Only one airline was licensed in Syria for these reasons

Despite the suspension of flights from Damascus to most of the world’s airports for years and none of the companies not operating in Syria, Damascus is again licensing new private civil airlines, but only one airline has been licensed, despite surrendering more than twenty investors to establish civilian airlines.In Syria, Damascus attributed this to international sanctions imposed on Syria and the poor financial capabilities of these companies offered.

According to Fadi Junaidi, director of air transport at the General Civil Aviation Organization, the number of applications submitted to the General Civil Aviation Organization for airline licensing has exceeded twenty, according to local press reports.

Junaidi stressed that some were able to complete the procedures, bypassing the big steps, while others were unable to perform what was required of them to obtain the license.

What is the reason?

And in the context of the impossibility of dozens of airlines to license, Junaidi explained during his speech on the local website “Hashtag”, today, Saturday, that the establishment of an airline needs great financial solvency and that the sanctions imposed to Syria constitute an obstacle. block, as some Syrian businessmen wish By creating a private Syrian airline, they face the obstacle of not being able to buy planes when they know their destination is on Syrian territory, so the sales process to them is stopped directly, noting that the only company currently licensed is Cham Wings.

As for shipping offices, Junaidi explained to the local website that the number of licensees is only 12, although there are many shipping offices, but they obtain licenses either by land or sea.

Failure to activate the work of airlines raises many speculations, the most prominent of which may be the extent to which the regime can use them to circumvent Western sanctions, the most important of which is the “Caesar” law. especially after the “Caesar” Sanctions are imposed in paragraph “102” on anyone who supplies the government of Damascus. “By selling or supplying spare parts for aircraft or aircraft used for military purposes in Syria, for the benefit of the Syrian government or “a foreigner. a person working in an area controlled by the Syrian government, either directly or indirectly, or controlled by foreign forces affiliated with the Syrian government.” According to the press, sanctions are imposed under “Caesar” for any party or person who “knowingly and knowingly supplied important goods or services in connection with aircraft operations used for military purposes in Syria or for the benefit of the Syrian government.” .

According to reports, the only licensed company “Sham Wings” is owned by Shammout Group, which was founded by a businessman close to Damascus, Muhammad Essam Muhammad Anwar Shammout.

According to press sources, the “Shamout Group” was a cover for each of the businessmen close to Damascus, Rami Makhlouf (son of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad), who owns the company.

Cham Wings was established in 2007 as the first private airline, and since 2014 the company has become the second and then first carrier in Syria and has become an alternative to the Syrian Air Company, which has been subdued. American and European sanctions.

At the end of last February, flight tickets to Bahrain marked a significant increase for reasons related to the Syrian crisis and the fall of the free exchange rate against the currency.

Cham Wings Airlines announced at the time that it would operate flights from Damascus to Bahrain and vice versa, via Kuwait, three days a week.

According to the local website “Athar Press” of that time, the price of booking a flight ticket (round trip) “only” for Flight 3/7 is estimated at two million and 636 thousand Syrian pounds.

As for the reason for the high airline ticket prices, Osama Al-Satea, Director of Development and Public Relations at Cham Wings Company, told the local website, “Ticket prices vary according to the season, as they are related to air traffic. ”. All airlines in the world follow the method of opening categories according to the demand to increase their profits “, given that it is an” opportunity to make more profits “, because, on the other hand, there are periods of time when air traffic on one of the airlines are light.

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Transport and service offices

Junaidi also indicated that the conditions for obtaining licenses have been eased in order to withdraw the shipping offices in the airline. The most prominent among the facilities is the reduction of tariffs from 2 million pounds to 750 thousand pounds within 3 years, and if you want to renew, the value becomes 350 thousand, which shows that a price value has been set in accordance with the reality of their work. , due to difficult circumstances caused by previous years and the suspension of work of these offices, according to Recipe.

As for the aviation service offices, Junaidi indicated that the number of those who have received a license is eight offices acting as intermediaries between the General Organization of Civil Aviation and airlines of other countries.

Among the tasks mentioned by Junaidi is his assertion that if a European airline wants to cross Syrian airspace, and has no permit and has no direct interaction with it, it must obtain approvals by communicating with the service offices to obtain approvals for this entity. by the institution to carry out its flight through the territories of Syria, according to the local website.

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