The Indian film Vikram was criticized after its screening in Cannes

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The Indian film Vikram, which was heavily criticized for its success at the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, was widely criticized as a controversy in art and film circles.

Where the trailer for the Indian film “Vikram” was screened at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18, to be the first trailer of a film that sheds light on the Tamil people; Presented at the festival.

The Tamils, or Tamil people, are an ethnic group from the Indian subcontinent with the oldest historical records dating back more than two thousand years. The oldest Tamil groups are those inhabiting southern India and northeastern Sri Lanka. There are also Tamil communities scattered in different parts of the world, especially in central Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Mauritius, in addition to the presence of recent immigrants in South Africa, Australia, Canada, the United States and Europe.

Hot publicity for the movie Vikram:

Kamal Hassan had recently traveled to Mumbai to start promotions for the film, which will be screened in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Canada and Hindi, and the work is starring alongside Kamal Hassan, Vahdah Vasil, Vijay Sethipathi, Shivani Narayanan and others.

Fantico, a licensed digital platform, also launched its first Metaverse experience, VistaVerse, in partnership with Vikram at the Cannes Film Festival, allowing virtual access to unique artwork by film characters, digital photos, posters, memories and more. film and more.

2022 will see a large number of successful films released in Bollywood cinemas, but more importantly, these shows will see the return of Bollywood heroes by Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Prabhas. These stars are more excited to see them on the big screen after a break, as many actors have been away from the screen for a while.

Criticism of Vikram’s film:

Reports published in the Indian media have pointed out that one of the most salient advantages of the film is that it is a very important experience and is considered a new era of cinematographic works that care for the Tamil people and advance their language.Director Lokesh Kanagaraj also received praise from some for opening the doors of a new cinematic world through the film “Vikram”.

But the same reports criticized the film for its inability to take advantage of co-stars to work and present them better than what appeared in the film.

Despite Kamal Hassan’s great fame, some criticized his performance and considered that everything in the film was good except him.

They also considered that the new film has nothing to do with the original film that was released before 1986 and that the name was used in the new work only to achieve success.

Some considered the first half of the film to come as an interesting and exciting event in light of the attempt to decipher the mystery of the murder and punish the criminals, despite Kamal Hassan appearing in several scenes in the first half, but once the mystery – which it’s easy to guess – it becomes clear about Karnan’s character, the narrative becomes clear and the viewer Somewhat predictable, the events unfold in a classic conflict between the police and a gang of smugglers.

As stated in an article in E TIMES ENTERTAINMENT, the work does not make the viewer feel completely satisfied, as the film started with exciting and interesting scenes and details when Karnan (Kamal Hassan), the father of the martyred police officer Prabanchan (Kalidas Jayaram), was killed in a mysterious and exciting state.

Vikram movie story:

The film revolves around a series of murders of police officers, which causes a special operations policeman to pursue a mysterious gang, which has declared war on the regime.

The Indian film “Vikram” has recently attracted the attention of the public after it started showing in several countries, and the famous movie star, Kamal Hassan, was keen to celebrate the film while he was in Dubai. It is a new version of a previous work of the same name.

Indian Cinema in Cannes:

India was the official place of honor, or official place of honor, at the Cannes Film Festival that took place from 17 to 28 May last year.

This came at a time when India was celebrating the 75th anniversary of its independence as the Cannes Film Festival celebrated its seventy-fifth session, according to a statement issued by the festival’s leaders, provided by international and Arab media.

Meanwhile, the management of the Cannes Festival has decided that in each session, starting from the next session, to choose an official place of honor, knowing that this new habit will continue every year with different places in the future.

On the opening night of the Marche Du Films, the focus was on India, its cinema and culture. It also meant that there were performances by Indian bands and Indian folk music on the big night. Not only that, but the cuisine served at the opening ceremony was also Indian and French.

India was also the place of honor at Cannes Next (an executive conference and innovation-driven business development platform that explores the future of the entertainment sector. It is a unique gathering that enhances partnerships and enhances business opportunities by linking world-class creativity with the latest business and technology innovations).

He gave five new startups a chance to promote the audiovisual industry and ten professionals participated in the Animation Day Network.

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