A French dish that transformed the life of the legendary American chef Julia Child … What is it?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A single meal of white fish meat served with butter sauce was enough to change the life of legendary American chef Julia Child, as well as American cuisine.

The child visited France in 1948, for the first time. She was in her late thirties and was not familiar with cooking at the time.

The child and her husband, Paul, had lunch at La Couronne in Rouen, the capital of the northern Normandy region, where Paul ordered oysters and a green salad. The child swallowed her plate, calling it “perfect.”

Alex Prudhomme, Child’s grandson and author of her memoir, My Life in France, opened the book with this already famous scene.

take photo: Paul Child. © Schlesinger Library; Harvard Radcliffe Institute. olvwork535349

“Julia describes the feeling of getting her first bite of real French food and falling in love with it from the first moment, without realizing it was the meal that changed her life,” he told CNN. of California.

In archival footage used in the new CNN documentary “Julia,” which premiered Monday, May 30, Child recalled the moment he tasted French food, saying: “It was my first French food and I did not miss it. never “.

This lunch inspired the child to dedicate her life to learning and teaching the world the wonders of French cuisine.

Of her first bite, Child said: “I realized this was what I had been looking for all my life. A taste of this food has helped me achieve continued success.”

Child spent the next years of her life in Paris, where she studied at the cooking school Le Cordon Bleu and worked on a cookbook called Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

“Julia said she and her husband, Paul, were having so much fun that they could barely breathe,” Prudhomme noted. Stressing that she “experienced a healthy life full of energy.”

What is this life-changing meal and what is its secret?

A French dish that transformed the life of the legendary American chef Julia Child ... What is it?

Sole meunière (monafish with butter and lemon) may seem simple, but it actually requires a lot of skill and technique during preparation.

Sprinkle a pinch of salt, pepper and flour on the plate, then fry in a hot pan with butter until the fish is crispy and golden. Serve with brown butter known as beurre noisette, a little lemon and a splash of fresh parsley that becomes crispy when you add the hot sauce. Like Bechchild, Prudhomme likes to add capers.

Prudhomme described the dish as “magical”, noting that “people today think that this dish contains a lot of calories, but in fact it has to do with taste. It is very light, delicate and wonderful.”

He suggested a green salad as a side dish with a delicious vinegrette, a baguette coated with butter and a glass of white wine to suit the taste of the fish. The child finished her meal with a chocolate candy or chocolate foam.

As a legendary TV chef, Child wanted to share with the world her passion for cooking. And she said that no one is born a chef, it is a skill to be learned, like riding a bicycle.

A French dish that transformed the life of the legendary American chef Julia Child ... What is it?
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Prudhomme described her as “more than just a chef and comedian”, adding: “She was truly revolutionary. She changed the way Americans think about food in general, to eat and cook, and brought it to the masses in a new way. “

The child’s advice to chefs was to work hard, take risks and most of all have fun. The lessons that apply to cooking also apply to creating a wonderful recipe for life.

Moussa dish with butter and lemon

A French dish that transformed the life of the legendary American chef Julia Child ... What is it?
take photo: Paul Child. © Schlesinger Library; Radcliffe Institute; Harvard University. Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

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