“Our eyes are empty” … How did the Arab men react to the separation of Piqué from Shakira?

After days of speculation about the discovery of his betrayal, Colombian star Shakira and Spanish footballer Gerard Pique announced in a joint official statement their separation after a 12-year relationship that resulted in two children.

The couple’s brief statement read: “We regret to confirm our separation. In the interest of our two children, who are our top priority, we demand that our privacy be respected and thank you for your understanding.” Pique (35 years old) and Shakira (45 years old) met in 2010 on the outskirts of the World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain, and Shakira was performing the closing ceremony.

It took several months before announcing their romance in 2011, which has since been considered one of the most famous love stories between celebrities and has lasted for more than a decade.

Shakira gave birth to her first child by Barcelona captain, Milan, in 2013, and her second, Sasha, in 2015. She consistently supported her partner and moved with him to Spain and repeatedly stated that she intended to retire and focus on caring for her family, but her partner encouraged her to keep singing.

“What #Johnny_Depp fixed, #Pique ruined” … Wide sympathy of Arab men for #Sakira and an attack on the Barcelona captain. Arab men comment on the split of the international duo, saying: “Our eyes are empty” and “It is not the fault of the six”.

Following the official announcement of the split, speculation about Pique’s betrayal of Shakira, which was published by several Spanish and international sports networks over the past 48 hours, gained momentum in the Arab region as many confirmed its validity and addressed it. as a reason for separation without any confirmation from a reliable source.

Far from their usual gender prejudices, many Arab men sided with Shakira, who represents adolescence’s dream for a large part of them. They showed great sympathy for Shakira, anddoes An attack on Piques who accused Defamation of men and proving that betrayal is caused by the husband and not the wife – the common idea in patriarchal societies.

Their comments flooded Shakira’s Facebook posts andTweet. And it was like, “We provided for you” and “Did Pique betray you?” And my heart is with you. Some commentators describe what Pique did as a “good goal, but at our gate”, a football-inspired irony that expresses inappropriate behavior. Some suggested heoriginated Arabic ”, emphasizing thiskafir with grace “with the charge”artificialityExpressing his love for her in advance.

Among the comments of other Arab men:

“Limits treason “This is the moon, people.”

“A dialogue that Shakira is cheating on, this provokes me … Shakira’s betrayal is me and I take it personally and I want to go and bite Pique with 100 pens on her face” … An Arab comment on the separation of Piqué and Shakirës.

“I do READY “I have an apartment and an Arab.”

“I do not know the truth, I want to say that someone betrays Shakira in the first place, it seems so and God knows. We as men are empty.

a dialogue Shakira is betraying me. I know it is a perverse logic and that betrayal is a shameful act in any case, but specifically Shakira’s betrayal. This is me and I take it personally and I want to go (hit) a piece of 100 pens on the face. “

I do not know How can one day a person be stable and have a perfect life and a perfect family … is trying to ruin everything else! ”, With a previous post by Shakira that celebrates and expresses pride in Piques’s appearance in a match.

“You have Shakira and you are betraying her? What stupid level are you? No. Falah Neither on the field, nor off it, nor in his statements, nor in his relations.

sincerely exactly on them. Is there a reasonable person in it with an understanding that relates to Pique?

Pique was repeatedly accused of stupidity in almost all local Arabic dialects, including:StupidDoes anyone betray Shakira?most dumb one in the world. Who throws ashes? ”, And In a person reasonable Am I betraying Shakira? ”sing Many comments are attributed to the well-known sheikh for his hostility towards women, Abdullah Rushdie, as he asked himself: “Does Shakira betray a healthy person !?”.

Referring to the legal dispute between international superstar Johnny Depp and his divorced artist, Amber Heard, cynical commentators said: readjust “Johnny Depp was spoiled by Pique.” But Youssef Kharboush saw that “Themes Amber Heard and after him Becky teach us that the generalization of sympathy or accusation on the basis of sex is not true. After all, this is a human nature in both sexes and no one is better than the other.

Egyptian broadcaster Amr Adib was one of the commentators on the issue, as he sent a message to Shakira through his “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, in which he said: “The world is full of people like elephants. appreciate the art of Shakira and Shakira… Do not be sad, my sister, who brought Pique Answer another, answer a thousand others ”.

Amr Adib for #Shakira: The world is full of men like elephants who appreciate Shakira and Shakira’s art … Do not be sad, my sister.

ANDdirected Commentators point out that after Shakira’s betrayal, every other woman has become vulnerable to betrayal, with phrases such as “He has more than Shakira”. Some were more serious about expressing a narrow meaning. Muhammad Abdul-Khaleq said: “After the story of Becky’s betrayal of Shakira … I want to tell you every six that you do not care about your dignity and your faith shakes itself. The blame is certainly not on you.”

But fewer teams showed sympathy, or at least understanding, for Piqué’s position, given Shakira’s age factor. wrote Amir: “Unfortunately, Shakira is no longer the Shakira we know, and age has provisions. She is 45 years old and can not provide more, and for this reason Pique preferred to renew his married life.” ANDwonder Muhammad: “One is about 12 years older than me. What does that mean?”

ANDintimation Others indicated that the veteran player is “going through a bad psychological period” given some of the problems he faces at the professional level.

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