Vanessa Paradis is back in the spotlight for the prosecution of her ex-partner, Johnny Depp

Vanessa Paradis is back in the spotlight for the prosecution of her ex-partner, Johnny Depp

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Vanessa Paradis testifies in favor of Johnny Depp in court (AP)

Paris: “Middle East”

No one saw her in the court hearings that occupied the media in recent weeks, but the French singer and actress was keen to testify in favor of American star Johnny Depp, her ex-husband who has had a fierce battle with his wife his away. , Amber Heard, since 2016. Her testimony came at the request of the defense group of the actor accused of violence against her husband.
Heard complained about the violence he experienced at the hands of Johnny Depp. She posted videos of her with her face swollen from the beating and letters threatening her with death. For his part, Depp filed a defamation suit against Heard. As for Vanessa, she has stated on more than one occasion that she is happy with Johnny Depp and they have made the decision to part quietly and her relationship with her is still good. The French singer has stated that she has known the American actor for more than 25 years. They lived together for 14 years and raised their two children together. Is it a matter of agreement and disagreement in character, or the relationship does not continue on the same path between so and so?
“Throughout the years of my cohabitation with him, Johnny was a kind, passionate, generous and non-violent husband and father,” Vanessa Paradis told AFP. “He has never been violent with me.” The American actor’s lawyers sought to obtain a similar testimony from actress Winona Ryder, who also had a romantic relationship with him, in the 1990s, after splitting from her French partner. Ryder stated that Johnny Depp was not violent with him, which contributed to the change in the court rate in his favor. Amber Heard representatives responded in a statement, saying: “We are pleased that Paradis and Ryder did not know of a similar experience to our client, but the experience of one particular woman does not determine the fate of another woman’s experience. “.
Paradis and Depp split in 2012 after having a son and a daughter: Jack and Lily Rose. Their daughter has reached a young age, and has appeared in catwalks and film auditions. Since the case made headlines, the French press has recalled the shocking love story that brought together the famous American star and the blonde singer, whose fate played more of a role in her upbringing than talent. They met for the first time in the spring of 1998 at the Coast Hotel in Paris. It was he who noticed her presence and fell in love with her at first sight. Johnny Depp later described the meeting as “The Daily Mail”: finished”.
Paradi is 49 years old today. In her childhood, she took lessons in dancing and playing the piano, and participated in children’s fashion shows. At the age of seven, she also participated in the famous children’s “Amateur School” program, which was introduced by star Jacques Martin. Given that her academic results were average, she dreamed of becoming an actress. But fate made her a singer at the age of fourteen, when she performed with her shy voice, rocking with her small stature, the song “Joe Le Taxi”, for a taxi driver named Joe, whose car is all his life.
The song quickly became the most listened to. For 14 weeks, she stood on top, small and large, keeping her words simple. In France there are 60 thousand taxi drivers, who enjoy listening to the radio during long working hours. “Joe” was on every airwaves. The girl became a wealthy teenager and was given opportunities to work on songs and on screen. She was invited to sing at the opening ceremony of the Forty-Eighth Cannes Film Festival in 1995 and performed the song “Whirlpools of Life” in honor of the head of the jury at that session, the talented actress Jeanne Moreau. Serge Radwani had written that song for the movie “Jules and Jim,” in which Moreau starred. The surprise was that the head of the jury came out of the stage and extended his hand and took the palm of the teenage singer and stuck in her a gentle kiss. It was enough of a scene that all movie lovers remember to turn Vanessa Paradis into a promising star.
She released several albums and appeared in French and American films, and the “Chanel” house invited her to appear in her catwalks, but she did not reach the other ranks. She did not become a first-class actress. She remained that blonde, skinny, shy girl with a whispering voice that was barely audible. She became famous for her relationship with Johnny Depp after experiencing brief romantic relationships. Their first official appearance together was when I accompanied him as he was launching a star with his name on the Hollywood Boulevard. After that, there were many cases and photos. But they were inclined to live a normal life away from the fascination of Hollywood and the gossip of the seventh art community. For her part, Vanessa knew how to live in the shadow of her boyfriend, for whom she left her country. I moved with him between their house in Los Angeles, where he works, and a house he bought in the south of France for vacation and vacation. She put her career in parentheses and devoted herself to her family life. With the birth of their two children, signs of happiness were added to that relationship, which some imagined to be eternal. Well-known press articles talked about “twin souls” and “two lovers united by fate”. He confirms that he has found a human being who helps him balance. Vanessa’s comments reflected a lot of love for Johnny. She has stated that she loves him in every sense and accepts him as he is and does not want to change him, adding: “We are two in one”.
The moment their love began to thunder, the announcement of their separation shocked their fans. And here she comes out volunteering to protect her, despite years of separation and associating each of them with a new partner. In this case, Johnny Depp bet on being a famous name that is being tarnished and damaged by the slander of his wife Amber Heard. A payment that has weight in the United States. In France, arbitrators in cases of marital violence often side with the plaintiff and do not pay attention to the principle of defamation. The law gives protection to women.


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