“He kicked him and threw the corpse out of the bathroom window” … We publish the stories of a murderer

Librat – Ramadan Younes:

The South Giza Criminal Court sentenced Donia Kh., Who is accused of killing child Sandy, to life in prison in the first court hearing, in retaliation for a dispute with her mother in one of the Saff Center villages south of Giza. .

Against the ruling given against her, according to the law, the accused has the right to appeal to the Court of Cassation, within 60 days from the date of its issuance, to issue a final ruling that can not be appealed permanently.

“Masrawy” has received the text of the investigation into the murder of the girl, “Sandy Ismail”, who was killed by her uncle’s wife while having fun with her children inside their apartment in the villages of Minya and Al-Sharfa, and connected to the Saff Center, south of Giza.

Question / You are accused of killing the 4-year-old girl “Sandy Ismail” and you deliberately and deliberately took her to a place away from people’s eyes and cut the connection between her and her family, strangling her. her and suffocating her until she died.

A / I did not want to kill him, because I really died, but against my will.

Question / How did you remove the baby’s body?

C / I picked up a plastic phone and threw it out the window.

Question / What is the color of the sink?

A / A white washing machine is located on the street between the bathroom and the kitchen.

Question / Did anyone know about the presence of the body in that laundry?

A / No, at this time I had to hide from them, I was afraid for my children and myself, we preferred to rotate it until night and I went out at night at 3 in the morning, I opened the washing machine and I. I did not know where to go and I was afraid that they would not come out to find him with me. I took his page and threw it out of the bathroom window. I preferred to cry, and after that, Josie knocked on me, I opened it for her and we slept in bed and Hussein was moving on the roof. He went to see what Josie came up with and said there was nothing in shape like a cat shaking the barrel, and then we found someone calling them down and telling them we met Sandy.

Question / What is the cause of the injuries to Sandy’s baby’s body?

C / because I threw it out the window

Question: What is the description of that window?

C / It is a window in the bathroom of the apartment.

Question / When and where did you throw your body out of the apartment?

C / from the bathroom window of the apartment and threw the body around 3 o’clock in the morning

Question / What is the description of the apartment where you live?

C / It is ground floor and a floor above it and a roof.

Question / What is the number of apartments on each floor?

C / on each floor two apartments

Q: What do you mean by your strengths?

A / I wanted to cure my boil from her mother, but I did not want to kill her.

Question / What is the description of the tool used for pouring water?

C / white plastic water bucket.

Question / Did the child wake up when you poured water on him?

c / no

Question / What was the child doing while putting the cloth over his nose?

C / she was kicking.

Question / What is the description of the place of death?

A / I have an apartment on the street opposite the bathroom and kitchen

Question / What is the description of the apartment where you live?

A / It is on the right side of the stairs for what will raise the stairs from above, and the apartment consists of two rooms, a hallway, a bathroom and a kitchen, and at the entrance there are two basins. overlooking the interior, and to the north of the interior there is a hall and at the end of the hall there are streets, with the bathroom and the kitchen on each other.

Question / How did you hide your body?

A / E I lowered my body on the street and went out on the roof, to pick up a phone and hide the girl in it.

Question: Where did you get that cell phone that you inserted into your body?

C / U jumped on the roof.

Question / What is the description of that mobile?

C / It is a small white bag.

Q: Did anyone see you?

A / They were all busy looking for Sandy and no one saw me when I was in the pocket.

Question: How did her death happen?

C / She came to me in the apartment and took a piece of cake from me and asked me to tie the cloth in her eye so that she could go down to play in the street, I made the house with the children and brought her a piece of cake and I grabbed the cloth and I closed my eyes. I did not know what to do and I did not feel alone. After that I found Sandy kicking and she preferred to kick and hold her breath. I preferred to shake inside her and call her. what I could not do.I hid it in the washing machine and covered the washing machine with a lid. I entered the room. I wanted to cry and I found Sandy’s mother calling her. I did not know what to do at this moment.

We preferred to go around at night, and I went out at 3 o’clock in the morning, opened the washing machine, picked it up and did not know where I wanted to go.

After that I sat on the bed, I preferred to cry and my husband hit me, I opened up and we slept on the bed and Hussein was moving on the roof, I said, “Look who is upstairs” and then he called the Mensour brothers and said: A is up? He replied, “No.” He said, “Look, look where Josie came from.” He said, “There is nothing in the form of a cat that shook the barrel.” Then we found someone calling down and he said, “We found Sandy.”

Question / What is the tool used to cause her death?

A / I took a piece of white cloth from an old underwear.

Q: Where did you get the cloth?

A: I have one in the apartment.

Question / Is the part used in that incident the same as the part used to cause her death?

C / oh

From the forensic report of the victim, child “Sandy”, it results that the injuries described on the lips of the deceased are vital recent injuries that occurred from the pressure exerted on the neck with a piece of cloth, adding that the injuries described in the chest. and the abdomen of the deceased are injuries of a traumatic nature which have occurred from collision with a satisfied body of any kind, it is permissible to tear the liver and dislocate the thigh joints, as the fall from height after death.

Ahmed Al-Dahshoury, defending the family of the victim, “Sandy”, confirmed that the Criminal Court of Giza had scheduled the current hearing of June 4 to start the trial of “Dunia. Kh”, accused of killing the child “Sandy”, as revenge for disputes with her mother in one of the villages of Markaz Al-Saff, south of Giza.

Investigations by the Public Prosecutor’s Office showed that the accused intended to kill the 5-year-old girl “Sandy”, after she seduced him to play with her small children inside their house and strangled her until her soul fell out of her hand and she hide. her body in a washing machine for fear of revealing the features of her crime.

Investigations added that the accused then transferred the girl’s body to a plastic bag on the roof of her house, in light of the family’s preoccupation with searching for the girl after several hours of her absence from her family’s eyes.

Necessary measures are being taken.

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