In depth: the privacy of residential buildings is at stake .. the randomness of planning and the absurdity of implementation

Dr. Rexheb bin Ali Al Ovaisi:
In the presence of privacy, interpretations are lacking, differences are weakened, and the agenda of descent interacts, as it is a common human and human instinct together, and whether houses and dwellings by their very nature exist for stability, peace, tranquility, human comfort. , happiness, protection, security and safety, the preservation of their privacy is no longer a humor or a social luxury, but a moral necessity and an original choice that decides the rebirth of societies, the strength of their structure and their protection. Symptoms, as privacy is no longer a bargaining chip and no space to interpret according to mood.Meanwhile, the issue of privacy of homes and apartment buildings is one of the concerns that the community is raising many questions and discussions. around, in a clear indication that the privacy of homes and apartment buildings is at stake and is no longer a single household or family issue as much as a social issue, which has become a threat to the privacy of people in their homes through convenience. the detection of outdoor objects and contents of the house and the difficulty of the family to get out of the house into spaces The interior of the house, the comfortable use of disposable objects such as swimming pools or family sessions in the outer courtyard, and no longer the inner privacy, etc. I hope that as a result of his presence between buildings and high-rise buildings, which imposes on planners, implementers, urban policymakers and those dealing with real estate issues in the Sultanate, find radical solutions to this phenomenon and its social and legal consequences. resulting from it in the future in light of the state of indifference practiced by some in addressing this issue in the light of the vacuum of legal and legislative controls and lack of conscience and moral sense among others, or because the current structure of property suffers from the narrowness of interior spaces, especially in residential villas, and the hypothesis of accommodating a single scheme with a capacity of 600 m for more than one villa, in light of the spread of commercial houses, to form balconies and open balconies as one of her. the most important objects.
However, raising the issue of privacy in itself can not be reduced to a specific model or expressed in a case, as the issue is not limited to balconies, balconies and open windows, although it presents a hindrance in reading this file, if we return to the basis of the problem and the reason for the widespread impact of this phenomenon on society, if we find that the basis of the problem is due to the accumulation of random planning followed by the relevant authorities over the past decades, and that has contributed to the production of such practices in the field regardless of the value and social dimension and specificity of the community culture as a basis in the planning process, and perhaps this for the fact that the planners in the periods of They are inhuman to some extent. time, which has made the path of this culture difficult for them and its involvement in urban planning and urban construction of cities, or may be due to the pursuit of the path by the relevant authorities, which is reflected in the level of commitment to follow the conditions and foundations in residential, commercial and other plans, and planning remains random The biggest challenges facing rapid urban and residential planning face the issue, as the issue aimed to speed up the allocation of residential land rather than attention to finance. operations Aiming at the respective interior or providing services for these new schemes, which contributed to the relocation of buildings and multi-storey buildings and their entry into the sanctuaries of inhabited neighborhoods, these random practices with a vacuum of controls, pursuits. and the discretion in them and the failure to realize a deeper concept of aesthetic taste in general, moral taste and privacy, created an area for the growth of these phenomena, which began to show the suffering of families today, with the increase in family size. and population density in some neighborhoods and cities, and the changing culture of the current generation around some social constants. Privacy is present in its corridors regardless of the clustering of houses and flats in them, or it may be the product of the discretionary space of planners, implementers and consultants, which is reflected in the level of engineering consulting offices in addressing the concept of privacy and its validation in the design of residential and other buildings, and the state of shortcomings in the course of real estate development, and the application of non-Arab-style residential building models, for example, without attempting to renovate and re- -engineered This is in line with national privacy, in addition, most of the residential buildings executed on the ground are replica models of residential complexes in hotels, hotel apartments and indoor or outdoor tourist complexes that may not provide the aspect of privacy of interest. , at the time when the urban road was imposed, as well as the land area, the issue of real estate development and the overlap of commercial buildings with residential neighborhoods, the lack of space between spaces, designated parking spaces for residents in these buildings, or the requirement to have basements for parking vehicles, and the purchase of vehicles living in commercial and residential buildings on inland streets in front of buildings and shops on an ongoing basis, regardless of privacy. or feeling the extent of the annoyance that residents suffer from the presence of these buildings and shops in residential neighborhoods and what resulted in them, in light of the lack of privacy, that they formed a traffic jam at the entrances and exits of the apartments. neighborhoods, and to avoid narrow inner roads and overcrowding, vehicle users tend to shorten the situation and enter residential neighborhoods, which has contributed to traffic congestion. Increasing the density of vehicles used in residential neighborhoods, not to mention the magnitude of complications exercised by the relevant authorities in case of desire to eliminate the problem, which gave a clearer picture of the position of privacy in the overall planning agenda and daily procedures of relations in institutions.
So, what raises this issue is the role of the relevant authorities (Municipality of Muscat, Ministry of Interior represented by Municipal Affairs, Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, engineering consulting offices and urban strategy) in handling data of this reality. , reorganizing it and controlling the deviations that result from it in a way that preserves this privacy and taste Value in the design of houses and approvals on residential and commercial maps, from the main questions, discussions and question marks about the role of the authorities that have do with housing. and municipal projects and maps in reviewing and evaluating this issue with the necessary legislation, controls and revisions, starting with the review of interior and exterior design processes in government dwellings, buildings and institutions in terms of exterior facades, windows , balconies, doors, houses. garden, ponds, etc., which gives this privacy its wide presence in the integrated real estate development engineering of the residential building, in a way that reduces the impact of this behavior on the quality of public life and the stability of family and maintains the level. of social and family relations, in addition to the importance of seeking the social, family and security dimensions that result In connection with this phenomenon and its expansion, especially in light of the emergence of modern types of commercial and residential buildings with its wide windows, large balconies and numerous balconies, while in her view of the houses of others a challenge has been made to her morals, the consequences of values, legislative, legal and taste, as this situation stands as one of the reasons for the tense relations between the neighbors , accusations, misunderstandings and dissatisfactions that will negatively affect the future of social relations, in the spaces of communication between members of the community. and trust among its children, respect for the determinants, frameworks and technical controls of housing construction and their inclusion in the structure of residential buildings, and respect for the dimensions and social conditions that preserve the originality of society and the Omani system. Customs, traditions and constants that limit this topic and validate them in the standards and designs of residential buildings, residential complexes, buildings, multi-storey buildings, etc., and place them within the basic conditions and oblige the contractor and the owner to implement them according to the approved scheme and impose financial penalties in case of non-compliance by the bailiff. These technical measures should contribute to the correction of existing practices and rehabilitation This is the exterior design of residential and commercial buildings and residential complexes in order to maintain the level of privacy while continuing to highlight the living structure of modern smart cities and urban planning that adapts to human needs and meets its requirements and recognizes its rights to obtain a quiet residential environment that preserves a greater space of privacy and achieves quality of life standards for him.Benefiting from all available opportunities d and investing in them for more security, stability and a dignified life.
Finally, the issue of privacy of residential buildings in all their details remains a controversial conversation and before the discussions, discrepancies in views and differences in the mechanism of interpretation and treatment of this issue, especially since it is the product of a phase in i which foresight was lacking, and the impact of the planning chaos we see today on the level of absurdity and indifference on Earth is from planners who did not apply sound foundations to modern urbanism, despite providing all the skills and financial resources to do so. a high-level urban planner that can grow for many years, and the most annoying aspect of the issue does not remain in the size of the windows in the residential villas, but in the continuation of the occasional planning in the intervention of our national resources, and urban components and our architectural taste, revealed by the state of overlap in industrial and commercial plans and multi-storey buildings to crawl within residential plans without a dividing distance that gives privacy to dwellings, until the privacy of dwelling buildings becomes an accumulation of chaos of planning, the absurdity of planners, the lack of living conscience and debts that take into account the rights of the occupants of these homes? shops within neighborhoods Residential and cosmetic models that share plans or coexist with them to emerge from the stifling crisis of villas and apartments, but is it really possible to re-plan the urban planning of what exists in cities and residential neighborhoods in government to achieve a attendance percentage for this privacy?

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