A $ 400 million agreement to set up a teaching hospital

AMMAN – The government and the Saudi-Jordanian Investment Fund yesterday signed an investment and development agreement for the implementation of an investment project in the health sector, with an investment of about $ 400 million, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh. a number of ministers, senior officials and ambassadors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the states of the United States of America and the United Kingdom to Jordan.
The Prime Minister stressed that the educational hospital project implemented by the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund is one of the vital and basic projects envisaged in the Jordan Investment Fund Law, which was approved about 5 years ago with the aim of pushing the investment wheel in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
The Prime Minister also stressed: “This government has worked hard with its partners and brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the shadow of a deep strategic relationship between the two kingdoms under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II and his brother, the Guardian of Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz “, noting that this relationship is built and based on the foundations of interdependence and love between the two countries and peoples, united by the ties of history, common concern and ambition.
He stressed that the Jordanian-Saudi relationship is exemplary and ideal, which previously included many areas of security, investment and economic cooperation and issues related to human development and border security.
He noted that the education hospital project gained additional importance after the world was attacked by the Corona crisis, as it aims to create a medical facility equipped with the best medical facilities, which would further advance the Jordanian health sector and the educational aspect that is. clashing with the health sector not only to serve Jordan but the region.
The Prime Minister stated that the government, in partnership with the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund, is awaiting further agreements, emphasizing that we are in the process of finally signing the establishment of an educational hospital within a network of relations that will connect this hospital. with international and major universities.
Al-Khasawneh noted that this project is the first to implement more investments set out in the Jordan Investment Fund Act, indicating that it is the first project to be implemented within the list of projects set out in the law and implemented by Saudi Investments Jordanian. Fund Company, wishing the realization of many projects for the benefit of the Jordanian economy. The two fraternal countries are sponsored by the leadership of the two countries, who share the best ties and common history.
The Prime Minister said: We have pioneering partners in the field of investment, led by sister countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and we have partners from sister countries such as Kuwait, Qatar and other countries.
He noted that the Jordanian state is entering the threshold and gate of the bicentennial of its life, “and there are many achievements of which we are proud, which we have achieved thanks to the wisdom of our leadership and the awareness and determination of our people.” “We aspire to strengthen this structure and unleash the energies of Jordanians in creativity and leadership in various fields and economic activities.”
The Prime Minister said that the state is carrying out many structural reforms aimed at enabling and localizing the work of the private sector as a key developing partner and in finding solutions to the unemployment challenge, especially since we produce about 130 thousand people for the labor market every year. , emphasizing that one of the main gateways to solve this challenge lies in encouraging investment.
The project of health care and medical education will be implemented in accordance with the system of construction, operation and transfer of ownership (BOT), as the ownership of the project with all its elements will pass to the government, after the end of the period of operation. , as the project is covered by the provisions of law no. (16) of 2016 AD for the Jordan Investment Fund, pursuant to a cabinet decision issued on 18 October 2020.
The project is expected to provide more than five thousand permanent jobs.
According to the agreement signed by the Director of the Jordan Investment Fund, Zaher Qatarneh, who represents the Jordanian government, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Jordan Investment Fund Company Hisham Attar and the CEO of the Saudi Jordan Investment Fund Omar Al-War . , a university hospital with a capacity of (300) beds will be established, and (60) an outpatient clinic, a specialized children’s hospital, an emergency care building and a medical university with a capacity of (600) seats, with a norm. of (100) places for each academic year.
As part of the project, a long-term lease agreement was signed for the land on which the project will be built, with an area of ​​approximately (187) dunum, between the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund and Amman Vision Investment and the Development Company / investment arm of Municipality of Greater Amman. It was signed on behalf of both parties by the Mayor of Greater Amman, President Board of Directors of the Amman Vision Investment and Development Company, Dr. Yousef Al-Shawarbeh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund, Hisham Attar, CEO of Omar Al-War, and Acting CEO of Amman Vision for Investment and Development Company, Alaeddin Bino. The project will be implemented in partnership with two of the most important international institutions in the field of health care and medical education, namely the University of London Medical School as an academic partner and the University of California, Los Angeles Hospitals in the United States. of America as a medical partner.
The project will be located on the airport road near the Ghamdan area, which will facilitate access for patients from different regions of the Kingdom.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Jordan Investment Fund, Hisham Attar, expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Jordanian government to support and encourage quality investments and to provide all facilities for their success, emphasizing the commitment of Saudi Investments Jordanian. Fund to work with the Jordanian government and the private sector in order to explore sustainable value-added investment opportunities and development impact. , and are implemented to contribute to promoting economic growth in Jordan.
Attar referred to the objectives of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 and the strategy of the Public Investment Fund to expand cooperation and economic and investment integration in the region, emphasizing that the company aspires to be a leader in quality investments in Jordan.
The General Manager of the Saudi Jordan Investment Fund, Omar Al-War, said the project will provide high added value to the healthcare and medical education sectors in Jordan and the region, given its advanced scientific and medical status. in a world that enjoys two international partners. The University of London has extensive experience since 1826 AD, and ranks ninth in the world in medicine, in addition to the fact that 30 scientists from its cadres and scientific graduates have received the Nobel Prize since its inception.
Alor added, “We are very pleased to be collaborating with the University of California, Los Angeles Hospitals, which rank among the top health care institutions in the United States.”
The General Director of the health care project, Dr. Mahmoud Sarhan, stated that the project includes the establishment of five centers of medical excellence, in order to focus domestic and foreign expertise on the most common diseases in Jordan and the region in heart specialties. , digestive system, bones, brain and neurology and oncology.
Sarhan noted that one of the important objectives of the project is to focus on advanced research through the establishment of four research centers in genetics, target medicine, stem cells, bioinformatics and health systems, noting that 7.5 percent of project revenue will be allocated to research and development purposes.in Jordan.
Jordan’s Investment Fund CEO Zaher Al-Qatarneh expressed his appreciation to the Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund for its continued interest in infrastructure and development projects in Jordan, stressing that the healthcare project is one of important quality projects that will enrich the medical sector in Jordan.
The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Jordan, Nayef bin Bandar Al-Sudairy, stressed the strength of Saudi-Jordanian relations, which enjoy the patronage and interest of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and himself. brother, His Majesty King Abdullah II, expressing his happiness for the opening of the Saudi company Jordanian Investment Fund, one of its major investment projects in Jordan.
He stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is always looking forward to the increase in trade and investment exchange between the two fraternal countries, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Jordan’s largest trading partner.
The US Ambassador to Amman, Henry Wooster, noted the importance of this project and its contribution to economic growth by providing thousands of jobs for Jordanians.
Ambassador Wooster stressed the important role that UCLA Hospitals will play in designing and managing the new hospital, adding that this type of technology transfer and knowledge exchange represents the best that the United States has to offer.
British Ambassador to Jordan Bridget Brind confirmed that the British Embassy in Jordan was able to support the establishment of this long-term partnership between the Saudi Jordan Investment Fund (SJIF) and the University of London in Britain (UCL), one of the best universities in the Kingdom United and the world, along with the University of California.
The Saudi company Jordanian Investment Fund is expected to start construction work on the healthcare project after the completion of the initial engineering projects, which are expected to be ready during the second half of this year.- (Petra)

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