Queen Elizabeth overlooks Buckingham’s balcony on the last day of the Jubilee celebrations

A portrait dated 5 June 2022 of Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles (left), Prince William and his wife Kate and their children on Buckingham’s balcony afp_tickers

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Queen Elizabeth II made a surprise appearance from the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Sunday to greet the public, on the last day of celebrations to celebrate the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the British throne.

The 96-year-old missed the main celebrations of her platinum jubilee. She did not attend Friday’s Mass, Saturday’s horse race, or the concert in front of her palace, and made no public speeches.

The Queen surprised the British by appearing on the famous balcony where the British monarchy has been celebrating major events for over a century and from where the four-day festivities began on Thursday.

The 96-year-old queen appeared in a green dress, accompanied by her son, heir to the throne, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, as well as her nephew, Prince William, his wife Kate and their children, before to sing the British. hymn, “God save the queen.”

The Queen greeted the smiling crowd during this short show before slowly returning to the palace.

Also on Sunday, the Queen sent a message to the British, thanking them for participating in her jubilee celebrations, in which she said she was still “committed to serving” the British.

“I am deeply touched that so many people have taken to the streets to celebrate my platinum jubilee,” she said in a letter published by Buckingham Palace and signed. “I remain committed to serving you to the fullest, with the support of my family,” she added.

Her appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace was the subject of speculation during the grand jubilee parade through central London where she saw a 260-year-old golden chariot, ceremonial soldiers from across the Commonwealth, actors, dancers and even the choir, her favorite dogs. parade like carnival ..

– Tea with Paddington –

Despite the bad weather, more than 10 million people attended lunches among neighbors to celebrate the platinum jubilee of the queen’s reign, which was a symbol of stability in a century of great unrest.

In Windsor, 488 tables were set in the corridor of the Queen’s palace, while Prince Charles joined his wife Camilla for lunch on a cricket ground.

Throughout the festivities, Elizabeth II highlighted her heirs, confirming her gradual withdrawal from public life in recent months and impressing many of the participants in the festivities, marking the end of an unprecedented era and the approaching end. of a rule which commenced on 6 February 1952.

In addition to appearing on Buckingham’s balcony, the Queen, known for her sense of humor, prepared a surprise for the British by filming a video of her drinking tea on Saturday with Paddington Bear, a well-known character in British children’s stories.

Then, to coincide with the opening of the concert, she is hit with a silver spoon in her ceramic cup. The event was watched by 13.4 million on the BBC, as a sign of the monarchy’s continued power in a country deeply divided in recent years since Britain’s exit from the European Union.

– ‘Farewell wind’ –

Thus, the celebrations of the four-day Platinum Jubilee will end and the British will turn into a reality of rapid inflation and political scandals.

Many of those who attended the four-day platinum jubilee celebrations were aware that the occasion could be one of the last times they saw the Queen silently arranging to follow her, often represented by her son, Prince Charles.

Writing in The Sun, editor Tony Parsons wrote, “These celebrations must have smelled goodbye (…) There has been real joy outside and inside this country in recent days. But there is also a strong sense that we will not to see such a queen. “

The left-wing newspaper, The Observer, considered the jubilee part of “a long farewell that began with her stay alone at Prince Philip’s funeral last year”.

Although Elizabeth II does not intend to abdicate in line with a promise she made in 1947 to serve the British for the rest of her life, a commitment she renewed this year, she began preparing her subjects for the next phase. , with added representation from it. son Charles at public events.

But the queen’s offspring looks difficult: in Britain, the queen remains popular, with an approval rating of 75%, according to YouGov, while Prince Charles has the support of 50% of the population. Only 32% of Britons think he will be a good king (YouGov, April 2022). On recent trips, members of the royal family have faced criticism for the British Empire’s past on slavery.

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