The Sultanate of Oman sheds the veil of participation in the Arabian Travel Market exhibition in Dubai

Alaa Hamdi

The “Sultanate of Oman” closed the curtain of its participation in the Arabian Travel Market exhibition in Dubai, where it concluded at the World Trade Center in Dubai the activities of the Arabian Travel Market “ATM Dubai”, the largest specialized tourist exhibition of its kind. in the Middle East, which lasted for four consecutive days, was attended by about 1,500 exhibitors representing 162 tourist destinations, including the Sultanate of Oman, who attended an official delegation of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism led by His Excellency Tij Azzan bin Qassim Al. Busaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism for Tourism, in addition to officials and representatives of 14 institutions and institutions and a destination representing the tourism sector of Oman that participated under the umbrella of the Ministry.

The Arab Travel Market exhibition in Dubai, in its edition this year, sheds light on the future of travel and tourism in the Middle East after the Corona pandemic period, focusing its activities on a range of emerging markets in tourism export in places. in the region, and key elements that are important in the development of the global tourism industry and its future such as innovation and sustainability and human resources.

The sectors of aviation, hotel and tourism investment projects also had their share in the main activities held in the margins of the exhibition. agreed to have exceeded the AED 91 billion barrier.

On this participation and its importance for tourism in the Sultanate of Oman, Haitham bin Muhammad Al Ghassani, Director General of Tourism Promotion in the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, said: Our presence in such major exhibitions is a consistency of systematic work through which we seek to achieve the best goals and desired profits, which are positively reflected in the familiarity with the latest products. and other important and relevant factors.

Al Ghassani added: The Arabian Travel Market in Dubai is considered the largest specialized exhibition in the Middle East, and ranks second to us in the list of target international exhibitions. A promotional preference and marketing at the regional level in promoting different types of tourism, such as adventure tourism, business tourism sector, cruise ships and charter trips, etc., as well as promoting tourist seasons such as the Dhofar autumn season.

The Director General of Tourism Promotion closed his statement by saying: “Our participation this year has witnessed the holding of a number of important meetings with several airlines in the region, such as Emirates Airlines Holidays, Qatar Airways Holidays, Air Arabia and a number of companies.” international. companies specializing in the management of electronic booking platforms, as well as meetings with a group of companies specializing in the tourism sector, incentives and conferences.

Distinguished posts from sector partners

SalamAir participated in the Arabian Travel Market exhibition in Dubai 2022 with a delegation led by Captain Mohamed Ahmed, CEO of the company, with the presence of a number of specialized employees from the commercial and sales department, to answer all visitors’ questions .

Majid Al-Qasabi, Sales Manager, explained that the main objective of the participation was certainly to introduce the services, flights and destinations of SalamAir, which is the first economic carrier in the Sultanate of Oman, and to cooperate with the Ministry and partners in the tourism sector for to promote the Sultanate of Oman as a promising tourist destination, through various holiday packages, in addition to gaining and recognizing products, the latest offers, emerging destinations and marketing campaigns conducted by travel and tourism pioneers around the world, which will certainly contribute to the development of our current and future strategic and marketing plans.

Al-Qasabi said: We aim to promote SalamAir’s services and offers and raise the awareness of visitors to the exhibition that there is another opportunity and affordable prices for flights to and from the Sultanate, which we aspire to increase the number of visitors. arrival in the Sultanate in parallel with the increase in sales of travel tickets and tourist packages.insured by SalamAir.

At the end of his speech, the Sales Director at SalamAir noted the positive points of presence and participation to learn about the latest developments in the global travel and tourism sectors and the importance of actively participating in such a specialized international event, which is the most important of its kind in the region, where the CEO of SalamAir participated in the activities of Oman Forum Tourist 2022, in addition to visits, meetings and meetings conducted by the participating delegation of the company with travel partners and service providers from different sectors and countries .

For his part, Shabib Al-Maamari, General Manager of the National Travel Operator (Visit Oman), indicated that this participation aimed to display all our services and products in this leading exhibition in the region in the field of travel and tourism, e which opens up business opportunities in the Middle East for tourism professionals “The first integrated digital electronic booking platform for international business partners, which aims to connect tourism service providers in the Sultanate of Oman with global travel and tourism companies. This platform offers a large number of international airlines, hotels, restaurants, travel, unique tourist experiences and other services used by tourists coming to the Sultanate.Oman.The platform also offers an instant online booking and payment system and makes easier for business partners to access local suppliers.The platform includes a number of service providers and monitors consistently quality.

Regarding the quality work policy pursued by the company in the Oman tourism market, Shabib Al Maamari said: We at “Visit Oman” focus on maximizing local added value by implementing and activating the distribution strategy that aims to increase the number of tourism that comes to the Sultanate from various major regional and international markets, and will improve This platform will contribute to the contribution of domestic and international partners for investment and increase business opportunities, and will work to strengthen strategic and commercial partnerships of tourism that will enable our trading partners and service providers to take advantage of the promising opportunities that the platform will offer.

Al-Maamari stressed that one of the most prominent results of the participation in the Arabian Travel Market 2022 was the presentation of the platform on a wider international scale, the introduction of new products and innovations and giving us the opportunity to participate in the Tourism Forum in Oman with the participation of a group of Chinese international companies and the signing of a memorandum of understanding on the sidelines of this forum with one of the most prominent international companies with extensive experience in the field of business for us, which is the electronic forum for Chinese tourism, in addition to our commercial communication with a range of trading partners present at the exhibition, gaining knowledge and experience, exploring new trends and opportunities for growth and innovation together, and of course advancing the wheel of recovery and recovery for the Sultanate tourism sector.

Abdulaziz Al-Mahrazi, CEO of Al-Wafra Tourism Corporation, also referred to the nature of the participation and the outstanding results achieved by it, including all those related to the implementation of tourism development plans and Oman Vision 2040 programs. ..

Al-Mahrazi said: “As an exhibitor, our role revolves around providing our unique and high quality services and programs to institutions dealing with luxury tourism in the first place, in order to attract responsible tourism and those who want to pass a special tourist experience. starting with enjoying authentic hospitality and learning about the vocabulary and historical, cultural and civilizational aspects of the Sultanate of Oman and its people. their peers.

The General Director of Wafra Tourism closed his speech by underlining that the acquaintance with the latest products, current tourist projects and destinations, business meetings, recognitions and contracts developed with several institutions, in addition to the database and new clients that met and communicated are among the most salient positive results of this successful participation of the company in general and of him as a personality in particular.

Dhofar Commune

Dhofar Municipality, represented by the festival department, is also participating in the activities of the Arabian Travel Market exhibition for 2022 AD to promote the activities and activities of the autumn season, which is one of the tourist attractions in Dhofar Governorate. . This year’s events run from July 15 to August 31 at various tourist destinations in Salalah Province and several other states. Noting that this year, Dhofar Governorate is expected to attract more tourists, especially to the Persian Gulf, thanks to year-round tourism services and projects, and given Salalah’s selection as the capital of 2019 Arab summer resorts by The Arab Tourist Organization and the Municipality of Dhofar, in cooperation with the competent authorities, continue the preparations for the organization of the events of the autumn season of this year, which includes various cultural, heritage, artistic, entertainment, sports and economic activities for the visitors. Dhofar Municipality seeks to highlight the natural, historical, tourist and heritage features and components in the Sultanate by creating, developing and adding new and diverse activities and activities, in addition to promoting the attraction of tourists and visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate.

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