A Prisoner Novel by Fouda, Chapter 39 39 – Written by Rola

A prisoner of his heart, chapter thirty-nine 39, written by Rola

This baby’s dialogue will benefit me, at least until I recover

From this dream, I will do what I want (I said in my imagination laughing maliciously)

I moved arrogantly in front of them and got down and stood below me by my side

I look left and right in the kitchen

I felt a hand stuck around my waist and I grabbed it on my shoulder

And he said to Hanan: _ Are you looking at me, beautiful?

_ I found the neck why and I said: _ the kitchen

Kutbi said: _ I do not know where the kitchen is !? si!

I called him indifferently and said: _ Ha, where ..

He took me by the hand and went into the kitchen and sat down in front of me

In the fridge I found Nutella, my eyes were fixed on it, so I withdrew

I found the jar from the fridge near the site and said: Breakfast

And then eat chocolate.

He pleaded not guilty, so he said: _You will not withdraw my words, so

I prayed in the corner of his eye and said: OK

I went out with cheese and olives and sat down, and he said in surprise: _ Will you eat this?

_ prindi im

Won’t you eat Corn Flakes !?

_ No, I love it from this

He wrote his book and said: _ In your will, soon, but because we will go


I shook my head and sat down and ate while he said to me: _ get ready to get rid of me

He left me and walked, so I got up quickly, opened the fridge and got out

Including a jar of Nutella, I heard him say when I opened the lid of the jar: _

Eat first and then look at the chocolate ..

I looked back and preferred to go back to meet him, so I listened to him again

He says: _ Do not you want to turn right and left like this and sit on my back

te ha ty

The food will stop, and I went out to me and found him standing with his armature box

In the chest and said: _ Take care of me !?

_ You are looking at me!

He replied coldly: _ Take your mind !?

I got angry with him: _ I do not know how to eat while you are looking at me like this

He approached and hugged and something in the palm of his hand and said: _ It must be in me

Cameras in the cottage

Because you do not believe me?

Do not be fooled, because if something happens in the cottage, I know about it

Any need !?

If someone attacks the villa, for example ..

_ Umm, okay

I will ask you to eat so we can walk

I turned to him and said: _ No, I do not love him, I will get dressed and walk.

I took a dress from the closet and pulled out a test to wear it.

I met him when he opened the test, I fell asleep, at that moment I was standing almost naked, I hugged his hand and shook myself and said with tension: _ In what!

He smiled softly as he approached me and said: _You are covering me!

My eyes wandered into place and I swallowed the saliva and breathed hard, close

From me, he sat quietly wiping my hair, with his eyes staring all over my body

My voice is shaken and I can not speak clearly. I can not

I said: _ Come out, I want to wear

It was on my neck, he was hot himself and made me not take it

Some of me, scattering Bo’s trail around my neck, looking for something,

He settled .. on Yvit’s edge, I was trying to remove him with a weak fist

And the affair ended with me, and I exchanged the kiss, grabbed me by the waist, lifted me in panic and moved with me in the middle, leaning my back against the wall and …

I was sleeping on his lap, so he whispered to me: _ Are you still sleeping !?

And something remained red and I shook my head with an eclipse

Bo’sah hit me on the shoulder with a sigh and said: _ Come on, let’s go for a walk

Are we going to the company !?

He laughed and said after what we did this!

Hit him on the shoulder and I say with an eclipse: _ Noor

He hugged me and then left me and got up and went to the bathroom

A month passed and the symptoms of pregnancy started to appear to me, take me at the same time

The doctor who did the embryo transfer examined me and told me:

His smile: _ Mabrouk Al Hanim is pregnant ..

I pray for the cold and in the mind saying: _ His dialogue is disturbing you

Nour approached me and held my hand and with a smile said: _

Congratulations my soul

I smiled lovingly and in my mind saying: _ I agree with you, your children *

I found him putting his hand on my cheek and he asked me in surprise: _ Malik

O hoor! Viki something !?

I shook my head in denial and he told me, OK, come home

Before leaving, I asked her: _ I am pregnant for the full month!

She raised her finger and said: One ..

I shook my head and left the doctor’s house, we went home:

The first time we entered through the door from the wrist and said: _ I looked to the left, from

Today there is nothing I will cook for myself or clean my bed, you are ordering me and they are bound to listen and obey.

I smiled and felt joy, I do not know how happy I am

I will remain the queen of this palace or … the joy of the baby

I will take my bag and go


We would not go to the company

I do not want to stay

I mean any!

That is, until he was born, there was no companionship

I raised my finger to his face and said: _ No, saying yes, we are not

You will imprison me all my life like this until it remains forbidden..that is the life you hate.I said the last words while I was inside and he will be amazed by my words. I came out while he was still in his place, so I told him: _

I sighed angrily and came out, so I came out and saw him ..

Count two days and go in company with him every day, and today

The third time I entered a file to sign it, he talked on his cell phone and without focusing and he signed without his mind, he signed everything ..

I took the file and sent it in the air so and out

I was looking at the file in my hand with victory, I opened it and came out

A piece of paper came out of it, I put it in my pants pocket and sat down at the table.

He called me in the office and said: _ Come now ..

She said she was planting surveillance cameras in the office as well, so I inserted them nervously: _I’m sorry

He was turning on the phone and I realized he knew everything

And my goal is my place

I said goodbye and was silent for a moment and said: Did you have lunch !?

I sighed with relief and said: _ Tk

Ask for food and do not eat lunch outside the office !?

Um, outside the office I said in a flash, and he laughed at me: _Hey

Pregnancy hormones came out !?

I put my hands on her belly while talking to the child and said: _ I saw you

My love, my door knocks on me, never hears his words and does not love him ..

No, he said as he shook her hand, so he asked her carefully

Surprisingly, I hope he completes his words, but not completely

So I said with saliva: _ I thought I was pregnant, it came out

Joint pregnancy, haha, in the middle of the forehead

I stumbled coldly, got up from his seat and got scared and took a step back


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