or twin engine and up to 300 Capacity kW / 408. Horsepower and torque 660 Nm.

From 2022, Polestar plans to launch a new electric vehicle every year, starting with Polestar 3, the company’s first electric sports vehicle; The company is expected to introduce the Polestar 4 in 2023, a smaller electric coupe SUV.

In 2024, the company aims to launch the high-performance electric vehicle Polestar 5, a four-door touring car, in a move that reflects the evolution of the production phase of Polestar Prispet, the innovative car that the company launched in 2020. and in which it displayed its future visions in terms of design, technology and sustainability. Polestar aims to produce a climate-neutral car by 2030, in line with the company’s ambitions to reduce its environmental footprint with every new model it introduces.

In early March 2022, the brand unveiled its second innovative vehicle, the Polestar O2, the high-performance electric sports car. The Polestar O2 is also based on Percept’s ambitions in terms of advanced technology and sustainability concepts, emphasizing the brand vision for future sports cars. The sharp-edged convertible car emphasizes the evolution of the unique design concept first introduced by Percept, emphasizing the importance of dynamic driving experiences. This innovative machine also places greater emphasis on sustainability and technology, with the aim of elevating the concept of a circular economy to new heights.

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