An epic debut for the new Range Rover Sport with a challenging climb and water fight

The new high-performance luxury sports car, the Range Rover Sport, averted dangerous falls and withstood the avalanche at its world premiere to showcase its unparalleled dynamic capabilities.

Exciting view: The new Range Rover Sport redefines sporting luxury, completing an grueling 193-meter dam climb against a 750-ton-per-minute watercourse

Accepting the challenge: The high-performance luxury SUV crossed the Karahangukar Dam and managed to tackle Iceland’s natural volcanic terrain, cliffs and flooded tunnels. Watch the movie:

DYNAMIC ABILITY: James Bond driver Jessica Hawkins took the lead and faced the dangers of massive falls at the bottom of the dam waterfall to reach the top in a unique demonstration of the new Range Rover Sport’s dynamic capabilities.

Exciting luxury: The new Range Rover Sport combines exciting modernity, distinctive character and electric performance

Modern Philosophy: The minimalist design approach reflects the Range Rover’s sporty, safe and taut identity conveying power and versatility.

Clean power: clean 2024 electric shock, plug-in hybrid electric range with extended release of 510 hp, combined realistic range of 740 km and CO2 emissions of 18 g / km

Quiet and powerful: Ingeum V6 48v mild hybrid petrol and diesel engines, plus a new 530bhp bi-turbo V8, offer the renowned Range Rover Sport performance

Pioneering driving: Range Rover first convertible air suspension with air springs and active dual-valve dampers offer new levels of versatility, control and comfort

PROFESSIONAL ANSWER: The Stormer Handling Pack combines all-wheel drive, dynamic professional feedback and an active electronic differential with torque vectoring via braking and configurable software.

Seamless connectivity: a simple 13.1-inch Pivi Pro touchscreen complemented by a 13.7-inch Interactive Steering Screen

Build your car: The new Range Rover Sport is available to order now. Build your car here:

Dubai – Al-Dustour

The young Range Rover Sport made a thrilling start to its world debut, as it crossed a flooded stream in Iceland as the first in the world.

This epic climb has seen the impressive Range Rover Sport water resistant to the water flowing from the Karahangukar Dam slope – the largest of its kind in the world – at a speed of 750 tonnes per minute. In a situation like this, the loss of traction could risk a dangerous 90-meter drop at the base of the drain on the valley floor below, which demonstrated the impressive performance of the new sports car.

The third generation of Land Rover’s most desirable, technologically advanced, and capable luxury SUV to date, combining its compelling on-road presence with instinctive steering and adventure response using the latest suite of chassis technologies ever designed in a Land Rover.

The successful climb first appeared at an exclusive launch event at the Jaguar Land Rover Advanced Product Innovation Center in Gaydon, UK. James Bond thriller Jessica Hawkins was at the wheel as the new Range Rover Sport demonstrated its superior traction, traction and performance, completing the latest in a series of challenges for luxury Land Rover SUVs. Past accomplishments include a range of challenges, including climbing hills at Pikes Peak Race in Colorado, as well as being the first to cross the Empty Quarter desert in the Arabian Peninsula and the first to climb the 999 steps on the Gateway to Heaven Hills. in China in 2018.

Nick Collins, CEO, Vehicle Programs, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The MLA-Flex chassis architecture in the Land Rover industry and the latest chassis systems combine to deliver the highest levels of dynamism we have ever seen in a Range Rover Sport The integrated chassis control dominates the overall innovation package, coordinating everything from the latest convertible air suspension system to Active Electronic Control for dynamic feedback. The result is the most attractive and exciting Range Rover Sport ever. “

Climbing the creek was the last hurdle on the road from the valley floor to the top of the dam, as the car passed rapidly through the flooded riverbed, long steep tunnels and the 40-degree rock wall of the dam. The water flows 294 meters downstream with a force of 90 meters, providing the ultimate test of traction and driver confidence.

Jessica Hawkins, James Bond Adventure Driver, said: “The force of the water flowing through the sewer was astonishing from the canyon side. makes the driving situation even more difficult Despite the steep slope and running water, the new Range Rover Sport made it seem easy.The traction, calmness and skills gave me a lot of confidence and made me able to enjoy all the experience. “

The new Range Rover Sport is based on Land Rover’s advanced Modular Flexible Longitudinal Design (MLA-Flex) architecture, which provides the perfect foundation for its unparalleled dynamism and perfection. Its powerful and efficient line includes two electric components with a six-cylinder plug-in hybrid, providing a clean electric distance of 113 km (70 miles) and CO2 emissions of up to 18 g / km.

The new 530-horsepower V8 biturbo engine offers sports car performance, 0-100 km / h in less than 4.5 seconds (0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds) with dynamic running. Customers can also choose from the powerful and efficient lightweight hybrid engines with petrol and diesel, while the clean electric engine will be available in 2024 as the Land Rover continues its electrification journey.

Safe modern design

The evocative dimensions of the Range Rover Sport’s stunning design with its taut surface, dynamic stance and distinctive profile are at first glance, perfectly accentuated by its powerful dimensions – giving the impression that the vehicle is ready and waiting for you.

Professor Jerry McGovern, Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Our latest Range Rover Sport endorses our modern approach to car design, enhancing its sporty, safe and impeccable character.”

The refined design of the new Range Rover Sport lies in its all-new interior. It features a new cab visualization that reflects the Range Rover’s ‘Lead the Attitude’ label. The latest driver comfort and assistance technologies and the best combined materials ensure that every ride is an experience worth enjoying.

Interact on every journey

A comprehensive dynamic package combines the most attractive driving experience and dynamic capability, based on the inherent strength in the MLA alloy chassis structure. A set of technologies governed by Land Rover’s integrated chassis control system, operate in unison to provide instinctive response and dexterity.

The new Stormer Handling package offers the ultimate mix of chassis technologies for more dynamic and agile use and includes Dynamic Response Pro, all-wheel drive, active electronic differential with braking torque vectoring and configurable software.

Dynamic Response Pro, an active 48-volt electronic control system, is able to apply up to 1400 Nm of torque on each axis, for a safe driving experience and new levels of body control and stability in turns while driving with it all-wheel drive aids in achieving unparalleled agility and maneuverability at low speeds, with superior durability at high speeds.

The aerodynamic suspension system introduces convertible-sized air springs for the first time and is fitted to every new Range Rover Sport. The intelligent system increases the width of the suspension belt by changing the pressure inside the airbags to offer the comfort of a traditional Range Rover with the dynamic handling expected of a Range Rover Sport. To improve responses, the vehicle monitors the road ahead using the eHorizon navigation data to proactively prepare the vehicle for future turns.

An address for sports leisure

The new Range Rover Sport makes every ride an event and can be upgraded to be as dynamic and reactive as the driver wants, offering improved levels of perfection and comfort. This ability to combine dual personalities is made possible through a set of comprehensive techniques.

The advanced Cabin Air Purification Pro system creates and maintains the ideal indoor environment for luxury and versatility, while a selection of powerful audio options is provided by Meridian. The Meridian Signature sound system is the most advanced and powerful audio system ever installed in a Range Rover Sport, with up to 29 speakers including four tweets with headrests to create personalized sound areas for the four main cabin passengers. The new generation Active Noise Cancelling 2 comes into play here, reducing outside noise entering the cabin for a complete improvement of the cabin environment.

trouble-free technology

Land Rover’s powerful electric vehicle engineering system (EVA 2.0) supports an ecosystem of seamlessly connected technologies, including Software Over The Air (SOTA). Intelligent technology offers remote updates for 63 electronics units, ensuring that the new Range Rover Sport will remain at the forefront of innovation, technology and modern services throughout its life.

The award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment system features a 13.1-inch high-resolution floating touchscreen located in the center of the modern dashboard. He controls everything from navigating to media and vehicle settings, learning user habits and intelligently personalizing the on-board experience, becoming a truly intuitive personal assistant.

Unmatched ability

The new Range Rover Sport is Land Rover’s most dynamic version of the premium performance SUV and most efficient off-road, using Land Rover’s latest all-terrain innovation and technology to provide a wide range of dynamic capabilities .

First introduced in the new Range Rover Sport, the Adaptive Off-Road “Cruise Control” helps drivers navigate challenging terrain while maintaining steady progress under ground conditions. Drivers can choose one of four comfort settings, and the system intelligently adjusts speed, allowing the driver to focus on the direction of the vehicle.

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