We were freed from the constraints of (Covid 19) and returned to the travel spaces (3-8)

Saud bin Ali Al-Harthy:
Third: Between heaven and earth … Thoughts, questions and readings.
Why do we love travel, enjoy it, and desire it whenever in the time between the flight of one returnee from one city and another we cling to the hopes of implementing it? A question that kept knocking on the door of my thinking and becoming more urgent whenever the date of my expected flight approached and I was preparing to leave for “Muscat International Airport” and gradually penetrated my feelings of joy and happiness, related and obviously interactive. with moments of departure, flight and discovery Is it because travel renews our daily schedule, fixed and boring Through repetition, changing our usual lifestyle and changing our traditional monotonous approach? Or is it because travel activates our blood circulation, improves our performance, improves our work and ideas, and helps us generate innovative ideas and initiatives that contribute to production and achievement and enhance people’s role and skills? Is it because travel inspires optimism, enhances positivity, relaxes the soul, treats depression, stimulates a person’s rebirth, and pulls him or her out of the clutches of passivity, laziness, traditionalism, and weakness? Or because – that is, navigation and travel – it deepens communication with one another, understanding and dialogue with one another, opening up to peoples, sects, races, customs and tastes, and exploring new places, cities, cultures, lives, styles and new styles. models? Is it because the treasure trove of information gathered from the traveler and the discoveries, relationships, knowledge, skills, visions and problem-solving… constitute, in their entirety, training courses and scientific lessons that lead man towards progress, development, growth and prosperity? Or because the trip represents for me a theme, material, content and focus of my weekly article that helps me keep writing and frees me from the difficulty of thinking and trying and searching for a new topic that fills the space allotted for the article. …? Travel is a world of magic and a space of freedom in which the traveler practices forms of pleasure of discovery, adventure, recreation, taste, dialogue, learning, immersion in the depths of metropolises and cities, buildings of civilization, the unknowns of nature. and its boundless beauty, freedom from the shackles of monotony and boredom, and the company of friends who exchange feelings, experiences and experiences with them and man feels with them and them in an atmosphere of intimacy, love and serenity, deepening and embodying meanings and the connotations of friendship in its most beautiful forms appear in the space of travel. It is not surprising, then, that we feel this momentum of joy, happiness, and beauty as we revel in the airport lounges, airplane seats, and skies of the world, flying and sitting on these ample runways. In his first voyage “outside the Gulf and the Arab countries”, the writer Badr Al-Abri explains, in his book “Al-Ta’rif… Self-determination and knowing the other”, that travel and travel in the world “opens man a wider world, expands perceptions and opens the heart to the other and the fear disappears little by little, the message of knowledge based on knowing and knowing the other is realized.At the end of his trip to Texas, he summarizes his benefits in his vision: “Man in his best form, civilization in its greatest manifestation, and knowledge in its best splendor, I have seen diversity leading to construction, not to dispute and conflict, and I have seen the state that is not afraid of diversity and difference, and I have seen the right law among all…. ”Six hours Flight time from Doha to Munich is approx, our cell phones are off – except for the few passengers with whom we have no connection, we have no connection, we have no dialogue, for unless the seats near the aircraft have a “wi-fi” function. – we have nothing to do with the events of the earthly world separated from him in the bowels of this body that hangs over us in the heavens of the world and that united us in these few hours with people of destinations, different affiliations, nationalities, races, goals, ages and traits. The Ukrainian fronts are heated and Europe is all united with the Russian bear in indirect confrontations, standing behind Ukraine with money, weapons and men, and with political and economic pressure and innumerable strict forms. and the provocative policies and classification of all those who support Ukraine and support it with equipment and people on the list of Russia’s enemies who must bear the burden and responsibility of their one-sided positions, Germany, Italy and Slovenia. Yenia … The stops of our tour are in the anti-Russian position and the whole of Europe is playing the drums of war and at every moment and place new posts are expected to explode, so how are the developments of this war and its developments? And what are the political, economic and military consequences, as well as the rhetoric and statements accumulated over the six hours, of which we are still saying goodbye to the last minutes? Have we made a mistake in continuing this journey, where Europe faces dangers? A fierce war in its heart, and has thrown millions of immigrants into the cavities of its capitals and major cities, and painful economic sanctions that have led to high inflation and economic deflation and dire consequences as read by specialists and analysts, foreshadowing the decline of civilized prosperity, economic growth, political development, scientific progress and unitary achievements that Europe has witnessed over a long, last fifty years and the transfer of this region back to the furnace of destructive wars that crushed it in the last century? Did not a number of loyal friends warn us to think carefully before we take Europe seriously as a tourist destination and its countries are experiencing the aftermath of the war and warnings of expanding its outbreak and replacing it with other destinations in Asia Africa or America…? Why insist now on Germany, Italy and Slovenia? What satanic thoughts, whispers, and disappointing visions that lead to fear, disappointment, crisis, and psychological pressure, miss out on opportunities for happiness and moments of joy, and distract us from contemplating the beauty of the universe, the joy of life, the benefits of companionship, the benefits of travel , the pleasure of reading and the passion for sailing… that I live in these hours of time, what extravagance and an advantage and joy better, more beautiful and higher than one finds oneself. navigating between the pages of an interesting and entertaining book, moving between cities and discovering their tastes, the magic of their nature and the beauty of their cultural buildings? I was immersed in the pages of my book, which I chose to accompany on this journey, “Exclusion from life” by the Italian writer “Ermanno Ria”, a novelist known for specializing in conveying the reality of his society, diagnosing the problems of saj. and portraying her suffering in an interesting and fascinating way. His novels were described as “investigation.” Documentary journalist, in which he deals with the presentation of important issues from reality … shedding light on the pains of his city, which despite its ancient past, its picturesque nature and the abilities of its children have always suffered innumerable economic and political crises … “What is the role of the novelist, then, if he does not address his pen, does not feel his soul and does not expose his works to the problems of his environment And the issues of the people to whom he belongs, and he analyzes and diagnoses the causes, flaws and shortcomings in the depth of the thinker, researcher and investigator? What is the value of his novels if they do not convey the suffering and culture of his society? I was amazed as he plunged into the pages of the “factory novel” or workers’ novel, protagonists par excellence machines and workshops, in its approach to the liquidation of the steel factory that had been in operation for nearly a century, in the measured language d and the fluent narrative, which made in elegant words an artistic content that fascinates the reader as the Accurate and Comprehensive Vision and his in-depth analysis of the people, events, places and things that the novel uses to address and treat its main axis, and the selection of the most accurate, true and self-evident phrases, and the ability to convey reality and describe characters in shape and nature … ”… In the past, we represented an ideal Couple: she was the mind, I was the arm, and we did not quarrel, did not become jealous, or cause misunderstanding, until a few years ago, when Rosaria learned something about me that she had not known before that I had. hidden from her. I felt as if a deep wound had fallen on her and to my disappointment, she could never pass them, or pass them. For two years she has been wandering in that dark and gloomy place called hesitation, without realizing that every day that passes has a part of our relationship that breaks … ”He also does not miss the opportunity to invest his romantic ingenuity. and the details of its events, in the presentation of scenes and useful doses of Italian culture and the characteristics of society and its history and the definition of its political and scientific figures and its events close to the scene of the novel… ”… We Italians have the advantage or disadvantage, I do not know, in seeking in every way the admiration of others and their applause for us. Our job is to enchant them, you know? To anticipate their desires, to be gentle with their wrong steps and to fulfill all their demands… ”Ermanno Ria has mastered, in his novel, The Masterpiece, addressing the issue of the steel factory, e which has been transformed from a world full of life, hope, splendor and vision towards the future, and the intimacy, intimacy and friendship among its workers. who provide energy and money and provide their families with the means of a dignified life, structures that fade and memories are lost over time, without “smoke, without flame, without sound, without call, without whistle, without crackling; And without that mixture of factory noise, which nothing stopped, not even darkness… “” The news of the liquidation and sale of the factory was spreading with fire. Casting machines are dismantled for sale to the Chinese, blast furnace number five for Indians, lime kilns in Malaysia, laminator train in Thailand…. The issue of the factory, its structures, facilities and equipment meant, was connected and belonged to every individual and family of the city, was a reference point, monument, activity, an essential sector in it and an important part of the culture of saj. , its history and its economic, social, political and cultural pillars. It is no wonder that it constitutes a valuable content in the novels of “Ermanno Ría”. At around 13:30 we easily completed the usual passport procedures at Munich International Airport and added the “Covid-19” vaccination certificate as a basic document that had to be submitted to enter Europe. We connected our phones to the airport Wi-Fi and the lights on their screens did not stop while receiving hundreds of messages flowing from dozens of WhatsApp groups and we did not find in them anything that disturbed the travel atmosphere and diminished. the joy of safe arrival and preparation for the implementation of the roaming program between cities. A documented traffic violation on behalf of our friend Khalfan Al-Rashidi, three years ago, in Britain – for which he paid his fees at the time – but the value of administrative services remained unpaid – claiming that we did not we did understand and disobeyed – delayed receiving the car seized on his behalf at the car rental office for more than An hour until the problem was resolved, despite the mistake the office made; As he has not notified in advance by e-mail the blocking party of the car about this problem to deal with and understand the issue, but unfortunately the person does not admit his mistakes and does not accept the defect he has caused, even here in Germany where the system and responsible control prevail leading to accountability as assumed and rumored.

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