Student companies and innovations increase their presence in the technology industry

Production lines including 3D printers, technological boots and gas cylinder application

The interest and passion of the Omani society in the world of technology and technology is evident through the emergence of a number of Omani technical companies and electronic applications, as well as inventions and innovations of equipment for Omani students who are still studying.

The following survey sheds light on the industries for some Omani companies and the innovations presented by university and college students related to the tech world.

  • Omani 3D Printers

The 3D Factory company has produced a “Oman-made” 3D printer and opened its own production line. It is a high quality and accurate printer that is extremely smooth during operation and keeps pace with the rapid advancement in object production techniques. and prototyping and transforming ideas into tangible products.

As the printer has gone through several stages, it started in the industry from the first day of the company’s founding and is the result of accumulating 100 hours of printing experience and improved after seeing the problems of other printers. , and is characterized by strength, rigidity and high accuracy, and has two different axes and a touch screen and supports Wi-Fi network, Launched on December 22, 2021.

The company that executes the printer farm project focuses on technologies related to 3D printing, and products that can be produced using printers, and has developed a number of sensors for the printer with a plan to introduce it to the local and global market during the period next.

The printer farm is considered the largest 3D printing farm in the Sultanate of Oman, with more than 50 printers, all working in shifts over 24 hours, and the number of on-farm printing hours exceeded 100,000 printing hours.

Printer farm services include 3D design, printing in small and large quantities and printing large models based on market demand in terms of development, production and distribution in a very short time.

  • Production method

The production method was characterized by the provision of a third dimension for logos, which facilitates the transformation of two-dimensional into three-dimensional designs, and this distinguishes the logo from others and increases its level of attractiveness in the market, in addition to souvenirs for holidays, conferences, official cases and car parts, especially car parts that have disappeared from the market, such as classic cars, engineering solutions, product development and startups in the Omani market using 3D printing technology and the production of molds, include silicone molds , gypsum and casting epoxy art.

The company contributed to the medical field, as it produced realistic models of difficult medical cases to realistically study the situation, and in the fields of research, so that the company conducted a research on behalf of wire printing in collaboration with the University of Vienna. Applied sciences.

  • Knowledge Transfer Laboratory

Establishment of a laboratory for the transfer of knowledge related to 3D printing in society; Believing in the importance of this technology in achieving Oman’s vision for 2040 and also in creating a society aware of the importance of future industrial methods. The laboratory features an independent printer farm and an industrial area; To enable the community to access the technology without worrying about handling the device and related problems, with follow-up by experts and technicians.

Among the achievements of the laboratory are the establishment of 9 camps in 3D printing, the establishment of several workshops in design and 3D printing “online” for more than 200 people, as well as the reception of a number of manufacturers within the laboratory and total beneficiaries. during the years 2020-2021 has reached 450 beneficiaries of all activities.

The Omani company, Farda, is interested in technical medical solutions. It has invented a smart medical technical shoe that targets diabetic patients and works to reduce the complications of diabetes (gangrene and neuropathy) and reduce the rate of amputation. For medical response, it offers a healthy lifestyle.

The idea of ​​the invention is based on a technical medical shoe that contains a set of features that come through sensors placed on the shoe that transmit information from the foot to the mobile app.

The sensors on the shoes transmit changes in vital signs such as temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation level, humidity and others and send them in two models. They are foldable and washable tape sensors that do not affect user usage. is sent directly to the app via Bluetooth and reading is time limited for each A sensor, simply connects to a wireless power source and transmits information from the foot to the app on the smartphone, to collect, analyze and display data to the user and the product is wirelessly charged.

The company initially targeted patients with diabetes because a large segment of society suffers from it, and they are the ones at the highest risk of diseases appearing in the foot, as they are exposed to diseases appearing in the foot due to distance. the foot from the heart and the heart is responsible for pumping blood to the organs of the body, as sugar causes its accumulation in the blood vessels and the lack of excellent activity in the foot.

Technical shoes contain sensors that have no effect on the human body, all are medical and do not directly affect the body. They take readings through a laser and then send the data to the mobile-connected application and show all the information standing up.

The invention won the silver medal at the World Forum of Challenge and Innovation in Qatar for the project idea and is the only invention selected by the Sultanate of Oman to attend the ITEEX conference in Malaysia.

  • Home gas distribution application

Omani company Awan Gas has created a smartphone application for sending home gas cylinders, which is a service available to gas cylinder delivery managers and customers, where cylinder delivery truck drivers Gas can get more customers and the app provides all the information. about the client.

As for the customer, he benefits from the service of the application saving time and can and can request a gas canister as soon as he completes through the application with a click of the smartphone effortlessly and he tracks the driver until he arrives. and can communicate directly with the driver so that the gas is distributed as quickly as possible.

What distinguishes the application is that if a defect or leak occurs within ten days, the cylinder is replaced free of charge. Prior to installation, a comprehensive examination of the gas cylinders is performed, after which the client receives an examination certificate and the company advises the clients. to replace tracts if they are unsuitable for use.

  • room lighting console

The project involves building a model for an automated control circuit that uses two infrared sensors to sense people entering and leaving the room. The automated control circuit counts the people entering and leaving the room and displays the number of people in the room on the screen. room at any given moment, in addition, the circuit controls the lights A room by turning it on when the first person enters the room and turns off when the last person leaves the room.

It is worth noting that the project was created by 6 students of the Naval Department of the Military Technical College, who worked in a team throughout the college unit, and used the simple commercial materials available for building the circuit, and used the microcontroller. widely to organize circuit automation.

The microcontroller signals the electrical relay circuit to “shut down” and turn on the room lights when the first person enters the room and starts counting the people entering and leaving the room in parallel. On the screen, when the last person left the room, the microcontroller signaled the relay to turn the room lights on and off.

A typical circuit serves two purposes that help save energy, because it will only turn on the room lights if someone enters the room and turn off the lights when the last person leaves the room, even if they forget to do it by hand. . A modular circuit is also useful in emergencies like fires because fire crews will be able to figure out how many people are still in the room to help them.

  • equipment for detecting water pollution

Students of the College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University, Department of Electricity and Computers, discovered the idea of ​​designing a system and equipment capable of transmitting data at high speeds from visible underwater light, in addition to detecting the percentage of pollution inside water, and they used visible light frequencies instead of radio frequencies in data transmission; Because visible light frequencies are safe, unlike radio frequencies, which affect humans and animals.

The project aims to assist companies and stakeholders in communicating and transferring data, in addition to recognizing the percentage of seawater pollution before it is withdrawn, for example in desalination companies. In addition to the help of scientists and researchers to study the characteristics and amount of pollution of the seas and oceans.

Students aspire in the future to develop the device to be very small using light sensors on the market and to become more accurate and effective in detecting water pollution, so that it can be used in homes, universities and colleges for involved a larger group.

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