Summer vacations “raise” the prices of plane tickets in the region

Airline ticket prices will show a significant increase in the following period, with fares ranging from 40 to 55% in some destinations compared to the previous period, in light of the high demand for travel in connection with the start of summer holidays and school holidays. .

According to “Vision” monitoring of prices in some destinations displayed on airline websites and online bookings, showed that ticket prices in the destinations of Amman, Beirut and Cairo are the highest, because they captured the largest percentage of monitoring for resident families, and Monitoring showed that ticket prices in both directions starting and ending Summer vacations to Amman range from 2000 dirhams to 3500 dirhams, in Cairo range from 2000 dirhams to 4100 dirhams and in Beirut vary from 1500 to 360 dirhams, while the demand for travel for tourism purposes is focused on destinations in Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan in addition to some Asian destinations such as Thailand and Malaysia and some European destinations such as Great Britain and Germany.

Sources working in the travel and tourism sector said that travel ticket prices with the start of the summer holidays are witnessing a significant increase, with rates ranging on average from 40-55% compared to normal days and may exceed it in spite of high demand for travel, both from resident families wishing to visit their countries, and from Asian and resident families wishing to spend their holidays in one of the foreign tourist destinations, noting that the airlines have completed the sale of tickets for the lower categories transporting the lowest prices, and have now reached the stage of selling the higher classes at the highest prices.

The sources added that specific destinations accounted for the largest percentage of tourism programs for Emirati families during summer vacations, such as Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, in addition to some European destinations such as the United Kingdom and Germany and some Asian destinations such as Thailand. , while high demand for resident families was in destinations in Egypt and Jordan, Lebanon and Sudan.

high demand

Al-Faisal Travel and Tourism Agency Director General Yassin Diab said the high demand for travel related to the start of summer holidays and school holidays was reflected in ticket prices, which rose by an average of 40-55% . but can sometimes reach 70% depending on destination and time travel, noting that the removal of travel restrictions and the presence of a strong desire to travel after the Corona period caused an increase in demand.

Diab added that the destinations of Aman, Beirut, Cairo and Khartoum accounted for the largest share of reservations for resident families, while for tourist trips, he focused on destinations in Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries in the Commonwealth and Pavonur. States other than the United Kingdom, Germany and Thailand.

He explained that airlines are in the race to take advantage of high demand during the current period, as they have restructured their flights in proportion to the volume of demand for each destination by increasing the number of flights to destinations proving high demand or changing the quality of the aircraft with others with greater seating capacity to accommodate the majority of passengers to increase its revenue, noting that rising fuel prices played a large role in the recent price increase of tickets.


For his part, tourism expert Muhammad Assaf said: “Demand for travel is marking a significant increase with the start of the summer holidays and in connection with the school season, which has led to ticket prices rising at different rates, started on average between 40-55% and vary from one destination to another according to the volume of demand.And the history of travel, showing that the destinations of Turkey, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt were the largest destinations . the percentage of travel demand, ie ticket prices in these destinations are the highest.

He added that price differences between economic aviation and commercial aviation almost disappear during peak travel seasons, and that rising fuel prices and the concentration of travel demand over a period of time, in addition to the lack of seating capacity relative to volume of demand, especially since most airlines did not operate their entire fleet, all of these factors contribute to rising ticket prices, which provides an opportunity for airlines to offset their previous losses as a result of consequences of Covid 19.

Visible recovery

On the other hand, Mamoun Humaidan, General Manager of Wego, specializing in travel services and online booking for the Middle East, North Africa and India, said the travel and tourism sector is experiencing a tremendous recovery in light of increasing demand as people. return to open trips and destinations, indicating that there is a desire to book reservations More trips and recreational tourism programs compared to last year.

Humaidan added that the average value of flight bookings this summer has increased by 57% compared to the same period of 2019 and that searches for flights to the UAE have increased during the first quarter of this year by 104% compared to the same period of 2019.

He added that the countries leading the search for people coming to the UAE were Saudi Arabia with 23%, then India with 22%, followed by Egypt and Kuwait with 8% and Oman with 2%.

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